Chapter 9

Last time: While the spies were on a mission, Bloom was busy helping Sky stay on Earth and the winx with the mission.

Summary: Bloom makes a big decision. A specialist learns her secret.

Peter's house Gardenia, CA 6:52 pm.

Bloom had gone back to her parents' after leaving WOOHP.

"Do your friends know you're here?" Mike asked.

"No not yet, I'll call them." Bloom said.

"I'll get the door." Vanessa said hearing the doorbell ring.

"Sky come right in." Bloom heard her mother say.

"Sky." Bloom said as he came into the kitchen.

"Hey Bloom. Mike." Sky said.

"Sky, nice to see you." Mike said.

"What's up?" Bloom asked.

"I don't know. You never came back after you ran out of the apartment last night." Sky said.

"Oh right." Bloom said.

"Is everything ok?" Sky asked.

"Yeah." Bloom said.

"OK we need to talk, now." Sky said not believing her.

"Why?" Bloom asked.

"Cause you're not telling me something." Sky said.

"Fine, let's go upstairs." Bloom said

. "Doors open." Mike yelled as the two went upstairs.

"I know." Bloom said.

"So what's up?" Sky asked when they reached her room.

"I promised a group of friends I would help them with a project and I'm letting them down" Bloom said.

"So what are you going to do?" Sky asked.

"If I help them, I'll need to leave the team for a bit." Bloom said.

"You can't." Sky said.

"I know but I have to." Bloom said.

"I can't talk you out of it? Can I?" Sky asked.

"No." Bloom said.

"What do you need me to do?" Sky asked.

"For now nothing." Bloom said.

"And when you're gone?" Sky asked.

"Nothing. I'll come to you if I need you." Bloom said.

"So you'll be off the grid?" Sky asked. Bloom nodded.

"Just be careful." Sky said.

"I will." Bloom said.

"I should probably go." Sky said.

"Sky." Bloom said. Sky didn't answer. He got and left her room. Bloom stayed where she was. She heard the front door open and close. She looked out her window and watched Sky walk away.

"I'm sorry." She whispered. Sky walked down the street and back to the apartment.

"So how did things go?" Riven asked as he entered the apartment. Sky didn't say anything and went to his room.

"What was that about?" Nabu asked.

"Something must have happened between him and Bloom." Brandon said.

"Like what?" Timmy asked.

"Who knows?" Riven said.

"Should we see what's wrong with him?" Helia asked.

"Nah I would leave him alone. Let him cool off for a bit." Brandon said.

Bloom's House 7:36 pm

Bloom stayed in her room after Sky left. She had an old scrapbook in her lap and was looking through it. In it, were old pictures of her and the spies. She stopped at one picture of the six of them together in the WOOHp training room. It was taken the first day the group met.

WHOOP 4 years ago…

The six of them were waiting outside an office doing their own activities. Sam was reading a book, Alex was kicking a hacky sack, Clover was on the phone and filing her nails, Blaine was on his phone, Britney was flipping through some random magazines and Bloom was drawing in her notepad.

"Yes, I know but what she was wearing was last season." Clover said into her phone. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at her.

"Do you mind? I'm on the phone." She said.

"Maybe you should have your phone call else where, where we can't hear it." Britney said.

"And what if I want to take my calls here?" Clover asked.

"Then we'll hear it." Britney said. "

Stop it you tow. No fighting." Blaine said. The two continued yelling at each other. Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched the two girls.

"What's going on?" Alex asked.

"Not sure, wasn't really paying attention." Bloom said looking up.

"You don't even know me." Britney shouted.

"Well I don't want to." Clover said.

"Neither do I." Britney said.

"What just happened?" Blaine asked.

"No clue." Sam said.

"So why do you think we're here?" Bloom asked.

"Must be something important." Alex said.

"Maybe we'll be superheroes." Britney said.

"Superheroes?" Alex asked.

"Yeah like in the comic books and movies. A group of teenagers are put together to save the world." Britney said.

"But none of us know who each other are." Clover said.

"We don't need to." Britney said.

"Oh please like of group of random teenagers are going to work together and become hero." Bloom said.

"Close, but try spies." A voice said behind the group.

"Spies." Britney said. The group turned around to see a tall old man in a suit looking at them.

"Who are you?" Britney asked.

"And where are we?" Clover asked.

"I am Jerry, and this is my agency. Welcome to WOOHP." he said.

"WOOHP?" Alex asked.

"World organization of Human Protection." Jerry said.

"And this involves us how?" Alex asked.

"Based on the data we collected of you six with your talents and intelligence, we have selected you to be our group of teen spies." Jerry said. Behind him was a screen playing a video of each of the kids talents.

"How did you get these?" Clover asked.

"Cameras and agents have been watching you since you were little." Jerry said.

"Creepy stalker much?" Britney said.

"And you think we can be spies?" Clover asked.

"With the proper training." jerry said.

"And how long will the training take?" Sam asked.

"Depends on how long it takes you to handle the training and how quickly you six can work together as a team." Jerry said.

"A team?" Britney asked. "Yes." Jerry said.

"And when do we start?" Alex asked.

"Whenever you are ready." Jerry said.

"Can we think about it?" Sam asked. Jerry nodded.

"Well what do you guys think?" Britney asked.

"I say we go for it." Sam said.

"I don't know." Alex said.

"This is a once in a life time opportunity. When is something like this going to happen to us again?" Britney said.

"She's right. We should grab it while we can." Sam said.

"So do we go for it?" Britney said.

"Let's do it." Alex said. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"Ok we're in." Blaine said.

"All of you?" Jerry asked.

"No, not me." Alex said.

"Why not?" Sam asked.

"I'm busy with sports." Alex said.

"But we need you." Clover said.

"I know I'm sorry." Alex said and left.

"Know what if she can't do it then neither can I." Bloom said.

"Why?" Sam asked.

"I'm applying to a really good art school and there's a chance where I could get in. Besides I'm just an ordinary girl, there's nothing special about me." Bloom said. She got up and left. The rest of the group stayed behind and joined the team. About a month later, Alex ended up joining the team and started her training. Bloom was the only one who still decided not to join.


Bloom still remembered Alex coming up to her convincing her to join the team. She flipped the next page of the photo album and looked at a picture of just the two of them. it was from Alex coming over talking to Bloom.


Bloom was on her front porch drawing in her sketch book when a girl jumped out of the bushes.

"Whoa hey Alex." Bloom said looking up to see the girl in front of her. Bloom noticed Alex was wearing a yellow jumpsuit.

"You decided to become a spy." Bloom said.

"Yeah I did." Alex said.

"Did Jerry send you over to talk to me?" Bloom asked.

"Yeah he did." Alex said.

"Tell him I'm still not interested." Bloom said.

"I know, I just wanted to talk to you. What are you drawing?" Alex said. Bloom showed Alex the drawing. It was Bloom as a fairy with a boy with shoulder length hair dressed as a prince next to her.

"Who's he?" Alex asked.

"I named him Sky." Bloom said.

"Why?" Alex asked.

"Not sure." Bloom said.

"Well it's an interesting name, not one you hear often." Alex said.

"Yeah, I guess that's why I picked it." Bloom said.

"Look you might not be a fairy but if you want to do something that's great be a spy. You'll be able to save the world, help others and get cool fun gadgets to use." Alex said.

"Sure why not. Will Jerry let me?" Bloom asked.

"Possibly. Let's go ask him." Alex said.

"I guess." Bloom said. The two went to WOOHP and Bloom was officially a part of the team, and joined the others on their first mission.


Bloom looked at the picture and the drawing next to it. It was the same one she showed Alex. Her as a fairy with "Sky" next to her as a prince. It was just a dream, a dream that ended up coming true. Bloom had several dreams similar to that one, each coming true after she left for Alfea. Bloom has changed over the past four years. she was stronger and more confident. No longer the shy girl who barely had any friends. Bloom pulled out her phone knowing what she should do next. She dialed Faragonda's number. "Hello?" Faragonda's voice said from the other end.

"Hi Ms. Faragonda it's Bloom." Bloom said.

"Bloom how are things going?" Faragonda asked.

"Fine, but I need your help and it's something the other can't know about." Bloom said.

"What is it?" Faragonda asked.

"I want you to take my powers away for a while. If not, at least take me off this mission for now." Bloom said.

Author's notes:

~I'm back and still working on this story along with a few others.

~I've been busy and I'm not sure if I can keep on writing.

~I'm only keeping a few stories up and going the rest will be deleted or given away.

~This will be one of the few stories that I keep.