Summary: Natsu's been missing for months, and when Lucy obtains a strange, pink key, she's more than surprised. "N-Natsu?!" Right after Nirvana.

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Lucy rested her head on her arms, the empty sounds of the guild were nowhere near normal. Nobody was loud and rambunctious like the old days. It had been this way after Lisanna had died. It had stayed like this for a little over a year. Everyone missed the excitable dragon slayer, but nobody knew what to do about finding him, and many were giving up on him already. The gossip was everywhere, though it was quiet and hushed, hidden from his team.

"I don't see why we don't have a funeral yet..."

"When will they sit down and accept it?"

"No clue, they are the most stubborn team, after all."

Lucy shot to her feet, the silence descending on the guild as she stormed out. The gossip didn't bother the rest as it did her. She couldn't hold back the fact that it pissed her off to no end. As she walked, she gradually cooled down. Pausing by a window to a strange shop, she saw something that interested her.

It was a celestial key, but the metal had a pinkish hue. The symbol was that of the dragon constellation, Draco. Curious, she opened the door, bell tinkling lightly. An elderly man appeared quickly behind the counter.

"How can I help you?" His voice crackled like ancient parchment as he grinned, a couple teeth wobbling in the smile. She returned it hesitantly.

"I was wondering something. Is that key in the window for sale?"

"Why yes it is. You know, I've been waiting for a pretty young girl to buy it and take it home. I'll even give you a discount. Let's say, thirty jewels."

"Wow, that's a low price, but are you sure? I don't want to take it if it costs more."

"No no. Think of it as a gift to a lovely girl." He cackled, moving to the window and drawing out the box with the key. She accepted it and tugged out the payment, handing it to him in return.

"Thank you, and have a nice day!" She called as she walked briskly out of the store, feeling unsettled by the key and the old man.

"Come back any time if you want another." He called after her, a tooth falling out and onto the ground. When she was out of sight, she ran. Her target was the guild, but she went instead to her home. She wanted to grab the rest of her keys and put this one with it before she took them all to the guild.

"I know, I'll even make the contract in the guild, that way we can all see this weird new key." She mumbled softly to herself in thought as she opened her door. Moments later, she came out, skipping down the road to the guild. Upon arrival she opened the door. Everyone was surprised she was already smiling again. Some were frozen in shock while others just went about their business. She nearly sprinted up to Erza.

"Hey, Lucy. You're in a strangely good mood. What's up?" The requip mage tilted her head.

"I got a new key. I was waiting for when I got back to use it and make a contract. Are you guys ready?" She held it to the air. Saying the words she turned it.

There was a flash of fire and a form fell to the ground, grimy and covered in blood. Lucy drew back horrified before leaping to it's side to check for breathing. He was and she was appalled at who it was.


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