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"You. Tell me your name."

"M-my name? It's F-Furihata."

"Your full name."

"Ehh? Umm... uhh, it's Furihata... Kouki."

"Well then, Kouki, it's nice to finally meet you."


"Seijuurou-kun!" Something throbbed in the back of Akashi's brain.

Without warning, a pair of pure, white wings sprouted from the Angels back, and his eyes widened further at their appearance. The surprised expression the brown-haired man wore had turned panicked while watching them cascade around his self, covering his side of the room in a curtain of glowing feathers as if they were snowfall.

"Calm down, they're just your wings", Izuki sighed, trying to calm the man.

Forgetting all about the string on his finger, Akashi turned to the other three. "What is going on here?" he asked, watching this scene unfold.

Riko looked at him from the corner of her eye and replied hesitantly, "Well, what we know for certain is that he's an Outlier."

"And that he seems to know you, Akashi", Hyuuga interjected with a glare. He continued with, "He's been in a sleep-like state for the last few months, and he only woke up earlier today. We've already interrogated him about some things, and he kinda went a little hysteric earlier when he realized he's been dead. Like you've just seen, it's unlikely that he know how to control his powers."

"What does this mean?"

"We don't know. We were hoping you would tell us. Izuki caught sight of you at the gate earlier; it was around the same time when this guy woke up", Hyuuga sighed.

The redhead turned back to the man on the bed who'd been staring at the group in what might've been a nervous anticipation. "Unfortunately, I am also attempting to comprehend this situation." Taking a few steps toward him, the Demon declared and demanded, "I believe you already know this, but I am Akashi Seijuurou. And your name is?"

A pair of small, brown pupils shifted to the ground and back, and Akashi noticed they were beginning to water. "My name is Furihata…", he paused for a second, almost as if expecting a reaction, "Furihata Kouki".

Another pulse raced through the redhead's brain, and he slightly winced at the feeling.

He looked at the Seraph. "Your circumstances and duties have already been explained to you, correct?"


"Good. It'll save time then", Akashi said while trying to read the other's eyes. "It seems as if you retain memories from your former life. Is that true?"

While finally calm enough to fold his wings away, the brunette sent Akashi an affirmative nod.

"Then tell me, what is your relationship with me?"

Again, those cinnamon eyes seemed to shift all around the room but never directly at the people there. "Well… I knew you before… We were close friends before you passed away."

Akashi studied him closely, knowing he wasn't lying. The redheaded Devil could tell from his steady–if slightly stressed out–heart beat and the fact that nothing else was otherwise indicating falsehood. At the same time, something seemed to be amiss. There was definitely something more to this that the other wasn't saying.

Akashi opened his mouth to inquire more, but was stopped when Hyuuga snarled, "Don't. You know we aren't allowed to learn about our former lives". "And you-", he pointed toward Furihata with an accusing index finger, "we've already said you aren't allowed to tell him anything. If the higher-ups find out, both of you will be in big trouble."

Akashi crossed his arms, unable to offer a rebuttal to that statement as he knew this law better than anyone else. "If you only summoned me here to try and satisfy your curiosity, then I think we are done here. Just so you know, I have not done anything to him and am also clueless as to why he's awoken now. I do not know who he is, but either way, it probably won't make much of a difference", he said and began walking out the door.

"Wait right there!" Riko exclaimed, grabbing his arm, "that's not the only reason we called you here."

A brow was raised questioningly.

"I scanned Furihata-kun earlier. You might've gotten a clue from his wings (which, by the way, mirror one's spirit when conjured), but he has a soul almost completely devoid of impurities. If he can get a hold of his abilities, the heart synchronization rate induced when matchmaking would be incredibly high."

There are points that should be clarified here to assuage any confusion present.

First of all, when Riko said she "scanned" him, she was referring to a special ability she has; one which allows her to take a look at a person's soul. With this, she can gauge what job would be the best for them and how they should do it for maximum efficiency. Most of the more powerful transcendental beings have other kinds of powers of their own, especially in the Tokyo Cupid teams.

Second, Cupid is a word that can be described rather broadly. Though mortals on Earth tend to believe that Cupids are Cherubs–unclad infants that shoot arrows at people–from fiction, the term is actually is better defined as someone who deals with affection in any form.

The reason that there are two types of Cupids and one of the main reasons they usually despise each other is because each was made with different capabilities; it was the only way the two gods could create them due to the difference in their capacity.

Seraphs are the beings who "bring lovers together". The majority of them have skills that allow them to manipulate a human's feelings and draw them to another, tying a red string of fate around their fingers to ward away bad luck and sealing their doubts and insecurities. You may see this action as unnecessary or offensive to humans, but without Cupids doing this, only an extremely small fraction of couples in the world would exist. Something like a "natural" love is a hard thing to come by, and so this is the best alternative solution.

Demons, on the other hand, are the ones who "break lovers apart". When they find humans with conflicting feelings or thoughts in their hearts–toward their other half–or a situation that disallowed them to be together, the Demons step in and cut the strings connecting them. When that happens, they no longer have the blessings of an Angel and unbecoming feelings that had been locked up start to seep to the surface. The chemical attraction is also cut to avoid. A peaceful separation is always intended, but it never seems to turn out that way in the end because of lingering attachments.

The "heart synchronization rate" Riko talked about is a quotient measuring how well an Angel could link two people's hearts together while imbuing a piece of their own divine grace to protect them. The more devoid of corruption an Angel is, the stronger this bonding process tends to be–with a few exceptions, as always.

After speaking and not getting a reply from the redhead, Riko extended her speech with a simple question, "I'm sure you know what happens to someone with an extremely pure soul, right?"

Of course he knew; just about everyone in the Afterlife, perhaps except Furihata, knew instinctively that, while it was advantageous as a Cupid, it was also dangerous.

Since Demons and Angels that watch over the world exist, it's only natural that their less amiable counterparts do too.

Beings originally reborn as celestials who lost their way, or monsters that were brought into existence from the manifestations of fear, anger, or grief all exist in the human world. Some who are too far gone are attracted to pure souls–something opposite to them in just about every regard–and would stop at nothing to monopolize them so that they could possess something with a semblance of their former selves. Others literally devour them because, apparently, creatures that lurk in the darkness find them more delicious or find amusement in the fact that they are destroying something so innocent.

Among the Cupids, there are those who do work and those who defend. The latter type usually have stronger offensive skills in comparison to enchantments, which is why they would rather choose that job. Especially during the night, it's unwise for any Devils or Angels to be in the human world alone.

Akashi was sure he already knew where this conversation was headed, but he still finally responded with his eyes slightly narrowed, "What does this have to do with me?"

"We want you to guard him."

Izuki looked at Akashi with a focused expression. "We want you to… take him under wing."

Hyuuga dragged him out of the room saying, "not the time."

Ignoring the other two, Akashi answered the woman with, "And why should I do something like that when there's nothing in it for me?"

Riko giggled as if he'd just told a hilarious joke. "Well, first of all, he's used to be your good friend and he probably trusts you a lot. Second of all, you are the strongest in this entire faction and it wouldn't hurt. And third, us Angels have been covering for all the weirdos in your brigade and putting in good words for you for years. You must not realize how difficult it was for us to convince our members to trust you and enact these partnerships in the first place."

Well… all that was actually true. As much as Akashi wouldn't like to admit, his group was rather troublesome and didn't conform much of the time; they were rather infamous in the Cupid community. Being powerful and somewhat dysfunctional was not a good mix and they had outed themselves further by actually cooperating with the inhabitants of the Holy Kingdom.

Adding onto the last statement, Riko leaned close to the Devil's ear (careful of his horns) and whispered, "And you might be able to accidently find out about your past. I know you're interested more than anything else."

That too was true.

As much as the redhead wasn't one for breaking rules, this man named "Furihata Kouki" might have the answers to all his questions, including the one he'd been stuck on his entire transcended life:

For what reason do I desire to return to the human world?

Akashi's intent to be reincarnated was a blazing wildfire unable to be contained, and it was why he was such a powerful Demon. It's also the reason why he only cared about work in the Afterlife; he only wanted to quickly doing his standard hundred year's worth of service and return. Nothing would get in the way of his objective.

But when Akashi looked back at the brunette man, the feeling from earlier echoed through his mind again, resonating something through his mind. He didn't know what or why, or even what that something was, but he knew it was there confined deep inside. Walking out the door, he left the pair of Angels with only the words, "I will consider it, Riko-san, Kouki."

Before either brunette could get a word in, he had already left to room.

Riko looked at Furihata who, for some reason, could not contain a smile and light laughter inside. "It's the same", he whispered to himself under a sigh.

"You know…", Riko said a minute later, "I already decided to help you after you told me what happened with you two, but I don't understand what exactly you're going for here. You do realize he probably won't regain his memories anyways? Even though he seems like it, he won't ever be the same as before. You'll get hurt if you keep chasing that."

A gentle, longing smile crept onto Furihata's face, small and slightly pained, subtly overtaking his lips.

"Yes, but... this is good enough. I just want to be nearby... even though I know it's selfish and stupid and there's pretty much no chance. I didn't know it would end up like this, though", he shook his head at himself while bringing his knees up to his chest. "I really didn't think I could meet him again... not like this".

Riko ruffled his hair before sitting on the bed and throwing herself backward. "Don't worry about it. Just make sure you don't accidentally tell him everything. It was your seal, after all."

The other Angel lifted his head and apologized, "I'm sorry, Coach. Thank you for helping me with this again."

"Coach?" The woman's bounced back up and her eyes twinkled when she heard that. "Did people use to call me that back in the human world? As agreed, tell me more about myself", she commanded with a playful grin.

Furihata thought about it and started, "Let's see, umm... You used to being the student council VP back in high school and…"

Looks like Akashi's group wasn't the only set of troublemakers.