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Chapter 3

"Stop making this such a big deal, it's only her birthday."

"Still the same as always, huh, Bella."

The house was decorated with many party streamers, as well as food in the table, meant only for anyone that isn't a vampire. It was Renesmee's birthday and was Alice excited to celebrate such an occasion. I didn't want to overwhelm Renesmee with this party, but once Alice planned something, there was no stopping her.

"Don't be so sour Bella, this will be fun."

I looked at her and smiled. Alice always knew how to turn my mood into a happy one. I couldn't shake off the thoughts of Stefan's and Vladimir's visit. It has been a couple of weeks since they had visited, but I couldn't figure out what they were plotting. They had said something big is headed their way, no scratch that, our way. I had enough of the problems I faced as a human. I was supposed to live at ease.

Alice hanged the rest of the streamers until she covered most of the house. She stepped back and admired her work, gleaming at everything, unaware of the dangers that I have been thinking about.

"When are they getting back?" She turned to me. I was lost in thought and looked quickly back, hoping she hadn't caught me looking distracted.

"Well Edward took her to Seattle, to buy her something as a gift. They left around noon. They should be back any moment now." I explained. Edward loved spending time with our daughter and I was sort of happy to see them spend time with one another. "He'd better not spoil her."

"Well with the money I saw Edward take, who knows?" she said.

I heard the back doors of the house open and saw the rest of my family come inside. They were all carrying presents of their own.

"I thought you all went hunting." I was confused since they had left to go hunting.

"Bella come on, it's her birthday," began Carlisle, "or are we not allowed to celebrate her birthday either."

If I could've blushed, I would have but I just felt sort of embarrassed. I guess some habits were just hard to let go.

By evening, everything was set up and the house was completely decorated, thanks to Alice's creative handiwork. All there was to do now was wait for Edward and the special birthday girl. By this time, family and friends were already ready to surprise her with this party. Jacob shows up, along with some of his own friends, although some aren't still as accustomed to being in a house full of vampires as well. Not that anyone from my side of the family was eager to welcome them in. At least it didn't look that way, seeing as Rosalie was eyeing a few of them. Besides this small detail, the party seemed to be in the process of being carried out.
As the sun was beginning to set everybody heard the car outside of the house being parked. Everyone got into position and someone quickly turned off the lights. As soon as they opened the door, we all jumped and yelled a big SURPRISE.

"I already knew you guys were doing this," Renesmee begins, "I could practically hear you guys on the driveway, but thanks anyways." She smiles and begins to give everybody a hug one by one. I see Edward at the doorway and walk over to him.

"Hey you." I greet him and plant a kiss on his lips. "What took you guys?"

"You know how she is when we bring her to the city," he smiles, "fascinated by the lights, the shops, and the people."

I just give a small chuckle and lead him to the living room, where everybody has already given their birthday hugs to a smiling Renesmee.

"So how old are you, kiddo?" asks Jacob. "In your weird half human, half vampire years."

We all laugh. "Well I'm three years old, but I through my weird half human, half vampire years," at this she gives Jacob a laugh, "I'd say around my pre-teens or around my early teens."

"They grow up so fast" teases Jacob. We all laugh once more.

"All right everybody," Alice raises her voice above everybody's, "let's begin by giving our presents to the birthday girl."

Everybody begins to find a spot to sit in the couches and hand their gifts to Renesmee, one by one. I'm about to take my place next to Edward, when I hear a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," I say. "I think it's Charlie." I could already hear his heartbeat from where I stand.

"It is him." He responds. I go over to the door and find Charlie standing there with a wrapped gift in his hands.

"Hey Dad." I greet him. "You're just in time. We're giving our presents already."

"Hey Bells, sorry I'm late. I had a serious case to deal with back at the station."

"What was it?" I asked.

He hesitates a bit, but then proceeds to tell me.

"You remember your old high school friend," he begins, "the one kid with the spiky, blonde hair. I think his name is Mike?"

"Of course I remember." I think back to my time in Forks High School, as Mike Newton tried to make me his girlfriend. Didn't exactly work out. "Why?"

"Well he came back to town to visit his parents for a few days and he suddenly went missing."

"What do you mean? Did he like leave with his stuff or like out of no where?" I couldn't help feeling bad since he used to be a close friend.

"I don't know. His parents just said he was headed out to the store at night and he never came back. We found his van still parked outside of the store." He gave me a grim look. I must've looked really worried since he added, "Don't worry. Now's not the time to grieve. We're on the case."

I gave him a small smile and just hugged him. "It's good to see you, Dad."

"You too Bells. Now come on, I want to see my 'granddaughter'." I laugh since he still believes Renesmee is adopted.

We make our way to the living room and see Renesmee has already gotten through all of her gifts.

"Look Mom, look what Jacob gave me." She holds up a beautifully wooden crafted charm bracelet with paws printed in each bead.

"You made this?" I ask Jacob.

"Yeah. Took me a while to make those itty bitty paw prints, what with my big ol' hands." I see he has cuts around his fingers and couldn't help but think back to when he gave me that wolf charm when I was still human.

"It's beautiful." I manage to say. As usual, Jacob proves to have a big ol' heart.

We continue with the rest of the party. Everyone has satisfied Renesmee with all kinds of gifts. Clothes, electronic devices, and other sorts of things. Someone sure is getting spoiled tonight, I think to myself. I just chuckle under my breath.

We then proceed to the cake and feast on the rest of the food. Well, only the wolves, Charlie, and Renesmee. Everybody did seem to be enjoy themselves and even the tension between Rosalie and some wolves died down a bit. The night seemed perfect and nothing seemed to ruin it.

That is, until I catch the sight of Alice's face. I looked over to Edward and saw him look at her, as well as Jasper. I quickly go over to Edward and into to the kitchen. Jasper also leads Alice to the kitchen. She seems to be out of her vision and with us now.

"What happened?" I automatically ask Alice. "What did you see?"

"Can you tell who it was?" Edward asks Alice. "Who was it?"

"I…I couldn't really tell, but he looked vaguely familiar." She answers.

"What did she see?" I ask, frustrated.

"It's Charlie," she begins, "he's in danger. We can't let him leave the house."

"Why?" I begin to worry.

That's when I hear Charlie at the door saying his goodbyes. I glance at Alice.

"Stop him" she hisses at me.

With my vampire speed, I make my way to the front door, but I can already see the figure at the doorway in front of him. I quickly shove Charlie inside the house and tackle the figure standing at the doorway. The figure doesn't smell human, but I can already smell he's vampire. It's also male.

We land outside in the driveway near Charlie's police car. I quickly get up only to find the figure already charging at me. I quickly shove him into the woods and hear the crack of a tree as the figure's body slams into it. Edward and a few others have made their ways outside the house. I can see Jacob and his wolf buddies already tensing up as he figures out what is outside.

Edward is at my side now and we both stare into the woods. I see that the tree that the figure had impacted has already fallen. Suddenly, the figure bolts out of the woods and right over my head towards the house. By this time, Jacob and the rest have morphed into their wolf forms and began clawing at the figure. The figure manages to shove past two wolves but is now engaging into a fight with the smallest wolf. Seth.

I quickly run towards the figure, and manage to grab him by the torso and throw him onto the porch floor. We break through the porch floor and land inside. I get up and turn to face the figure. Only I don't find myself facing a stranger anymore. I recognize the blond hair, but it's longer now and I see his facial features from the shining of the light on the porch.

I'm facing Mike Newton.