What if bodies just had random errors like computers? You go to get your Starbucks coffee and accidentally punch the barista in the face and then shit on the counter? Rin thought as he sat in class half listening to the teacher talk. Near him he noticed Bon giving him a weird look. He simply shrugged it off.


School was boring. Rin didn't get why they have to go anyways.

Sometimes I wish I were an iceberg. They don't hafta to go school or anything. All they do is float around destroy shit.

Another weird look from Bon.

What's up with him?

The teacher started talking about some weird religious stuff.

Woah, so if Mary had baby Jesus, and baby Jesus was the Lamb of God… Did Mary have a little lamb?

Rin grinned at his own joke.
Bon had started chuckling to himself silently.

Dude it's like he can read my mind...

Bon roll his eyes.

Holy shit... Dude. Bon? Cough if you can hear me. Do it.

No reaction.
This made Rin feel slightly relieved.

Okay maybe he can't-

Bon started coughing suddenly.

Rin gasped and abruptly stood up, his chair clattered as he did so. He pointed a finger at Bon and narrowed his eyes.


Bon simply stared in surprise as Rin bolted out the classroom doors before anyone could stop him. Did Rin not notice the the huge ass stain on his shirt? It was shaped like a narwhal!

The other students stared at Bon as if he'd done something wrong.

"What? I'm just getting over a cold."

I've been thinking if writing this for a while. Based off real experiences.
Got some inspiration from my friends.
I don't own Blue Exorcist. :3