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The night air of Volterra is calm and peaceful. There is the chirp of the crickets in the distant hills and the occasional howl of a pack of wolves out in the outer woods of the city. The streets were quiet and deserted as the night had taken over. The clock tower strikes midnight and the rings of the tower can be heard throughout the whole city. Twelve times it rings, signaling the coming of the witching hour.

At the top of the tower, a young girl walks up to the balcony, taking in the view that the city had to offer. She surveys the city, being vigilant of any movement that could cause a disturbance to any of the residents that were currently sleeping. After a while she grows bored of the view and starts surveying the clock tower. The grand bell that announces the arrival of yet another hour of the day, the moving gears of the grand clock, and the pigeons roosting at the top of the pointed roof of the tower. She spots a pigeon, awake and watching her every movement, seeing her as a threat. The girl focuses her rose red eyes on the pigeon, until the creature starts to screech. It started to writher and fell to the fall, twitching and squirming. The young girl didn't make an effort to try to save the pigeon. On the contrary, she seemed to enjoy watching the bird in pain. She maintained her gaze on the bird, until there was the sound of footsteps behind her.

Quick as lightning, she turned to meet the rosy red eyes of a man, smiling at the very presence of the girl, as if he had expected to see her later on. He approached the girl very gracefully.

"A peaceful night it is today, in our fair city of Volterra," he remarks to the girl, "a night to be relaxed and maybe have a thought or two about the mysteries of life."

He notices the bird lying on the floor, squeaking and flapping its wings, as an attempt to escape the strange beings around it.

"Now Jane, one mustn't be so joyful in watching other beings suffer." He comments. "The innocent mustn't be treated with such cruelty."

"I apologize for displaying such behavior, Master Aro," she replies, with a bow, "I was just using my gift seeing as how I never really get to use it."

He gives her a big smile, as if she has said something only a father could be proud.

"No need for an apology my dear," he beams, "you are after all one of the most talented out of the whole guard. Possessing such a gift can only be contained for so long."

He walks over to the balcony and has a good view of the open night upon his beloved city. He stays silent for a moment and then turns back to the girl.

"There aren't many talented being as ourselves in this world," he strides over to the girl, "and finding them can be rather difficult, just as well as recruiting."

"What are you implying, my lord?" asks the girl.

"In order for our guard to be the best, we must have the best recruited, so we may be able to establish the order rather quickly towards the lawbreakers of our kind." He says, rather sad. "After our little incident with our dear friends, the Cullens, it seems that many don't seem to take us as seriously as we really are."

At hearing the name "Cullens", the girl gives a menacing look. She remembers the incident all too well and always makes sure to empower her grudge against the coven that made theirs look ridiculous for believing they had produced an immortal child. She too feels the shame in having being part of the incident.

"But my, is that coven very talented," he wonders, "Edward, capable of reading minds at a distance, unlike myself. Alice, capable of seeing hints of the future and let's not forget their latest recruit, Bella."

The girl's heart hardens even more as she hears her master mention the person who was able to shield her gift from harming their coven.

"An actual shield, capable of shielding anyone from the gift of our guard." He continues. He looks at the young girl's face and sees the hatred in her eyes.

"My apologies my dear Jane, but I sincerely can't stand the fact that there is a coven with a recruit of beings with gifts."

"It's ok my lord," she assures him, "I truly believe you are only trying to look after what is best for the Volturi coven."

He beams at her, once more, seeing that the young girl has seen his way after all.

"I thank thee, for seeing the situation through the perspective of empowering our coven," he smiles, "the is only so much we can actually hope for, but the day may come when the Cullens have finally met their fate, as one of us."

The girl scowls at the thought of having the Cullens in the same coven as her. She, herself, would rather see them dead, or tortured at the hand of her gift. She couldn't stand the fact of having another guard member being able to withstand her own power and having Bella in their coven could really stir up some conflicts for her. But she wasn't one to argue with the word of Aro, since she sincerely believed he was only looking after their coven. Then again, she didn't want to share the position of being the jewel of the Volturi guard.

"My lord," she began, "might I ask what brings you up to surface tonight?"

Aro looks out to the city once more, in deep thought before answering the girl's question.

"My dear," he answered, "I have been in much deep thought about the image that our coven has given to our kind. We are supposed to be the law and enforce the rules in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones. But as of now, we seem to not have lived up to those standards and our world will slowly start to break apart."

"Doesn't this sudden defiance have to do with the Cullens incident?" she asks.

"Yes my dear, the events with the Cullens have brought terrible defiance against our coven. The decision to let the child, Renesmee, has also affected the position I hold. Our dear brother, Caius, won't even take me as serious as I should be."

He looks sadly at the girl, and sighs at thought of his companion, Caius. The girl knows it troubles Aro not to be able to display the power and strength that the Volturi have. Her thoughts go to the Cullens once more, wishing she could kill them for causing such sadness for her master.

"There is no need to worry my lord," she says soothingly, "our coven is still as grand as it is. These small little stir-ups can be taken care easily by the guard. We still have the best gifted ones from the rest. No one, not even the Cullens can be a match for us."

She walks up to him, gracefully and pats him on the back. She truly means the words she says since she herself knows that other covens and nomads aren't as powerful as they think they are. Separately, they could each be broken.

"I thank you Jane, for your words of assurance." Thanks her lord.

Suddenly there is the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs towards the top of the clock tower. One of the members of the guard came bursting through the doors of the tower, looking frantic. Both the girl and Aro turn to hear what he has to say.

"What is it brother?" Aro asks. "Is there trouble?"

"My lord," he begins, "it's the Cullens. They have done the unspeakable."

The girl suddenly can't help but smile at the hearing the trouble the Cullens have caused. They weren't always very good at keeping out of trouble.

"Let me have a look." Aro frantically says, extending for the guard's hand. Aro wraps his hand around his and immediately stares off into space. His face suddenly changes into a scowl and a look of panic.

"Oh my." He breathes out. He releases the guard member's hand and is in deep thought for a moment.

"Such a shame," he sighs, "out of covens to do such a thing, it had to be with our dear friends. How could Carlisle have allowed this to have happened? Oh well, the law has been broken and the penalty seems to only be death. Such a waste, to have to execute such a talented coven."

The girl gives a smirk, ready at the thought of having to destroy the people she so much despised. She could finally use her gift for the purpose she was gifted for.

"Inform all of the guard member, as well as witnesses," continues Aro, "this time the Cullens won't be as lucky as they have been in past incidents. This also won't be a normal execution of a coven, but rather, eliminating the area in which they live in."

"What do you mean, my lord?" asks the girl, surprised at the decision that her master has made.

"I mean to eliminate the evidence, possibly ridding of the residents of the small town that the Cullens reside." Aro remarks. "There can be no trace of this coven existing whatsoever, and maybe this could serve an example to the others that we are here to establish the law. Now quickly, we must gather everyone and inform them of the tragedy that is about to occur."

At this, Aro makes his way down the stairs to their underground location that the rest of their coven stay at. The girl follows until she her eyes catch the bird that was still trying to reach its way up to the other pigeons roosting at the roof of the tower.

"Don't worry," smirks the girl, "I don't intend to make you suffer longer."

She focuses her red eyes on the bird and begins the torture. The bird starts to writher and squeak out in pain until its heart couldn't take the torture anymore. The squeaking stops and the bird is very still on the ground. The girl looks at the bird and smiles at the torture her gift can cause. With one graceful stride, she makes her way down the stairs, ready to make her gift more of a use.