Kami no Kaze

Naruto reached the shrine and looked around all around him lay various supplies to fix up the place. It had taken a generous chunk of his savings and A LOT of henged shadow clones to get the supplies needed and then discretely carry them here. In his explorations the night before he found the directions for the defensive seal arrays that littered the ground including a no scrying seal. He had activated that one right away because of the old man and his stupid orb. He remembered the day he had found a white haired guy using it for peeping on the women's bath. He smiled as he remembered the perverts pained expression when he had kicked him where the sun don't shine.

Naruto sighed and looked around once more before crossing his arms.

"Tajuu Kage bunshin no jutsu"

Several clones popped into existence around him.

"I need you guys to organize the building materials please, I am headed into the shrine so as soon as you all are done dispel one at a time in two minute intervals ok?"

The clones saluted him and got to work. Naruto walked down a side hallway looking for any sign of the seal that hid the compound entrance. He poked his head into the last room and looked around.

On the floor was a series of tiles with a plain one in the corner. That at first glance looked ornamental; it was only his innate talent that kept him from dismissing it entirely. He studied the strange design before it became clear to him. He walked over to the corner tile and pried it up. He spent the next twenty minutes rearranging the sliding tiles before a pattern formed and he got a reverse summoning seal that was blood activated. He sat in the center of the array cut his hand on a kunai and channeled his chakra into it.

The odd sensation that summoning caused was kind of like when someone grabs you and yanks backwards really hard and leaves you quite disoriented for the first time. Naruto came around and blinked slowly. He sat up and looked around before dropping his jaw in surprise. His parent's compound wasn't below the ground like he had expected or was even dictated. It was in another country entirely.

All he could think of as he looked around at the ruins of his ancestor's buildings was.


His parents had put their compound in the one place no one would ever go looking in. Uzushio itself. He looked at the sun as it went down over the ocean, the beautiful reds and oranges coloring the sky in a way he had never seen before. He felt a burning build behind his eyes as he stepped out the door, letting the salt-water smell enter his nose. For the sixth time in as many days, Uzumaki Naruto cried.

The next day

Naruto greeted his teammates as he bounced onto the training field, Sasuke yawned and turned away ignoring him and Sakura just glared. However, nothing could put the perky blonde down today. After the discovery of his clan compound and subsequent discovery of the various protections, his parents had put there. He had had a decent breakfast that morning due to his father's notes of always making sure to eat in order to keep your energy. The other two could not fathom why Naruto was bouncing around like a loon and didn't care content to ignore him for the time being.

Naruto was content with doing his typical morning work out, which was coincidentally the only thing he was keeping from his prior mask. As soon as he had the chance, he was going shopping for some new clothes. After he finished, he sat down to meditate on a tree branch. It was two hours later when Kakashi showed up, after spouting off about bells and lunches they were finally ready to begin.

Kakashi was frustrated as he stewed in front of the memorial stone. He had just come from a mind numbingly boring meeting with the council. The idiots had the gall to tell him how to teach his team.

'Teach the Uchiha everything I know, tch yeah right.' He grumbled to himself.

'Why not just give the little brat the world on a silver platter, sorry Obito.' He mumbled an apology to his dead friend. The truth was he really didn't like the Uchiha clan all that much Obito, Shisui and Itachi had been the exceptions. Unknown to the Sandaime, Itachi had confided in his old team captain what he had been ordered to do. That's how he knew that Itachi had not been working alone, Itachi was only going to kill the guilty and spare the children and innocent adults. Somebody else had come through and had gotten the others.

He defended against an incoming fireball from his kohai's itouto and frowned at the boy's lack of fore thought. He blocked several incoming punches and kicks from the frustrated boy while he looked around searching for his other wayward students. He substituted with a clone when his genin was gearing up for another attack and set out in search of the other two. His initial assumptions were way off from what he had gathered from their files. Sakura had no skills what so ever and Naruto was seemingly the most skilled in stealth, probably due to those pranks he did. Seriously if someone could prank the Anbu and escape to get away with it. He would give credit where credit was due.

He found Sakura sitting writing in a diary instead of doing anything worthwhile, he sweat dropped.

'Why does she even want to become a ninja?'

He observed her some more as he received his Kage bunshins memories of his fight with Sasuke. A crack of a stick to the right of the clearing, intentional from the sound of it. Naruto approached the pinkette and offered the idea of teaming up in order to complete the objective. He was disappointed when she hauled off and hit him in the face for "Trying to look cooler than Sasuke-kun". He watched as the hurt shown plainly in the blonde's eyes as he walked away dejectedly before tripping and going poof.

Kakashi's eyes widened at that, he hadn't known that the boy knew Kage Bunshin. Ideas began to form in his head at that for training potential. He ducked back to where Uchiha was just in time to see Naruto finish digging the boy out only to be rewarded with another punch to the face, which immediately dispelled the clone. He sighed and continued to the opening spot to find Naruto waiting for him dejectedly.

Naruto saw Kakashi and stood there waiting as the Jonin approached him. He had a plan he had prepped the field using a basic Fuinjutsu barrier that he had thought might come in handy. The knowledge from his clan really came in handy. Kakashi scrutinized him for a second before pulling out a book and reading. Naruto pulled out four senbon made of chakra metal and retaining seals. Charging them, he licked them into the cardinal seals of the barrier, immediately activating it and rendering Kakashi immobile as he found out when he went to turn the page.

"MMMhmm hmm hhmoo hoo mm?" He tried to ask only succeeding in making a humming noise.

"What did I do to you, Sensei? I rendered you immobile for five minutes." Naruto answered plainly understanding what Kakashi was trying to ask. He proceeded to walk over and take the bells from Kakashi and seal them in a small scroll. He pulled all the senbon breaking the chakra network releasing his teacher before going to sit down by the training posts.

"Where did you learn the sealing arts Naruto? I assume that's what you used right?" Kakashi asked. The blonde child nodded.

"I saw the seal on my stomach after I found out. I found I could read and understand it so I found books on the art. The old abandoned Library has a ton of them in storage there. I just liberated them. The one I used on you was a level 1 restraint, for low level targets." He answered recalling the memory of the clone that found them.

Kakashi was flabbergasted at the boy who was a budding seal master. They waited for a while before Haruno and Uchiha came wandering over finally to see the two of them were discussing. Naruto noticed them and pulled out the scroll tossing each of them a bell.

"I'm going back to the academy." Was all he simply said.

Sasuke got pissed as he caught the bell. How had the Dobe gotten a bell when he hadn't, it couldn't have been using that stupid plan of his could it? He was seeing red as he looked at the blonde in front of him. Sakura was just lost as she stared at the little bit of metal in her hand. Then it was like a switch was flipped and her rage exploded from her. She went to hit Naruto only to miss spectacularly since he jumped backwards out of her range. He stood up from his crouch and looked on impassively as she screamed at him for trying to be cool and rolled his eyes.

Yeah, he really did not know what he saw in her before.

Kakashi cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Congratulations," he said cordially before narrowing his eyes. "YOU ALL FAIL!"

"WHAT WHY WE GOT THE DAMNED BELLS!" came Sasuke's indignant shout of rage.

"Yeah What Gives?" Sakura backed him up. Naruto just stared as if he had been anticipating this.

"First off your field report. Sasuke you are impulsive, over confident and too damned self-assured. You will get your comrades killed if you are ever in a combat situation. You refuse to work together with comrades even when they offer and bail your ass out. Lastly, Naruto got the bells and gave them to you at the cost of his own career, in the field it would likely be his life. Now, Sakura you are down right useless, the only skill you have are book smarts with no practical skills at all, you did nothing except write in that stupid pink diary the whole damned time. You spend more time lusting after a boy than working to better yourself. The academy records did not do your skills justice, you should be in Naruto's place as the dead last." He said scathingly as he cut the two of them down mercilessly. Sakura had the decency to look sheepish but Sasuke was defiant. He turned to his third student and sighed.

" Naruto, while you achieved the objective, you were the only one who really passed. You attempted to help your teammates and sacrificed yourself in the end. You had a good strategy and a clear plan, which is something I appreciate but on that note, I am never letting you choose the battlefield again. You all are dismissed I need to talk to the Hokage. I will contact you all again soon when the Hokage makes his verdict." He disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Naruto turned and disappeared into smoke the original long gone.

~Hokage's Office~

Kakashi appeared in the Hokage's Office as the other Jonin were giving there reports.

"Team 6 Fail. "

"Team 8 Passed." Kurenai said stepping forward a pace.

"Team 10 passed" Asuma said as he lit up a cigarette. They turned to Kakashi who looked up with a hum.

"Team 7 Failed spectacularly, all but one of them should just drop out."

"Are Uzumaki and Haruno that bad then?" Kurenai asked with a smirk not noticing the Hokage glaring at her.

"No." Kakashi deadpanned staring her in the eye. "Uchiha and Haruno are, Uzumaki is brilliant."

"What do you mean Kakashi?" Hiruzen asked thoughtfully, inwardly smug that Kurenai had been put in her place.

"Naruto is the only person who figured out and tried to carry out the objective. The other two violently turned him down when he spoke up giving them the answer to the test. Sakura is content to do nothing all she did during the test was fantasize about Sasuke in her little diary. Sasuke himself is hotheaded, impatient, and sorely needs a psyche evaluation. Naruto is skilled and planned out his actions. Why am I even telling you this I know you recorded it." He sighed exasperated at the skeptical looks he was receiving.

Hiruzen smiled and pulled out his Crystal ball. He set it on projection mode and replayed the entire test for all to watch. By the end, Kurenai had a sour look on her face at being proven wrong. Hiruzen frowned at the playback of the test.

"So what exactly do you propose Kakashi?" he asked pointedly.

"Naruto should get apprenticed to someone, I know the council will overthrow my decision so I want Naruto off the team and with someone who will push him to his limits. Give me one of Danzo's boys or something, we all know he hasn't disbanded that stupid organization of his."

Sarutobi frowned but didn't say anything in response. He looked back up at Kakashi.

"Who do you recommend he apprentice under?"

"Easy, the only Tokubetsu Jonin who could keep up with the boy." Kakashi eye smiled and the whole collective felt the evil shiver of foreboding.

"Mitarashi Anko."

All of them were broken out of their collective stupors by one of the hidden Anbu breaking formation.

"ARE YOU NUTS KAKASHI? WE HAVE ENOUGH TROUBLE TRYING TO KEEP THE BOY OUT OF TROUBLE AS IS. AND YOU WANT TO SEND HIM TO THE ONLY PERSON WHO WOULD ENCOURAGE HIM?" the Anbu yelled shaking Kakashi back and forth like a ragdoll. Kakashi eye smiled at the irate woman.

"In a word…Yes!"

"Eh hem, Hummingbird please refrain from murdering my Jonin Sensei. At least when I am present." Sarutobi broke in with a chuckle, causing Hummingbird to freeze finally remembering where she was. Thankfully, her mask was hiding her blush as she swiftly apologized to the Hokage who waved her off still chuckling as she resumed her position. He turned back to Kakashi who was massaging his throat.

"Very well but you get to convince Anko." He said with a smirk as Kakashi started sweating. "Dismissed. Kakashi I shall have your new student ready for you to pick up two days from now."

Kakashi found Anko at the dango stand, with her usual plate of Dango and Red Sweet Bean soup. He approached her noisily before sitting down next to her.

"Hey Anko." He said simply.

"What cha want Kakashi?" She said biting off another dango ball.

"I have an exceptionally huge favor to ask of you and I plead you to hear me out."

She raised her eyebrow at his resigned tone, he normally never begged something if he could help it. It got her attention.

"Go on?" she prompted him.

"I got my new genin team today and it consisted of Haruno, Uchiha and Uzumaki, at first I thought they were going to be ok, but as our little test progressed it was apparent only one of them was going to be proficient as a ninja. I need your help training him."

"Fuck that I am not training that prince of an Uchiha. That clan was one of my biggest tormentors when I came back, you know that." She said bluntly.

"I'm not talking about him Anko, I'm talking about Uzumaki." He retorted effectively shutting her up. She looked at him for a moment before turning back to her plate.

"Oh, Ok then." She said simply making Kakashi smile in relief.

"Thanks Anko," He said before getting up from the table.

"YOU OWE ME ONE THOUGH KAKASHI AND TELL THE RUNT TO MEET ME IN MY NORMAL HAUNT!" She shouted after his retreating form watching him wave in response.

Naruto settled down in his apartment after packing away the rest of his things, leaving only the bear essentials to survive he left locking the door behind him only to turn and run straight into his new Sensei. Kakashi raised an eyebrow at the blonde who froze.

"Moving out Naruto?" he asked curious.

"Ah, something like that Sensei. I found a better less known place to set up shop." He smiled at Kakashi who wasn't fooled a bit by his act.

"Well do you mind if I walk with you? I have something important to talk to you about." He asked.

Naruto thought hard for a moment waging an internal debate. His shoulders finally sagged in defeat.

"Fine, but only if you promise to keep my new place a secret."

"As long as your not leaving the village or something I could care less where you live." Kakashi said simply. Naruto nodded and started walking. Kakashi followed him in silence to the temple. His jaw dropped as he laid eyes on the building. Out of everywhere in Konoha he honestly couldn't believe that Naruto had found the only place thought to be totally lost.

"Naruto do you know what you have found?" he asked stunned.

"Yeah I found my clans legacy in Konoha, it's amazing though how no one seems to remember them you know that. " Naruto said slightly bitterly as he set the box he was carrying down. "The only reason you were able to follow me this far is because the barrier is down. Now I have to ask you once again will you swear silence on this?"

Kakashi looked at the boy and was taken aback by the seriousness in the blondes eyes. Something inside Kakashi told him that if he didn't he would lose the blonde entirely. He sighed.

"Yes Naruto I swear upon my honor and my life I will keep your secret until you release me to tell of it." He swore. Naruto accepted before ushering his Sensei inside raising the barrier in the process. Kakashi followed Naruto through the temple and down the hall to a plain room. Naruto sat down on the beautifully designed floor and motioned for his Sensei to join him. As Kakashi sat, Naruto asked him a question that threw him for a total loop.

"Kakashi you were a pupil of the fourth right?" Kakashi blinked at him for a second.

"Yes, why?"

"Because I know who I am Kakashi and I want you to be frank with me on it." It took a second before the meaning of his words dawned on Kakashi.

"You know then." He said simply. Naruto nodded silently.

"I'd have to be blind to miss it Sensei. Take away the whisker marks and I look just like the guy." Was the blunt response. Naruto looked him in the eye.

"What I would like to show you Sensei will be considered an SS-Raned secret between us. This was my father's wish for you to know, your coming by today was coincidental but I shall take this chance to show you. We are sitting on a massive reverse summoning seal to my parents private compound. I am the only person who knows it's location and between you and me I would like it to mostly stay that way. Dad's lifes work is there and I don't want the bastards on the council taking it from me." his voice was a sharp as steel. Kakashi felt his students subtle killing intent at the mention of the council.

"Ok then I have no problem keeping this secret." He said inwardly excited at the legacy of his own Sensei being shared with him.

"Take some blood and place it on the keyseal here." Naruto said indicating a point on the floor. "This will key you into the blood seal after that swipe your hand on the floor in the center of the master seal and channel enough chakra for a Kage Bunshin into it. I will meet you there." Naruto instructed before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Kakashi did as instructed and Vanished.

He reappeared and sat shakily on the ground.

"The first time always sucks, it takes a bit to get used to the sensation. I forgot to warn you Sorry." Naruto said a little apologetic.

Kakashi stood up again and looked around.

"Naruto. Where the hell are we?" He asked slightly frightened and extremely serious.

"Welcome to the Uzumaki, Namikaze Compound located off the coast of Hi no Kuni on an Island in the middle of the Sea. The Drifting Island Uzushio, True home of the Uzumaki clan." Naruto announced right before Kakashi fell over in a dead faint. Two hours later he finally came around again.

"Urrgh!" he complained sitting up. "I had the weirdest dream. Naruto had told me I was on Uzushio."

"It wasn't a dream Sensei." Came Naruto's voice from across the room.

"I mean Imagine my surprise when two scrolls detailing how to find this place came out of the seal on my stomach right after I graduated." Naruto said lying through his teeth, not ready to say how he really found them.

"We need to be getting back soon, however there is something you need to see."

Naruto said as Kakashi stood up to face him. Kakashi followed his student to the bedroom down the hall. Naruto gestured to the door in front of him.

"You need to go in alone it's for your eyes only." He said softly before walking away. Kakashi pushe open the door and walked into the bedroom. A plauqe hung on the wall. It said 'Kakashi's Room'. There was a scroll with his name on it on the nightstand. He opened it, it was all he could do not to break down and cry when he read the scroll. Minato had adopted him and he never knew it. He remembered when they had discussed it right before his Anbu deployment. He had been so happy that someone had wanted him at the time. He thought it had never happened though. However here it was in black and white. For the first time in a decade Kakashi broke down and sobbed. It took him a bit to bring himself back under control before he took a look at the letter again setting the adoption papers to the side. A seal was at the bottom of the paper indicating something was there. Channeling a bit of chakra there he was rewarded as His father's heirloom materialized in his hands.

He stared at the blade in his hands for a minute before shaking ly drawing the blade.

"The clear blade of the White Light Chakra Saber glinted in the evening light, whole once again. A note detached itself from the sheath gently landing on his lap. Sheathing the blade he picked up the note and read it.

Told you I would get it repaired.

Peace and Love,


He laughed a little at his Sensei's childish remark. He looked out the window and smiled for real, for the first time since their deaths.

Naruto looked up from his scroll as his Sensei made his way over with a new sword strapped to his back.

"Ready Sensei?"

Kakashi nodded and as they walked, he told Naruto about his decision regarding the team and Naruto himself. Naruto contemplated the information given and nodded but not before extracting a promise to have Kakashi train him every once in a while too. The appeared back in the room at the temple and walked out. Before he left Kakashi left him with one idea to contemplate.

'Let Anko in on the Secret.'

Naruto went to sleep that night anticipating the next day.

He woke up the next morning to find a kunai nailing a letter to his door.

Yo Gaki,

Kakashi shoulda told you where to meet me, be there by 3:00 pm sharp. Any later an you get no training. Be prepared to work your ass off too.


The sexy, Single Anko Mitarashi

Naruto shook his head at his new sensei's antics. He put the note down and decided to do what he was planning on doing yesterday had Kakashi not interupted. He remembered Ino mentioning a really good store. He pulled up his mental map of the village and pin pointed it's location. Memorizing the route there he sped off to his first stop at Hokage tower. He walked in and got ushered through so he knocked on the door.

"Come in, " came the call. Naruto opened the door to be greeted with a warm smile.

"Naruto what can I do for you today?" Sarutobi smiled at the boy.

"Ne, Ji-Ji? Is there anyway I can get my allowance in advance for the coming month. I need to get some new clothes, I'm starting to out grow my jumpsuits."

Sarutobi inwardly praised the gods at this revelation doing a jig in excitement. Outwardly he smiled at the boy and answered him.

"Sure thing Naruto, However you need to make this money last until you can start doing missions, Ok?" Naruto nodded as he accepted the money. Thanks Ji-Ji, I'll see you later ok?" he smiled as he walked out with Sarutobi beaming afterhim.

The Hokage looked at a picture on his desk and smiled. 'You would be so proud of him Minato.' He thought as he turned back to the Kage's reoccuring enemy. Paperwork!

Naruto sped off down the street from the Hokage's tower to newly outfit himself.

An hour later an extremely happy Naruto walked out of Hiroshimi Outfitters. The traders were not from Konoha so he could come and go as he pleased without the usual scorn. He had bought a whole new get up and several supplies for his FuuinJutsu practice. Two yards of a deep blue fabric to shape his bag of winds and a small handheld battlefan. He now wore black Bakama that housed several hidden pockets. They were taped off with grey bandages and ended with some new sandels. He wore a chain mesh shirt that was covered with a Dark grey and red Haori with a small Uzumaki spiral on each sleeve in red. His utility belt consisted of a shuriken and Kunai holster and several scroll clasps he had bought an engraver and several hundred senbon. From his left side hung a small hand held drum that he was going to make enhancements on. (Think Ceremonial Hand held Native American drum.)

He went Grocery shopping at some of the lesser known stores that Shinobi liked to frequent. Making a shadow clone he sent it and the groceries to the temple. He wandered the village in delight for the next two hours. Nobody recognized him it was hilarious. A shadow clone ran up to him and gave him a Taijutsu scroll that it had found in the old library. The title was Silat, he opened it and read the foreward his mouth opening into a devious grin that had any Anbu seen it they would take off running the other way. The style was an unused one probably due to the insane amount of stamina and flexibility conditioning needed. He tucked the scroll away for later study. He made his way out of the village to where the training grounds were. An hour later he arrived outside of a gated training ground with a big sign saying 44.

He waited in front of the gate taking in his surroundings and listened for his Sensei's approach. A whistling sound caught his attention and he barely dove out of the incoming Kunai.

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