From Spacebattles mdkcde didn't want us to forget the few odd ball stories:

Don't forget about the new trend.

-Void Mage summons familiar.

-Said familiar is completely aghast at the TYRANNY that nobles impose on the commoner people.

-Said familiar uses his powers of FREEDOM to dethrone the nobles and establish a "democratic" government.

-Permanent portals establish an influx of people and technology to exploit the riches of the new world

-Re-estructuration is on stand-by, pockets of "resistance" are always found.

-Halkeginians are technically Aliens so human rights do not apply.

-U.N. is unable to enforce proper human rights.

-Occupation forces are withdrawn and replaced with cheaper and affordable PMC's

-Windstones, mages and magic sources are patented and heavily regulated.

-Corruption in the government offices are high and rising.

-Technology advances, Halkeginian commoners become a source of cheap slaves work force.

-Pollution increases.

-Average commoner unable to afford basic healthcare, works 18 hours a day assembling Ipads.

-But it is alright, they are now free to elect a new puppet for their overlords every 5 years.

Well... most of them stop after the third step. I guess they are unwilling to show how it all ends.