Harry leaves Hogwarts

"Well, Potter, this meeting is to talk over any career ideas you might have, and to help you decide which subjects you should continue into the sixth and seventh years," said Professor McGonagall. "Have you had any thoughts about what you would like to do after you leave Hogwarts?"

"After I leave school? I can't really talk about that, Professor."

"I heard that you wanted to be an auror, Mr. Potter?"

"Professor, in my second year I saw Hagrid being taken to Azkaban without a trial. In my third year I found out that Azkaban is a jail where the prisoners are tortured into insanity. I then found out that my godfather was put into prison without a trial. This year I was attacked by dementors. Despite corroborating testimony no investigation was carried out. I have no intention of working for the ministry. I have several ideas for careers which I am currently not at liberty to discuss." Harry turned his chair so that he could see both Professors. "The only reason I came today is that I needed to discuss something with both my head of house and the Headmaster."

"Hem hem." Umbridge gave a sickly sweet smile. "What would you like to talk about, Mr. Potter?"

"I would like to transfer to Beauxbatons. I have already prepared my paperwork and received permission from Madame Maxine. I only need the Headmaster's approval."

"And why should I do that, Mr. Potter?"

"I am offering to leave Britain. I was under the impression that you wanted that very much, Professor Umbridge."

"Yes, but before you go I will need you to clear up some misconceptions that have been floating around. Hem hem. Certain rumors about a dark lord."

"Sadly I cannot do that. I can stop the release of certain documents, however."

"Documents, Mr. Potter?" asked Umbridge.

"Yes," Harry gave his sunniest smile, "Testimony. Photographs. Medical reports. Details about your unique method of discipline, Professor Umbridge."

"Yes, I see the value in strengthening the bonds between France and Britain." She waved her hand, "Very well, Mr. Potter, you have my app-"

"Hold it!" Professor McGonagall interrupted. "Why would you want to leave, Mr. Potter? Your parents went to school here. Your grandparents. Your entire family to who knows how many generations called Hogwarts home. Why would you abandon it?"

"Four. I have been almost killed an average of four time every year I have been at Hogwarts. This is actually my safest year yet. I only had one near death experience and that at my relative's house."

"Four times? I have a hard time believing that. Hogwarts is the safest place in Britain."

"First year: troll in the lavatory, Quirrell jinxed my broomstick, he almost killed me in the forbidden forest, and again in the third floor corridor. Quirrell, the DADA professor, turned out to be a deranged follower of You-Know-Who, Professor Umbridge. Second year: almost flattened by the whomping willow, acromantulas in the forest, living in a castle with a basilisk on the loose, and being poisoned by said basilisk at the end of the year. Third year: almost killed three times by dementors and once by a werewolf. Fourth year: I almost died on each of the tasks and once more when Barty Crouch Jr. attacked me at the end of the tournament.

"See professor, this has been my safest year at Hogwarts. Under those conditions why would I wish to stay?"

Professor McGonagall blinked at Harry. She reached a shaking hand for her tea, "You will still need your relative's permission."

"I doubt that, Professor."

"What do you mean, Harry?"

"They never gave me permission to attend Hogwarts."

"All students receive their guardian's permission to Hogwarts."

Harry smirked, "They burned my letter. When the letters kept coming they ran. When Hagrid tracked us down my uncle tried to shoot him. What part of that sound like consent?"

"I- I see."

"I have been scheduled to leave this weekend, Professors." With a short bow Harry walked out of the office leaving two flustered professors behind him.

Author's Notes: I don't own Harry Potter.

This would be the start of independent!Harry fic that starts before the Ministry fiasco. I don't really want to write an independent!Harry fic, just thought that this way to start one would be unique.