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"You don't have to worry about that. We work better as a group, and the last time the both of you were on your own. This time we'll win for sure." At her words, Lucy smiled, letting her eyes drift shut a little ways. Erza continued, "We still have quite a bit of time until we get there, so you might as well go back to sleep. You'll need your energy soon."

"I'll do that. Thanks for coming with. And for the little talk." Lucy leaned back and against the window on her own side, falling asleep to the rattling of the train and the small click of the fork against the plate as Erza resumed eating. In her hand, she kept the warm rose hued key, hoping that it would be over soon.

As the three got off the train, Erza pulled a map from one of her bags, looking at it. Gray stood by the wall in his boxers, looking bored. Lucy peered over Erza's shoulder.

"So where are we going?" She questioned the red-head as Gray stepped over to them, pulling his previously and randomly discarded clothes back on.

"It's in the country a ways, so it'll still be a little while until we get there." Erza looked to Lucy. "Are you going to let him out a little bit? We could use his nose to find him easier. Since there is no guarantee that he will be where he was originally." The blonde nodded at her words.

"Yeah, that'll be easy enough." She jabbed the key in the air and soon Natsu was standing with the rest of them. He stretched his arms above his head, yawning.

"Yay! You know, riding trains isn't bad now being in a key and all. Now if only there was some food." The dragon slayer's stomach let out a loud gurgle, causing the ice mage to frown.

"Damned hot head. Hardly even been a few minutes and you're already begging for food."

"What was that, you frozen stripper?"

"Flame brain."


The red-head stepped between them, rolling her eyes.

"Alright you two, stop. We'll quick go get some food and then we will go. And there will be no arguing." The two boys nodded vigorously, imitating Happy's little affirmative 'Aye!'. Lucy giggled some at their friendly routine, though soon there were little puffs of fire coming from Natsu's mouth as he laughed.

"I was listened to! HahahahahaYOW!" The abrupt shout was because of Erza planting her fist firmly in the middle of his head, leaving him to rub it with a growl. "That wasn't necessary."

"I'm fairly sure it was. Now let's go. Don't forget our reason for even coming here in the first place." The mood plummeted swiftly, leaving a frosty silence to cover them. The group walked in silence to the nearest restaurant, getting a quick meal before hitting the road.

As they walked, little puffs of dust rose from the ground when their feet struck dry earth. Natsu had the lead in case he was able to smell something to get them exactly where they had to be. Suddenly, the dragon slayer stopped.

"He's been this way." His voice was tense and a little fearful. Lucy rested a hand on his shoulder, key clenched in her free hand. She knew how he felt, in a sense. He had found his father only to have watched him be forced into fighting him, and beating him badly.

"Natsu, keep leading." Erza spoke from behind Lucy. Natsu nodded briefly before continuing, following the scent as it slowly grew stronger. As they walked, the group got more jumpy, flinching at nearly every sound around them. Finally they stopped again, standing at the edge of a short trail that lead to a run down little wood house. A sound of disgust escaped the dragon slayer before he started walking to the building. A figure emerged from the doorway as they drew nearer.

"Well, if it isn't my old friends. Welcome back. And I see you brought friends. I'm sure it'll be a delightful bit of fun, you useless brats." The man carried himself with a dignified and slightly staggering stride. "And may I just say, you must be dying to see your old friends again!"