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That's how long I had. For my future, for my family. Was it real? Was I dreaming? No, the weight of the ring around my finger kept me from making sure I was awake. Occasionally I pinched myself, just to be sure, until it settled in. I wasn't dreaming. This was real life.

Edward. Renesmee. Husband. Daughter. Family. My family.

It was true. I couldn't keep denying it. He was standing right before me and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Nothing could separate me from this. Not age, not death, nothing. Forever kept us safe. Who says happily ever afters weren't real? Mines had one, forever.

I had never dreamed a life like this. As an immortal. As a vampire. It was life changing and a totally unreal experience. The power that I was capable of and the strength I could manage. Nothing could stand in my way. I was a predator. With my forever, came the consequence of drinking blood. But I was able to channel this thirst through animal blood. It was just one obstacle I was able to manage to keep my life in balance.
"Hey, love." He grabs me by the waist and holds me tight to his side. I look at him and give a small laugh.

"Hey." I reply back. I give him a small kiss on the lips. I smile and stare at his topaz eyes. I could see my reflection and stare back at my own topaz eyes. We belong together. Now and forever.

"Is she awake?" I ask. I turn my head around the corner of the hallway towards her room. From the hallway I can hear Renesmee snoring, exhausted by the day of hunting we had done. She loves to come with us and watch us hunt for our food. She tells me it's rather fascinating, although she prefers to eat food.

"She's exhausted," remarks Edwards, "today was rather long and exhausting for her. She isn't full vampire you know."

"I know," I say, "I sometimes forget."

We embrace for a while. I stare around our little cottage. It's just the perfect setting for our fairy tale. He kisses me and we make our way to our bed. We lay there, staring at each other, in a daze. I can capture every feature on his face now and admire it. It was beautiful.

"You're so beautiful." He says in a dreamy voice.

"If I'm beautiful, then you must be gorgeous." I answer and I wasn't lying. He was more than gorgeous. He had god-like features. We continue laying there. We don't talk, just let our eyes take up each other's presence. Admiring one another.

"Its been a while." he breaks the silence. "We've been together for a while and I never grow tired of admiring you."

"Nor do I." I continue. "Everything seems so perfect, as if nothing can break us. I just want you to know I love you. Both Renesmee and you. I can't imagine life without you two. No one, not even the Volturi can take me away from you."

I feel my heart harden as I mention the coven that almost tore my family apart. It was truly terrifying to think what would have been the outcome of our meet. Not only could we have died but we also put others in danger. Other covens, with families of their own. We did lose Irina and that was just one big fear I had. We had made the Volturi look foolish and they could return if they wanted to get rid of us for standing up to them. Although it's been more than three years since the incident, I still think back to it and somehow, in the back of my head, know they may come back.

"You don't have to worry about it." He comforts me. "That was in the past. They can't come back without a reason and it has to be a good one."

"I know. It just scares me at times. Could we literally have a life at ease?"

"Of course we can." He continues. "We will never be apart and as long as I live, I will make sure to keep us safe from anyone or thing."

I smile and snuggle against him. He feels warm against me. Sometimes I sometimes miss the cold feeling he used to give, but I guess it's better if we could actually touch without me shivering. It felt nice.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming from outside our cottage. At first I thought maybe it was one of our family members but these footsteps didn't sound familiar. From the steps I could still tell it was still vampire. Edward jolted in a fraction of a second and went to the window. He slowly opened a fraction of the curtain and peeked outside. I went to go check on Renesmee. She was still in her bed, sleeping. I went next to Edward in a second.
"Who is it?" I said in a barely audible whisper.

"I can't tell, but they know we're home."

"Are they here to harm us?"

"No. They're here with a proposal for us."

Then we heard the knock on our door. We both crept to the door. Edward opened the door. I was surprised at the sight of them, since I hadn't seen them after our confrontation with the Volturi. Vladimir and Stefan both stood at the entrance of our door, looking pleased and happy that we had answered the door. Edward had said they came with a proposal, but I didn't know what it could be. I never really liked the Romanian since they seemed rather untrustworthy.

"Good evening, dear Cullens," Stefan began, "it has been awhile since our last meet with the Volturi, yes."

"Is there something we can help you with?" Edward says rather harshly. I couldn't blame him, they seemed like they were scheming up something.

"We are rather sorry," replies Vladimir, in his thick Romanian accent, "we hope we didn't interrupt anything."

"We aren't interested in joining anything." Edward says. What could he be talking about?

"But you haven't even heard us out loud." Stefan begins. "This could change vampire history forever."

"Change what?" I ask confused. "Edward, why are they here?"

"Please, hear us out and if you don't like anything we have to offer, then we will leave you in peace."

Edward looks at him for a moment.

"Go on."

"It has been three years since our little encounter with the Volturi," begins Stefan, "ever since the Volturi ran off, everyone in the vampire world has heard of our encounter. With a little push by us, we were able to get the story out to everyone."

"Why are you spreading the story out to everyone?" I ask.
"Because," answers Vladimir, "something extraordinary has started. Something we hope can continue and finally bring the Volturi down on its knees."

"You mean like a…."
"Revolution." Finishes Stefan. "A change in the way that the vampire world is running. The Volturi are not our kinds' rightful leaders. We, the Romanian coven, were the rightful leaders, but the Volturi took it from us. And now we are just taking it back."

I stare at disbelief at the words coming out of his mouth. A revolution? Why would they be trying to spark a revolution against the leaders of the vampires? Have they lost it? My thoughts go to my family, and their safety.

"So you two are just trying to create a bigger problem out of the mess that we might currently be in." remarks Edward.

"No, no ,no. Not at all. We want to change the way that the vampire live and rules they follow. We want to create a whole new order and institute new rules so none of us have to live in fear of the Volturi." Stefan and Vladimir eyes sparkle with glee at the thoughts of overthrowing the Volturi. The only thing I felt was fear. If this revolution began, we could lose people. Many would die and this war could just create a whole new mess.

"Sorry, but we already have enough of a mess with the Volturi and this would just pile on with the rest." Edward looks at both of them. "There's more, isn't there?"

Vladimir looks at Stefan and Stefan gives a nod.

"Since your coven was the one to challenge the Volturi, you have all become the face of this new revolution."

"Wait a minute, there isn't a revolution, nor will there be one," argues Edward, "we want nothing in part of this and I think I speak for my coven when I say we are to not take part in this."

"You can't change what has already started." Smirks Stefan. "This will not stop, and it will continue until a new war begins."


I surprise myself when I yell this out, but I wanted it to stop. It just didn't seem right to me.
"We haven't caused anything. Three years have past since we had our encounter with the Volturi and they haven't come back since then. Why would we want to risk having them come back for a war?"

Both Stefan and Vladimir look at me in surprise. They know they have upset me and fear I may strike if provoked any longer.

"We understand the reason for you being upset," Vladimir tries to comfort me, "but times are changing. The Volturi have been exposed to the vampire world for who they are and now they must pay. With your help, we can finally vanquish this coven."

He looks at me with pleading eyes. He must be mistaken if he thinks I am about to give in to his little proposal.

"No." I say. "My family is more important than a revolution in the vampire world. I don't want to see them go through this, possibly lose them in the process."

Both look at me with disappointment.

"Try all you can," adds Edward, "we are not joining."

"We understand," says Stefan, "but this doesn't mean things won't change. Your help could've been a boost towards helping us in convincing more to join, but I guess the army we already have is enough."

If I had a beating heart, I would've felt it drop. An army? He could be bluffing to scare us into possibly joining, but I wasn't about to endanger my loved ones.
"An army?" asks Edward. "You have an army to fight against the Volturi?"

"But of course," he adds, "you don't think we would have been foolish enough to show up with nothing on our hands. We are prepared to begin this and see change to our future."

"Who does it consist of?" I ask.

"Many people, who have grown tired of the way that the ruling coven have been running things. They hoped that tonight, we might recruit the coven that started it all."

"Sorry," I add, "but you can tell them that we aren't joining and if you do go through with this, I suggest you take this battle somewhere far from Forks. We don't want to affiliate ourselves into this mess."

"We apologize for wasting your time," says Stefan. "We will not affiliate any of you towards this fight. We bid you a good night."

And with that they both gave each other one look, and disappeared into the night woods. I couldn't shake the shiver that was running down my spine. We both close the door and sit in the living room together. We stare at each other once more, but this time this isn't any sort of affection thing we were doing. We both had a lot in our minds and knew this was just the beginning.

"They'll come back." Edward breaks the silence. "I couldn't tell what they were trying to formulate but they're planning to drag us into this mess."

"I'm not going to hear anything from it and I'll make sure I won't have anyone dragged into this."

"Don't worry love, this isn't our fight. Remember, we finally have our forever."

He cuddles next to me on the couch and automatically I feel slightly better than what I was feeling a few seconds ago. I could still hear Renesmee sleeping in the other room, her snores very quiet. My thoughts go back to the Volturi and I hoped, for the sake of my family, that none of the things that Vladimir and Stefan said were true. Sure we had made the Volturi look foolish, but that didn't mean we would become the face of a new rebellion. My forever had just begun. How long would it actually last?