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Peter groaned and climbed out of bed, but not before he read his alarm clock that read: "6:45". He walked out of his room and trudged down the stairs.


"I coming" He mumbled as he past the refrigerator which had a note on it that said: "Dear Peter,

Me and the girls went camping for three days. I left enough food for you in the refrigerator for you.

Aunt May".

"Web Head! Open up" He heard Ava demand loudly.

"Ok, Ok!" He said opening the front door.

He saw Ava standing outside with Danny sleeping soundly in her arms. She also had a bag with a few clothes, toys, and a couple more bottles of the blue serum .

"Ava what do you want at this time in the morning?" He asked rubbing his eyes.

"I need you to look after Danny" She stated handing him Danny and the bag.

"Wait….What?" Peter asked balancing the toddler and the bag in his arms.

"I have homework I need to catch up on for my Advance Math class, so I need you to look after Danny" She explained.

"But why not Luke, or even Sam?" Peter asked a little too loudly, which made Danny stir.

"Can it Web Head! You`ll wake him!" Ava hissed quietly. "You`re the only other responsible boy on the team right now. You need to give him the serum every four hours"

"Ugh Fine!" Peter groaned.

Ava walked off thinking to herself: "Don`t worry he`ll be fine", and Peter closed the door. He looked down at Danny, who was still fast asleep. He walked over to the couch and set him down. Peter then walked over to the closet and pulled out a couple of blankets. He wrapped a few blankets around Danny`s small body.

Peter yawned loudly and then walked upstairs to his room and collapsed onto his bed face first.

(Seven hours later)

Ava walked up to the Parker`s front door and knocked loudly

"Hey Web for Brains! I`m back! How`s Danny been?" She asked.

No answer.

"Hello?" She tried knocking again, but this time the door swung open.

She walked in and saw chairs on the ground; muddy foot prints all over the ground and walls; and blue liquid all over the staircase.

Danny then came running down the steps bare foot and covered in mud. Peter came chasing him soaked in water and suds. When Danny saw Ava he ran right towards her and Ava scooped him up in her arms, not minding the mud. Peter skidded to a stop in front of her.

"Oh hey Ava. When did you get back?" He asked nervously.

"What happened?" Ava demanded, glaring at him.