Ava Ayala a.k.a White Tiger was searching the city at night for her team mate Danny Rand a.k.a Iron Fist. She ended up by a lake at Central Park and she sat on a rock felling hopeless until she heard a gently voice behind her. Ava looked behind her to see a toddler with a sandy messy hair and green eyes sparkling with interest.

"Are you ok Miss?" the three year old asked.

Ava smiled at the innocent child. He reminded her of her little brother Juan who lived back in Puerto Rico. He was wearing a green shirt under maroon overalls.

"I`m fine" She answered and then looked around realizing the little kid was alone. "What`s your name?" Ava asked the child.

"My name is Danny" He replied and then let out a small yawn.

Ava gasped quietly. What had happened to Danny? Why was he three years old? Another yawn came from Danny jolting Ava out her thoughts.

"Hey you want to meet my friends?" Ava asked Danny. "They`re super heroes" she added and Danny looked excited.

"Wow! So that`s…w-why your dressed like that" Danny exclaimed while yet another yawn escaped his mouth.

Ava gently picked him up the way she seen her mother pick up Juan. Danny`s eyes fluttered close and his head softly leaned his head on her arm. Ava used a transporter S.H.E.I.L.D gave in case she wasn`t in New York.

Ava ended up in the team room just as the rest of her team came in. Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman stopped in his tracks when he saw Danny and Luke Cage a.k.a and Sam Alexander a.k.a Nova both stopped behind him. Everyone was quite until Peter spoke up.

"Ava, who is this?" Peter whispered/asked Ava.

"This is Danny" Ava whispered/replied.

"WHAT!?" The whole team shouted making Danny only stir slightly.

"SHHHH" Ava shushed them quietly at the team making the team fall silent. "You`ll wake him up" Ava whispered fiercely.

"Hey Ava can I…..?" Sam asked gesturing to Danny.

"Sure" Ava said and placed Danny in Sam`s arms while Luke and Peter looked at him incredulously.

"What? So I`m not made of stone" Sam said causally.

After a moment Danny`s eyelids opened and he looked at the team with the same interest Ava had seen when she had found him in Central Park.

Sam gently placed him on the table and he smiled at all of them innocently.

"Well I believe we`ll have a way to turn back to his proper age" a voice said behind them and they turned around to see Nick Fury standing in the door way.