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Have you ever heard about the so-called "Red String of Fate"?

The myths and legends that the humans pass around to each other never seem to be completely correct, though they do sometimes come close.

While it's true that a red string might bind two lovers together, a thing like "fate" rarely ever plays a role, and the ones who know this best are the Angels and Devils governing over the mortal souls on Earth.

It was during his fourth year in the Underworld that Akashi Seijuurou noticed a fragile-looking red string tightly tied around his pinky. The crimson line had from appeared out of nowhere, but ever since then, the smallest finger of the man's left hand had been occupied without fail.

This type of thing wasn't actually a strange occurrence in the faction of Hell the red-haired man worked in. No, not at all.

After he had finished living out his human life, the redhead became one of the many who were reawakened in the Afterlife–a place which, frankly, wasn't much different from how it was on mortal Earth. It was more like a slightly different, parallel dimension. One that inhabited the same planes in the same time frame but never truly coincided with the world we know.

In this world, there were what the humans had long ago been able to see and had given names to: those that resided in the realm above were called "Angels" or "Seraphs", and below were the "Demons" and "Devils". Because of certain complications, however, it's been hundreds and thousands of years since they've lost the ability to properly see these transcendental beings.

But Akashi had been different.

From his birth until his death, a certain characteristic passed down from generation to generation in his family had allowed him to perceive the unearthly beings. It was both a blessing and a curse.

He had taken advantage of this "gift" to avoid calamity and find fortune, and had grown up to be a person with a great amount of influence on his fellow man.

Sadly for him, the powers he held had come at the heavy price of his life.

At the age of young age of twenty-eight, Akashi Seijuurou died an untimely death and left behind his wealth and legacy to an adoptive child. Though it was protested, he hadn't wanted to continue his bloodline and cause strife to his descendents; it was one of the reasons he made the decision not to father a biological heir.

Now, it was obvious that the red-headed man knew that the Afterlife existed. How could he not when he had practically lived through it when he was alive?

One thing he hadn't known, however, was that he would also become an entity of that universe one day.

Nothing much had changed though–even when dead, the heterochromatic-eyed man does not understand the concept of the word, "failure". From the day he entered as a simple grunt worker, he had quickly made his way up the ranks and, in his fourth year, had already become the head of his division in Tokyo. Quite an impressive feat if you ask me.

So, what kind of Dastardly Devilish work does he do? Well, the answer to that question might confuse you a bit.

A very common misconception is that all Devils and Demons are evil creatures hell-bent on the destruction of mankind and causing suffering for no apparent reason. This is one of the many things mortals get wrong.

Akashi and his team, even being Demons, specialize in the delicate workings of the human mindset, and even cooperate with the Angels in Heaven in order to do so. With the skills they hold, they make sure that the human world (or at least their region of it) will revolve more peacefully, and ensure that it would continue to do so for years to come.

They spend a lot of their time dealing with the sought-after, fickle, sometimes shallow, destructive, blind, and powerful emotion most commonly known as "love".

And do you know what they are?

Well, I guess that the easiest way to describe them would be to tell you what the humans call them by: