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I Know Who Likes You!

"Kaitlyn? Kaitlyn!" AJ called, waving her hand in front of her best friend's face. "Helloooo? Is anybody home?" She asked, starting to snap her fingers.

The Texan Diva started to blink furiously before focusing her eyes on the small brunette with an amused expression on her face.

"Welcome back! How was your trip? Brought me back a souvenir?" The small Diva joked, a smirk on her face.

"No, I seem to have forgotten that." Kaitlyn answered sarcastically, sticking her tongue out at her. Kaitlyn had once again manage to space out when a certain red haired guy passed by. This time her imagination took her on a date with Sheamus; where the pair went out to eat Mexican, shared mamajuanas and before she was so rudely interrupted, going to share a kiss.

"Pity, I was really hoping for a Hooligans T-shirt from SheamusLand." AJ said, her smirk still on her face.

"Shut up, Spider Monkey." Kaitlyn said back, using the nickname her WWE character gave AJ's.

AJ swayed on her seat, making her signature "Looney Tunes" smile. Kaitlyn shook her head at her friend's antics. She often thought about how it would be if April was like AJ. She shuddered at the thought; she could barely keep up with regular AJ she was sure crazy AJ everyday would be hell.

"Really though, you need to go talk to him." AJ stated matter-of-fact. "Watching you drool is fun and all, but it'd be nice to actually see you get somewhere."

Kaitlyn shrugged. "Can't talk to him now, he's already gone. Maybe tomorrow!" She patted AJ's back before turning on her heels and walking towards the Diva's locker room.

AJ hopped off the containers, following the champion while tutting at her.

"Alright chicken." She sing-songed, skipping behind her.

Alicia Fox walked the corner, hands on her hips with a small smirk on her face. It was no secret to the girls in the locker room that Kaitlyn had been oogling the Great White. It was also no secret that Kaitlyn was never going to say anything. The Divas have often spoken about giving a little hint to the red head for some time now. And after hearing that little conversation, maybe now was the time for action.

Alicia walked towards the snack table, smiling at Sheamus knowingly before grabbing a hold of Rosa and dragging her to the other corner of the table.

"Ay! Yo estaba comiendo!" She complained, gesturing towards the sandwich she didn't get to finish eating.

"Sorry to interrupt your meal time, but remember how we spoke about leaving him a hint? I think we should do it." She said, shifting her weight from one foot to another. Rosa looked at Alicia confusingly before realization dawned on her. Causing her to smile as she nodded.

"Let's do it then!" Rosa exclaimed, turning on her heels and walking towards the Superstar. Alicia tried to grab Rosa's arm but the Latina was too quick for her.

"Hooola, Sheamus!" She greeted, drawling out. "I hear there is a certain Diva who likes you."

Sheamus looked down at the Latin girl, knitting his eyebrows together. "Wh-"

"I can't tell you! But, I'll give you a hint!" She interrupted him. "She's a blonde! Well…mostly a blonde." She stated, before grabbing her sandwich and walking off.

Alicia faced palm at the brunette. Maybe Rosa wasn't the best person to talk to first. She looked up at Sheamus who looked nothing but confused, she held eye contact with him for a few seconds before shrugging quickly and walking out after Rosa.

"I was thinking of asking her how she felt about it first, Rosa!" She called out.

Sheamus stood at the snack table; nacho cheese Dorito chip still in hand as he watched the Divas leave. He kept staring at the closed door before raising his eyebrows and looking down at his chip.

Did they just say that a Diva likes him? Could Rosa have the wrong person? He had never noticed anyone show any sort of interest in him like that. Not like he looked around for that kind of reaction from any of the Divas. Sure, they were all attractive women, but he usually just focused on whatever he had to do on whatever day it was.

He slowly brought the chip up and bit into it.

"…a certain Diva…"

"…likes you…"

"…blonde! Well mostly blonde…"

Sheamus replayed those words in his mind. Mostly blonde? What was that supposed to mean? Did she have highlights? Did she dye it? Which Diva was mostly blonde?

Sheamus eyebrows knitted together as he tried to think. Before he could really start to think about it a man informed Sheamus that his match was next.

"Okay." He said. He'll dwell on it later; right now he was going to kick some arse.

Kaitlyn sat in the monitor room with AJ and Natalya; watching Sheamus fight against his newest rival. Kaitlyn watched intently while the other made fun of their two-toned friend.

"Lean any closer you'll be licking the screen." Natalya joked, letting out a chuckle. Kaitlyn glared over at the blonde before looking back at the screen.

"He's just wrestling well tonight, that's all." She commented lamely. AJ gave Natalya a face that simply read 'Yeah right.'

Out in the ring, Sheamus was really dominating his opponent, he was going to end it with a good Brogue kick when music interrupted.

"Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta"

Kaitlyn watched as Sheamus looked up in the crowd where the Shield always walked down from. She watched as they circled him before going into the ring and starting to attack him.

"Randy's gonna come now." AJ predicted, leaning back on the couch.

"Yeah, most likely." Natalya nodded. The Creatives were always so predictable.

"I hear voices in my head..."

Soon Randy ran down the stairs, causing the spit fire and the Canadian Divas to high five at their accurate predictions.

Randy started to beat on Dean as Roman went over to help, leaving Sheamus with Seth. Randy successfully RKO'd Roman next to Sheamus. He looked at Seth fully expecting to get him with the Brogue Kick when he stopped suddenly.

"What is he doing? Brogue him!" Kaitlyn yelled at the screen. Usually the two other divas wouldn't care much, but they were both leaning forward with wonder as well.

Sheamus looked at Seth hunched over. This was it; it was time for his Brogue that would drive the crowd wild. Seth started to stand, pushing his two toned hair back and waiting for the kick. Sheamus took a deep breath ready to raise his leg when he had a sudden realization; an epiphany.

The crowd's yelling started to drone out as his gears started to grind. He singled in on Seth's hair, blonde and black. He had blonde and black hair just like…

"Kaitlyn…" He whispered to himself. Could it be Kaitlyn? Could the hybrid diva be the one with the crush?

Sheamus stared at Seth before hearing someone yell at him. "What are you doing?! Sheamus!"

The crowd's yelling quickly came back to him as he looked over at the Viper who looked damn ready to RKO him.

Sheamus quickly went with his Brogue, getting a loud cheer from the crowd. The Shield quickly regroup and left the ring as Sheamus song played throughout the arena. He looked over at Randy who was watching The Shield. He knew he was going to get hell for that backstage, but he really couldn't care. His mind was busy with other things, with Kaitlyn.

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