Ketti:Omigaw' another story. Really? REALLY? Yes. Because Lithi was sad, I wanted to cheer her up. Yes, I'm a terrible person for multi tasking my writing so much. OH WELL. It's something to read. :D So be happy. :P
Most of these will likely be drabble length, but, hey, you might get lucky!

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01: Cuddlerape

Alucard, the great and powerful No Life King, the demon of the night, the bringer of nightmares, and immortal monster, woke slowly from his day time nap. There was a weight on his chest, and unless his ears deceived him, his coffin seemed to be… purring. Cracking one scarlet eye open he peeked down at the all too familiar bundle of blonde tabby nestled into his cravat. "I think I feel violated." He mocked the sleeping kitten, who flicked an ear at him and curled the tip of her tail over her eyes dismissively.

"Indeed?" He mused aloud, eyebrows raising with amusement as he brought one gloved hand up to brace the ball of fluff as he sat up and pushed the lid from his coffin. Opening one of his high breast pockets he tucked the dozing Seras into it and dropped himself down into his throne chair to pour himself a glass of bloodwine.

Not twenty minutes later, Walter arrived with a cursory knock and bowing of his head as he pushed the heavy door open, a bucket of ice held in one hand, a sheaf of papers in the other. "Good evening, Alucard, Sir Integra has informed me you are to patrol the city and keep out of her hair for the night." Placing the stack on the table next to the empty glass, he tucked the bucket of ice underneath, taking half a step back to give the tamed vampire a perfunctory glance, his nose began to twitch and he sneezed. "Oh my, I take it Miss Victoria is that lump in your pocket, then?" He asked without really needing the answer as he sneezed three more times in quick succession. Groping for his handkerchief, he raised it to his nose and gave a little moan of discontent, "I do wish she would warn me beforehand… If you'll excuse me, Alucard?" He exited, stage left, quite quickly, and the red clad menace laughed as he caressed the lump in his pocket through the layers of fabric between them.

Tiny claws pricked his chest as Seras stretched and resettled herself, now flopped on her back to stare up at him from the depths of his coat, her sharp eyes watching him expectantly. "I'm beginning to feel used." He informed her loftily as he dipped his finger into his glass and lifted the now stained fabric to his lips to grin down at the presumptuous little feline tauntingly, long tongue snaking out of his mouth to wrap around the length of his index finger, sucking the red from the white material with a lewd ease.

Seras mewed and flicked her tail with irritation as she opened her mouth wide and waited.

"Oh all right, you little beast." He grumbled good naturedly as he repeated the gesture, only to lower his finger tip into the gaping pocket, where the rough tongue of his little kitten proceeded to lap appreciably at the offering with a purr. Even through the material of his glove he could feel each stroke and gentle nibble of her teeth as she sucked the red stain into herself. He shivered mildly and chuckled as she mewed plaintively a second time, demanding more.

"Cheep cheep, little bird, begging your parents to feed you."

She meowed louder this time, indignantly informing him that she was a cat, thank you very much, Sir.

"Cat, bat, it's all the same when it comes to your feeding demands, fledgling." He mocked, half threatening to pour the still half full glass into his pocket, but relented and offered her the bloody digit once more.

"I spoil you, you know."

Her response was a purr.