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She sat on the bed in her room. TV on the table in front of it had already been turned on, set on the channel that was about to show what was going to be the greatest moment of Howard Wolowitz's life.

She gently wrapped a blanket around her shoulders, suddenly feeling strangely cold and... insecure? Unprotected? She didn't know.

One thing that she had known was that Howard had married Bernadette that day. She had seen it on his Facebook page. And only a couple of hours later, he was about to fly into space.

She was afraid od whatever could happen to him, of course she was, but she was not mad at him. She knew that was what he had always wanted. He was living his dream.

And she could have been a part of that dream. If only she was brave enough to tell him...

Don't cry.

She was sure that he was happy with Bernadette. No matter what some people thought, he was a very smart man. She knew that he wouldn't have married her if he hadn't felt that she was the right one.

But on the other hand, even smart people make mistakes, right? Like her, for example.

She didn't know why had she been dating Leonard. Maybe so she could be closer to Howard? Maybe that was some desperate attempt to replace her feelings for Howard with feelings towards Leonard?

She had fallen in love with Howard years ago, when she first met him. Five years later, when she was visiting Pasadena again, she had been planning to reveal it.

But on their way to the cafeteria, Raj mentioned that Howard already had a girlfriend. And how did Priya react? She dragged Leonard away and kissed him. She slept with him that night. And later she continued dating him for over a year, while treating him like crap. He didn't deserve that.

When Howard proposed to Bernadette in front of her... she pretended to be happy, but she spent the whole night alone at her place, crying.

Why did she sleep with Sanjay almost that Very night she had gone back to India? Probably to forget the fact that she had moved away so far from Howard. To make an excuse to break up with Leonard. That simply became too much for her.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

The rocket took off. He was in space. Soon, it was revealed that everything had gone without problems.

Despite that, she couldn't have held back one warm tear that silently rolled down her face.

She looked through the window. The sky was dark in some beautiful way and even the smaller of the stars were clearly visible. "Good night, Howie", she whispered. "No matter where you are."

She laid down on her bed and quickly fell asleep.

Who knows?

Maybe, just maybe, he is thinking about her at that very moment.

And maybe, just maybe, they will be together someday.