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Harry led the way as he, Hermione and Ron made their way to the Room of Requirement, it was the third meeting of the D.A. and Harry wanted to get there before everyone else did. He planned on working on jinxes today and needed to set up mats before the other students got there.

He looked around making sure no one was watching them and then motioned Hermione and Ron to go into the room and slipped in after them.

He had just finished arranging the mats and setting up magical dummies to practice on when the first member of the D.A. walked in. It was Cho Chang, he and Cho had been dating since the second meeting and Harry smiled when he saw her. He stopped what he was doing and walked over to her. She smiled at him as he reached her and she gave him a soft peck on the cheek. "Hey" he said "How are you?"

"I'm good" she smiled but she looked tired.

"You sure?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I just got back from a detention with Professor Snape so I'm a bit tired."

"Oh?" Harry asked.

"I got in trouble for talking in class, I was only asking Marietta for a quill but Snape got mad and said I should come to class prepared and then he gave me a detention."

"Greasy git" Harry muttered.

Cho laughed and smiled at Harry "I'm just glad it was only an hour long so I was able to come here too"

Harry smiled back as more people started to come in. He gave Cho's hand a squeeze and then walked to the middle of the room. Once everyone was there he explained what they were going to be doing. The first jinx they were going to be learning was the jelly-legs-jinx.

He walked around the room helping other students as he went, not surprisingly Hermione was the first one to get it. Harry patted her on the shoulder "Good job," he said and before moving away to help Neville who seemed to be having trouble he whispered to her "maybe you could help Ron?"

The bushy haired girl looked at their other friend who had managed to hit himself with his jinx rather than his dummy and had fallen to the ground. Hermione held back a laugh and nodded making her way over to the red head.

Harry moved beside Neville and showed him the proper way to move his wand. Neville thanked him and shouted once again at his dummy the correct jinx and amazing the dummy's legs went weak and it fell to the ground. "That's great Neville" Harry said smiling, he always knew Neville had it in him all he needed was a little encouragement.

In an hour's time Harry told all the members they had done very well for the day. They had practiced three jinxes and most of the class had at least two of them down.

The students began packing up and slowly leaving as Harry waved his wand around cleaning up the mats in the room. Once he was finished he turned around and realized that Cho, Hermione and Ron were waiting for him. He walked over happily "That was a good lesson." He stated.

"Yeah" Ron said grinning "And with Mione's help I learned all three jinxes."

"Awesome Ron" Harry said as Hermione blushed at the complement.

"I'll walk you to your common room," Harry said looking at Cho "see you guys later" he told Ron and Hermione as he walked Cho out of the room and towards Ravenclaw tower.

They walked silently for a while until Cho looked at him with a frown "What were you talking about with Hermione?" she asked.

Harry stopped for a moment and had to think about it, he talked to Hermione a lot, he wondered exactly what moment Cho was talking about "When?" he asked.

"At the beginning of the meeting, you whispered something in her ear and she laughed." Cho said her voice held annoyance.

"Oh," Harry said thinking of the moment "I said that she should probably go help Ron before he turned his own legs to jelly." He explained.

"That's it?" she asked accusingly.

"Yes" Harry said becoming annoyed himself. He had only been dating Cho for two weeks but had started to find that she was really possessive and became jealous easily. It made Harry feel uncomfortable.

"Oh okay" Cho said returning to her normally cheerful self, for the rest of the walk to Ravenclaw tower she talked about her day and the fun she had had in the D.A. meeting that night and how Harry's was such a great teacher. Harry was becoming increasingly annoyed but held it back as the finally reached the portrait allowing Cho into the common room.

"Well I'm glad you came tonight." Harry said quietly just wanting to turn around and leave.

"Yeah it was fun." Cho said and she leaned in to kiss Harry, he had to force himself not to pull away, he didn't want to be rude but he wasn't in the mood after she had accused him of...what had she been accusing him of with Hermione? He wasn't sure. Cho pulled away after realizing he was unresponsive, a hurt look on her face. "Good night" she whispered to Harry.

"Yeah night" Harry said walking away, leaving Cho staring after him.

Harry hurried to Gryffindor tower he didn't want to be caught out after curfew. As he walked down the fifth floor corridor he felt a wave of dizziness pass over him, he stopped and took in a deep breath everything was spinning around him. Weird shapes passed him and he felt like he was going to fall over. He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall of the corridor until quite suddenly the feeling past.

'That was weird' Harry thought, he now felt completely normal like nothing had ever happened. He realized he better get back to the common room fast or no doubt either Snape or Filch would find him and give him detention.

He got to the portrait of the fat lady and said "Cornish pixies" it was their password for the month.

The door didn't swing open and the fat lady just sat there like she hadn't even been spoken too "Cornish Pixies!" he said louder almost shouting it at her.

The women looked down and glared "What are you shouting about boy?" she asked.

Harry shook his head in confusion "Cornish Pixies the password, I'm telling you the password."

"I'm sorry that is not the password." The fat lady said looking away.

"What? What do you mean that's not the password? When was it changed?" Harry asked angrily.

The fat lady looked annoyed as she stared at Harry "It was changed at the beginning of the month like it always is." She said sticking her nose up at Harry.

'That can't be possible' Harry thought 'maybe Fred and George have convinced the fat lady to help them play a trick on me somehow.' "Listen" Harry said to the portrait "I'm guessing Fred and George put you up to this, couldn't you just let me in I'm really tired and I'll tell Fred and George in the morning that I was locked out all night."

The fat lady looked at Harry affronted "I don't know who Fred and George are but unless you have the password you cannot go in." With that she turned around in her portrait turning her back on Harry.

'That's just great' Harry thought 'What am I going to do now?' 'I'll go to Dumbledore' he thought, hopefully he wouldn't run into Snape on the way back he just knew the man would have a field day if he knew Harry had been locked out of his own common room.

Just as he was walking away he heard someone yell out "James." Harry felt a sting in his heart, he knew it had been years since his parents died but he still felt pain when he was given memory of them.

He continued walking when a hand caught on his shoulder and spun him around "James..." the person said but then the voice faded "...you're not James."

Harry thought it was some sort of cruel practical joke until he saw the face of the person who had turned him around.

He stumbled backwards; it wasn't possible what he saw in front of him. His godfather but a much younger version of him was staring at him with questioning eyes. "Who are you?" the boy asked him.

"...Sirius…" Harry said quietly not believing his eyes.

"Hey my name's Sirius too" Sirius said jokingly "Hey Remus get your butt over here!" the boy called to someone behind him.

Harry was even more shocked when a young Remus walked over to them. "What's up?" the young Remus said to the young Sirius.

"Remus..." Harry said looking in between the two boys in shock and horror, this wasn't possible. Was he going crazy? There was no way Remus and Sirius were standing before him as fifteen year olds.

"You know me?" the taller of the two boys asked.

Harry felt his mind going blank and he fainted.