"Sheamus…Stephen..." Kaitlyn moaned in his ear as he kissed her neck. Her skin was so soft under his lips. It had a faint smell of something flowery, maybe roses or something. Sheamus couldn't really tell and he didn't really much care for it. He was way too busy appreciating her skin.

"I'm so glad you figured it out." She whispered out, her hand sliding up his arm.

"I'm glad I figured it out too." He said on her skin, sliding his lips up her neck and to her jaw. He placed soft kisses on it before moving to her lips. She tasted of cherry, which made her all the more delicious to the Great White.

Kaitlyn put her hands on the hem of his shirt, pulling at it. "I want you, Sheamus…I want you no-"

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Sheamus eyes flew open. Still distorted, he looked around the room for blond hair. He continued this for a few seconds before realizing he wasn't with her at all, but alone in his hotel room. He rubbed at his eyes looking over at the alarm clock that still blared annoyingly. Groaning, he slammed his hand on the snooze button and crawled himself off of bed.

He walked over to the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. He hadn't had a dream like that in a while now, especially about Kaitlyn. Sheamus was confused beyond himself. Just yesterday he didn't see her like that, or well…he hadn't tried to. But, here he was having R rated dreams about her. He ran a hand over his face before grabbing his tooth brush and starting to brush his teeth. How was he going to look at Kaitlyn today? All he's gonna think about is that dream.

Kaitlyn walked into the arena, bag and belt in hand. She had given Alicia and Rosa both quite an earful after Raw last night. Calling them names that shouldn't be heard by little children. Don't get her wrong, she appreciates that they care enough about her to try and help her out. But, this was not the way to do it. Especially hearing that Sheamus had left after he confessed that he knew. She felt like he left because he knew it was her. He wouldn't blame her. She was no skinny mini like the other girls, she never really found herself to be sexy and she wasn't smooth at all.

AJ had told her that if he didn't feel the same way then it was his lose. Kaitlyn only smiled politely at her friend, but she still felt like crap. But, she knew this feeling wouldn't last too long. Natalya had said it herself last night. "It hurts now, Celeste. But, it won't hurt forever."

Kaitlyn entered the Diva's locker room. She opened up her bag and changed into her ring attire, slinging her Championship belt over her shoulder. Putting her bag in her locker, she heard girls start to enter the room.

"And then he started to whistle at me like I'm a dog!" Nikki said, walking over to her locker. "What a sleaze." Her twin sister said with disgust, rolling her eyes.

Immediately right after Aksana walked in with Layla, then came Alicia with Rosa (who made sure not to look towards Kaitlyn) and finally Natalya and AJ. The Divas said hello to each other before they all started to change.

"Are we doing anything after this?" Aksana asked as she slipped on her red lacey attire. Sometimes the Divas went out together for some late night fun. Kaitlyn was actually looking forward to this one. She needed a distraction.

"I think it'd be a good idea." Kaitlyn said, double checking that her shoe laces were tied.

"I saw a club while driving up here; maybe it'd be a good place to shake our bums!" Layla chimed in, her bubbly personality seeping through her voice.

"Oh! Si! Si! Si!" Rosa said, excitingly. "This Latina needs to get her groove on." This brought up talks of agreement between the Divas in the locker room.

"Maybe we can invite the boys." Nikki suggested, wiggling her eyebrows at her sister who let out a chuckle. And, with that Kaitlyn's wish for a fun night was whisked away with her comment. If the boys were involved that means, Sheamus would be involved also, which would mean she wouldn't get to ignore him.

With a sigh Kaitlyn walked past all the excited Divas. She was almost out the door when AJ took a hold of her arm.

"You okay?" She asked with clear concern in her voice.

"Yeah, I just need to take a walk." Kaitlyn answered back. "Be prepared for our match tonight!"

AJ gave a firm nod with a smile on her face, but it instantly went away as Kaitlyn turned around and walked out of the locker room. AJ looked back at Natalya who looked over at her with the same concerned facial expression.

The Great White walked through the corridors of the arena, his mind distracted. His mind was so distracted that he kept bumping into everyone. "I'm sorry, fella." He apologized for what felt like the 50th time to yet another person with a damn clipboard.

He walked around the person as he let out another sigh. Come on, fella. You've got a match to prepare for. There's no time to think about Kaitie. He told himself, tightening his wrist bands and starting to walk more alert through the halls. He rounded a corner and struck a small body.

"Not again." He verbalized. "I'm sorry, lass." He apologized, looking down to see blond hair. The very blond hair he saw in his dreams last night. He instantly felt his face heat up. I'm not sure I like this blushin' thing. He thought.

Kaitlyn's hazel eyes looked up at his green, growing big. "It's uh, okay." She said. The Diva moved around him but Sheamus took a hold of her arm. Her skin felt soft under his hand. Just like in his dream. He wondered if she tasted like she did in his dream. Stop it!

He looked up at Kaitlyn's face, which read a confused expression. "I…" Sheamus started, quickly letting go of Kaitlyn's arm. "I wanted to talk about yesterday."

Kaitlyn shook her head. "We don't have to talk about it I know…" Kaitlyn's voice started to drone out as Sheamus looked at her lips as they moved. He wondered, did she wear cherry chapstick on those plump little pillows of hers? His dream started to rush back into his head. She had been so skilled, so intoxicating. He could just lean down and see if it really was like that. He mentally scowled himself. Why couldn't he get a hold of himself? "…and I'm not very sexy at all. So I get it if you don't like me." Kaitlyn looked down sadly, wringing her hands together.

Sheamus looked down at Kaitlyn before letting out a chuckle. Kaitlyn shot her head up with hurt in her eyes. Sheamus quickly shook his head. "I'm sorry, lass." He said, putting his colossal hands on her shoulder. "I just can't believe you don't think you're sexy." He said truthfully.

Kaitlyn felt her face flush. "What? Are you saying you uh, think I'm sexy?" She asked timidly, her hand going up to her hair as it did when she was nervous.

Sheamus nodded confidently now. "Absolutely. You're extremely sexy, lass." He said, letting his hands slide down her arm as he felt himself grow a bit nervous. "Kaitie, listen. I didn't get to tell ya, yesterday. I'm flattered that you like me..." He confessed to her. Kaitlyn stood there waiting for the 'but'.

"…and I thought about it. And, after quite a uh, ha…interesting night of thinking. I realize that I would love to try this with you." He finished; his infectious smile on his face. Sheamus was never really good at things like this. But, he just wanted to let her know how he felt.

Kaitlyn looked up at him, a shocked expression. Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod! Was the mantra in Kaitlyn's head as she stared at Sheamus. The Great White waited for the Texan native to speak again, but when she never did his smile faltered slightly. "Kaitie?" He asked again, shaking her slightly.

"You like me?" Kaitlyn asked, a smile creeping onto her face. This caused a chuckle to escape from the Celtic Warrior as he nodded. Kaitlyn fought the need to squeal. She had to save that for when she was with AJ and Natalya. Right now she had only one reaction in mind.

She flung her arms around Sheamus and kissed him full on the lips. Perhaps, it wasn't the most subtle reaction but the girl had been waiting to do that for months now. She couldn't really help her patience. Sheamus didn't seem to have much problem with it either. Her lips were as soft as in his dreams. Though, her chapstick wasn't cherry flavored but mint was just as good.

She pulled back with a smile on her face. Sheamus licked lips, tingling from the mint, already wanting to kiss her again. "You should've told before. We could've been doing that way sooner." Sheamus let out, as Kaitlyn let out a snort. She covered her mouth as her eyes widen and her cheeks redden from the snort. Sheamus smiled adoringly at her adorable reaction to her snort.

"I was hoping I could take you out on a date tonight, Kaitie." Sheamus said. Kaitlyn slowly moved her hand from her mouth. "After the show."

"They girls are planning on asking all the guys to go out to a club tonight. Unless you want it to be just us?" She answered, as she smiled up at her new…whatever he was. "I think just us would be best." He answered. Kaitlyn smile up at him, "Okay."

Sheamus opened his mouth to say something but a man tapped his shoulder. "Sheamus, you've got a match next."

"Those guys are real cockblockers." Sheamus mumbled, making Kaitlyn laugh as she pulled back from Sheamus. "See you after the show." Kaitlyn said before kissing his cheek and walking back to the women's locker room to squeal with her friends.

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