Fluffy Crackshots

Ketti:This is a very unofficial and very short sequel to Jubalii's story Pretend. It's a lot shorter than I thought it would be, but I hope it's still cute. XD

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13: Playing House

Walter walked calmly into the ajar door of Alucard's chambers, ice bucket in hand with the vampire's usual three packets for his first meal of the night. The Butler couldn't help but to stop and stare a little, brows raising with curiosity at the sight before him; Miss Victoria was perched on the arm of her Master's chair, wearing his red coat for some unknown reason while the male himself lounged on his throne, hat and glasses in their customary place. Oh my, well, this was progress of a sorts. He had already left Miss Victoria's blood in her room, however, so there was not extra to share, he was curious how this would play out as he approached with his usual polite smile. "Good evening Alucard, and Miss Victoria, Sir Integra has informed me that there will be no mission tonight barring some emergency, so you may take the night to relax."

"Really?" Seras asked, the great big smile on her face widening, "I've been meaning to go buy some new books, that's great, Walter."

Her Master shot her a side long look, and his lips curled into a cheshire grin, "Not without your dinner, Police Girl."

She turned her head to face him, mouth gaping before she started to splutter, "Bu- I… bu-"

"If you like playing pretend so much," he cooed, and Walter's brows rose a fraction higher, "then shouldn't you act more like the person you're mimicking?"

Seras' cheeks flushed a brilliant crimson, rivaling the too large coat still draped over her petite frame, and she looked away, mumbling. The smugness oozed off Alucard in waves, "That's what I thought."

Walter found he could not look away from the scene unrolling before his eyes, as the Master vampire reached into the bucket and grabbed the first bag, raising it temptingly to his Childe's lips. Seras' face scrunched up, but after a moment's hesitation, and - what the Butler would not be surprised to learn – some mental pushing, she conceded and sunk her dainty little fangs into the plastic. He saw her cringe and chuckled quietly, it must not be very pleasant to taste the medical bag on one's tongue, and saw the flash of pride across Alucard's face for a split second as his reluctant fledgling drank the blood.

When the bag was empty, Miss Victoria hopped off the chair, tossed the coat onto her Master's lap, and fled.

"I see you're making progress." Walter smiled at the chained monster, and nodded politely before taking his leave.