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Chapter Twenty-three:

Kneed Your Attitude

"Where are you taking me?" Bella asks.

I shoot her a smug grin, momentarily distracted by the relaxed smile on her face. She nods pointedly to the road ahead of us and I grudgingly return my focus. Rain splatters against the windows, the water tossed off by the frantic swipe of the windshield wipers.

"I told you, it's a fucking surprise. So sit back and be fucking surprised," I say, snickering as she smacks my arm.

I guess I deserve the slap of her palm against my skin, considering I'm not telling her where we're going. Forcing her out in the rain on a Saturday, a day she normally sleeps in until lunch has made her even more of a spitfire, not that I'm complaining. In my defense, I prolonged waking her up for as long as my mind would allow. On the weekends, my free time is typically filled with music and writing, but this morning it was full of anticipation. The excited pounding of my heart wouldn't allow me to sleep in on this particular day, even after spending half the previous night at a gig.

An uncomfortable gig.

Performing gigs with Jasper, who refuses to acknowledge my presence, feels like trying not to breath underwater after a couple of minutes. And the gigs we play last a hell of a lot longer than two minutes.

Jasper hasn't spoken to me since the morning of Bella's abrupt, blurted confession. Every call from me to his cell goes directly to voicemail. His car hasn't been in his driveway in a week, and he avoids me at school, breezing past me as though I'm a ghost who is invisible in his world.

I should be pissed off at him,but instead I'm worried. I'm worried his mom is smacking him around and he's taking it. The guy takes it because she's, well, she's his mom, anda woman. No matter how shitty a person she is,or how often she pushes him around, Jasper's not the kind of person to hit back. He's a good guy, even thru his obvious flaws- too good to be friends with a hothead like me.

"Since you're not telling me where we're going, why don't you tell me what's on your mind?" Bella says softly. "You went from grinning like a possum to frowning like Grumpy Cat in two seconds flat."

"Grinning like a possum? Is that one of your Southernisms?" I chuckle and shake my head. Sometimes Bella says some of the weirdest shit.

"Watch your mouth," she retorts, giggling. "Don't make me slap you naked and hide your clothes."

"Okay, first off, I can't physically watch my mouth. Secondly, I wouldn't mind you slapping me naked and hiding my clothes. Sounds kinda kinky." I wink and leer at her like a perverted old man.

Bella rolls her eyes. "All kidding aside, what's up? You looked kinda tense there for a second."

I'm saved from responding by the rain. The Volvo careens slightly as the front tires roll across the bridge, but I quickly straighten the car. Rain falls harder around us, swallowing the greenery surrounding us and hiding it behind white sheets of pelting water. Bella grabs the dashboard, our conversation dying away. Panic fills her eyes and I want to soothe it, so I do. As soon as the back wheels roll off the bridge, I pull over to the shoulder of the road.

"I thought all Volvos were supposed to be safe," she says dryly.

"Hey, don't knock the Volvo." I stroke the steering wheel, my touch exaggerated and tender. "This was my girl way before you came along."

Bella snickers and removes something from her wrist. I cut the engine, watching as she pulls her long hair into a messy knot on top of her head. This is my favorite way of watching her, when she's natural and unaware. She pulls the visor down and glances in the mirror, tucking a few loose strands of hair back into place. Bella's the kind of girl who doesn't see her own beauty- sloppy twists of hair with dirt caked on her boots ... There's no other girl so gorgeous.

"What?" Bella flips the visor back into place and raises an eyebrow.

"Nothing. Just ... admiring what's mine." I shrug and smile, although it doesn't feel cocky or teasing.

It's pure.

"I'm my own person, thank you very much." She turns up her nose and frowns, but there's laughter in her eyes. "I belong to no one."

"So … you're not my girl?"

"Edward, seriously? Your girl? What is this, the nineteen-fifties?" Bella snorts and rolls her eyes. She bites her lip and glances through the front window at the rain pelting against the glass. For the first time in a while, I can't read the expression on her face.

"No, it's not the fifties." I drum my fingers on the steering wheel and release a sigh, doubt weighing on my mind. "And I don't know how to do this boyfriend thing. I'm probably gonna screw it all up by being a possessive, jealous asshole. You're already looking fucking doubtful and no one even knows about us yet, besides our parents and friends."

She smiles, tearing her gaze from the rain and holding my stare. "You think I'm doubtful about our relationship? Because I'm not. The only thing I question is myself."

"Yourself? Why?"

"Well, because I kinda like it when you're a possessive, jealous asshole. So what's that say about me?"

Bella licks her bottom lip before capturing it between her teeth. The way she's staring at me, honest and unsure, laying her truth on the metaphorical table makes me want to crush her self-doubt. The fact that she likes me for me, as flawed and fucked up as I am, does something strange to my chest.

"So does this mean I can still call you my girl?" I slouch in my seat, leaning my head against the headrest. Bella is all dropped eyes and fidgeting hands, her lips twisted into a bashful smile.

"For as long as you'll have me." She mirrors me, leaning heavily against the seat.

"For as long as I'll have you, huh?"

"Yeah, however long that'll be."

I take her hand in mine, and it stills, the jerk and quiver of her fingers smoothed away by the circling of my thumb along her skin.

How long is forever?


Once it's safe to drive again, I pull onto the highway, flipping off my emergency flashers and heading in the direction of Port A. We pull into a parking lot minutes later and I cut the engine, glancing at the building in front of us. White, cursive lettering screams out the name of the establishment. Faceless mannequins stand on display behind the large panes of glass, their arms twisted in graceful positions. Their arms might as well be drawn back; my masculinity clutched inside their fiberglass fingers ready to fling it in my face.

"Edward, why in the hell did you bring me here?"

"To buy you a dress." Am I breaking into a sweat? What the fuck?

Bella's eyes widen in alarm, her skin paling beneath her fading, summer tan. Balking at me, she takes a couple of quickened breaths before speaking.

"Edward, this is a bridal store."

"Huh?" My chest does that strange tightening thing again, but this time it's tighter. My sternum feels as if it's twisted inside a vise. Staring dumbly at the lettering on the windows, my churning heart eventually slows into its usual relaxed rhythm. "No, see the front door? Says they specialize in wedding apparel but this is a dress shop. I brought you here to buy you a dress … For the Homecoming Dance."

"Oh, my God." Bella blows out a heavy breath and laughs, wiping non-existent sweat from her brow. "I thought you were, ya know … hinting around at something. So, wait, you're buying me a dress for the dance?"

"Yeah, I've been saving up the money, working extra gigs and shit."

I'm distracted by her words for a moment. Not the question she asked, but the other words, the ones involving hints at a wedding. We're barely old enough to vote, let alone get married, but I'll be damned if she doesn't have the idea planted inside my mind.

I'm obviously fucking losing it.

Constriction returns to my chest and I clutch the door handle in my hand, desperate for fresh air. Rain continues to fall,although it's not as intense. Bella's face is bewildered long after I've opened her door and pulled her out of the rain. We stand below the awning, her eyes glued to the dresses in the window, my eyes glued to her.

"I can't believe you're buying me a dress," she whispers. "I feel like I'm starring in some John Hughes movie."

"I have no idea who or what you're talking about."

"Pretty in Pink?" She raises her eyebrows. "Sixteen Candles? I'm totes having a Molly Ringwald moment."

"Who the hell is Molly Ringwald? It's like you're speaking Greek to me."

Bella grins and takes my hand, sliding past me and backing up to the door. "Don't worry about it. I'll educate you tonight on the awesomeness of the eighties' chick flicks. Maybe by next week we'll work our way into the nineties chick flicks."

"Sounds like a blast," I say dryly.

She pauses near the door and drops my hand, her fingers climbing over my chest. Standing on her toes, she rests her hands on my shoulders and I automatically lean in, anticipating her lips. She doesn't disappoint, pressing her parted mouth against mine and seeking out my tongue. Excitement stirs inside me, the thrill of standing in public pressed against my girl. She pulls away, dropping one last sweet kiss before shooting me a huge grin.

"Stop your complaining. You're so getting laid for this later."


Being inside the dress shop with Bella completely blows my mind.

First of all, I can't avoid the billowing bunches of white fabric practically floating around me. It hangs from racks and from the lithe bodies of mannequins with every turn I take. Mocking me. Even though the material never touches me, it is still suffocating in its proximity. Even sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors waiting for Bella to show off a particularly tight dress she found on a fucking clearance rack, I can barely breathe.

Truth be told, it's not the thought of weddings that bother me. I'm too young to worry about shit like that. We both are. It's the future that continues to hound me at night when we're lying beside each other in bed long after our parents have fallen asleep. She curls up next to me, her arm resting on my chest. I stroke the back of her arm, mesmerized by the softness of it all. Eventually, she falls asleep beside me, her breath warm in the bend of my neck. I'm always left wide awake, wondering how she can rest when there's so much left unsaid.


Snapping out of my foggy, question-induced haze, I glance up from the cream-colored chair an attendant directed me to a few moments ago. Leaning forward, I plant my elbows on my knees and allow my eyes to wander over the curves of her calves, past her knees, and across the form-fitting dress clinging to her body. This is the second time she's tried on this same, exact dress, but I don't mind. Her reflection is thrown back at me times three by the mirrors, as if I'm trapped inside my own wet dream. She's barefooted, spinning slowly as she stares down at the dress. There's not much material and it's fucking freezing outside … And I know that assholes will more than likely be staring at her, causing me to want to punch them in the face, but I don't care. Bella's hot as three hells and I wouldn't mind her heat consuming me.

"Damn, Baby. We might not even make it to the dance."

The sales clerk standing a few feet away giggles quietly and Bella shoots her a lethal stare that leaves me perplexed. I shrug, more to myself than anyone else. The sales girl doesn't seem to notice the way Bella's cutting her eyes at her. The clerk quietly mumbles something about champagne and I perk up, grinning at my girlfriend as the young woman stumbles away.

"Did you hear that? Champagne. No wonder girls enjoy shopping so damn much."

"Yeah, that's not how it normally works." Bella reaches behind her, fumbling with the zipper. "There's no way that woman thinks we're old enough to drink. She couldn't take her eyes off you …"

"Really? I didn't notice," I say. "Because my eyes never left you."

Standing, I brush her hand aside and drag the zipper down her back, the tips of my fingers skimming across her silky flesh. Dry swallowing, I notice her back is bare, no bra in sight. The elegant curve of her back and the gentle swell of her ass instantly fill my mind with the memory of her naked body beneath mine, on top of mine, and beside mine. It's been a week, an entire week since I've been inside her and it's torture. Finally being allowed to have something I've wanted for so long, only to later be deprived of the sweetness of the sex I've come to love.

Love …

"You wanna follow me into the fitting room?" Bella wags her eyebrows, but the humor dissolves from her face once my hands slip inside the dress and rest on her waist.

"There's nothing I want more right now than to follow you inside the fitting room."

There's no sign of panties, no feel of soft cotton, or silk beneath my fingers.

I creep further south, unintentionally tickling her as my fingertips slide further down. If someone was to walk up behind us,he or she would see what I'm doing. My body's blocking the view from behind, but our reflections tell so much. The bulge of my knuckles is noticeable under the fitted fabric. The way she sags against me, squirming and parting her legs …

Clacking heels interrupt our endeavors. Letting out a low curse as she pulls away, I toss the sales clerk a sour stare. She doesn't notice, too caught up in her attempt not to spill the liquid from a single, champagne flute. She places it on the table to the right of the cream-colored chair I was sitting in, along with a small, silver tray holding what looks like different types of chocolate. Covered with swirls of pink and yellow, the pile of colorful candy seems more appropriate for Bella than it does for me.

"Here you go," she says, glancing up, her eyes widening as she notices the swell inside my pants. "Oh, uh, I brought you some refreshments."

"Thanks." I pick up the glass and turn to Bella, ignoring the clerk's weak protests.

Bella stares at the glass, her arms crossed over her chest to prevent the dress from slipping. She smiles, obligingly opening her mouth as I raise the glass to her lips. Taking her time, she swallows the champagne after a few, long sips. The clerk clears her throat, her red reflection in the mirror a stark contrast to the ones by her side. After Bella polishes off the drink, I hold the glass in the clerk's direction, chuckling as she takes it, along with the platter of chocolates and stomps away, grumbling all the while.

"Someone's pissed off," Bella says, licking the champagne from her lips. "I don't think that champagne was meant for me."

"Yeah, well, it shoulda been. So is this the one? Is this the dress?"

"Yeah, I think this is it." Bella gums her lips and appears abashed. "Still feels weird knowing you're gonna buy it for me."

"You think I'm only buying this dress for you? Baby, you're underestimating my selfishness. This dress is for my enjoyment, too."

Snickering, she slips into the fitting room and I sink back into the chair. The sales clerk stays away this time, thank God, although I wouldn't mind some sort of distraction. White fabric infiltrates my peripheral view, reminding me of the many things left unsaid between Bella and me.

You gotta stop all this noise inside your head. Bring up what happens after graduation. Bring up college. Quit being such a pussy.

Vibration from my cell rattling on the table beside me pulls me from my thoughts. I pick up the phone, my eyes narrowing at the words flashing across the screen.

I thought it was Bella. - Jasper.

"What's wrong?"

Glancing up, I pocket my phone. Bella shifts on her feet, the dress tucked over her arm. Alice hasn't brought Jasper up since that night, according to Bella. Now I know why.

"Nothing." Forcing myself to appear nonchalant, I'm almost blinded by the anger I feel for my friend. My insides are threatening to explode. Today is her day and I'm not about to let him fuck it up. "I can't wait to walk into the school gym with you wearing that dress. Then everyone will know we're together."

"Ugh, don't remind me." Bella rubs her stomach, frowning. "I've got the bubble guts just thinking about everyone staring at us. You know how I hate it when people stare at me."

"We can't keep putting it off."

We walk to the register and I pull out my wallet. A familiar feeling crawls over my skin, raising the hairs on the back of my arms and neck. I glance around, my eyes locking on a set of familiar blues across the room. I nudge Bella, who glances at me in bewilderment before following my stare. She freezes beside me, unmoving as I smirk and wrap one arm around her waist. Her body doesn't relax until the girl across the room is gone, pulling her almost identical looking friend along with her out of the building and into the relentless rain.

"I guess we don't have to worry about putting it off," she mumbles, removing her phone from her pocket and tapping on her Facebook app, "now that Lauren and Jessica know."


The news of our relationship never hits Facebook, but that doesn't mean people don't already know.

No longer concerned about being found out, we arrive at school together the next day. Pulling into the lot, I notice the stares from the kids hanging out by their vehicles before the first bell rings. Heads tilted together, they whisper, dropping their gaze once they received my hardened stare. Bella sits stoically by my side, looking like she is about to throw up at any given moment. And me? I'm too caught up in her discomfort to get off on the jealous stare Mike Newton keeps sending my way.

"No one said this was gonna be easy, did they?" I say. "Hey, I'm right here, okay? I'll always be right here."

Bella relaxes, nodding and even rolling her eyes once I offer to open the car door for her. She's already slamming the door behind her before I'm completely out of our car.

"Hey, I'm trying to be a gentleman here."

"Who knew Edward Cullen was so old fashioned?" she asks, smiling for the first time all morning. "Buying dresses and opening car doors all the time. Calling me his girl."

"You are my girl," I say, throwing one arm around her shoulder and pulling her close.

People openly gape at us as we cross the lot. Other than the envious glares and the quiet snickers from girls like Lauren and Jessica, nothing is said directly to either of us before lunch. Angie and Alice are Bella's proud supporters, flanking her in the school corridors on the rare occasion I'm not there. Mike Newton cracks a couple of incest jokes during lunch that fall flat. Emmett doesn't crack any jokes, but he does crack his knuckles, silently warning Mike that he was more than capable of doing what I can't do; what I would be kicked out of high school for doing. But I doubt Mike even picks up on the gesture, too caught up in his own stupidity to notice Em's wordless threat. He immediately grows quiet once Bella and her two friends arrive at our table, choosing to slurp his milk like a kindergartner and fixate on the girls' tits.

I kinda wanna kill him. It'd almost be worth being expelled from high school.


Jasper's still avoiding me, no longer showing up at lunchtime. I catch a glimpse of him sneaking out to his van the next few days, smoke trailing out of the cracked window after a couple of minutes. He's toking it up in the parking lot, doing what we both occasionally did during mealtime for the past few years, although now he's doing it alone.

Until one day, he isn't alone.

Three days after Bella and I are outed to the student body, I notice Jasper speaking to Alice in the school parking lot. Books held tightly against her chest, she stares at him while he speaks; a doubtful expression on her face. His hands are shoved in his pockets, his face earnest. They leave together that day and spend the rest of the week seated next to each other at lunch, and hiding out inside his van. Bella mentions him asking Alice to the dance and I hope she accepts his invitation.

I hope he moves on.

One of Bella's comments she made the day we were outed at school plants an idea in my mind. The day before the dance, I drive to one of the only flower shops in Forks and make a purchase. Hidden behind a jug of milk and a gallon of Esme's famous sweet tea sits a white box with a clear, plastic window. The night of the dance, I remove the box from the fridge and join my family in the living room. Esme's doubtful face softens as I remove the corsage from the box.

"Guys still buy girls corsages?" Carlisle asks. "I thought that gesture died away over time."

"Bella thinks I'm old fashioned," I explain. I'm struggling to focus on slipping the corsage around her wrist instead of blatantly staring at how sexy she looks in the tight-as -hell dress. Angie left about an hour ago, after the two of them spent hours inside Bella's bedroom giggling behind the closed door. When she stepped out of her bedroom, her hair swept up, lids glowing and full lips painted into a pout, my mind went blank and my eyes traveled from north to south. Keeping my hands off her has been pure hell.

"I think it's romantic," Esme murmurs, shocking me. Standing, she hurries out of the room and returns with a camera, standing awkwardly near the fireplace, which is crackling with an autumn fire. Esme continues to surprise me with her subtle support of our relationship.

There's a strange sense of deja vu once we're standing in front of the fireplace, although this time, I'm standing here waiting to take the right girl to the dance. Our stance is somewhat stiff at first, my hands casually resting on either side of her waist, while her mother quietly snaps a few shots. Bella's intoxicating scent takes my breath away, and I tighten my hold, a sincere smile forming as she naturally leans against me. Esme pauses from her picture taking, lowering the camera from her face. My father stands, copying my exact pose, placing his hands on her waist.

"The two of you look … Perfect," Esme says, glancing up at Carlisle. "Don't they, sweetie?"

Carlisle nods, taking his glasses off and tucking them in the front pocket of his shirt. He gives me an encouraging smile, one that I haven't seen in so long that it looks foreign on his face.

"Knock 'em dead, kids," he says.


Rain sets in as soon as our feet hit the pavement of the parking lot. I toss my jacket over my squealing girlfriend, my heart stopping and sputtering at the expression of pure joy on her face as we dart through the rain. Angie and her date, Ben, stand near the gym doors waiting for us. Ben is one of those kids who are socially awkward and freakishly smart, the complete opposite of me. We've never run in the same circles, but he's always seemed like an okay guy, if not a little quiet and unsure of himself. He shoves his glasses up the bridge of his nose and tugs at the too-short sleeves of his jacket.

"Sup, man?" I offer him a fist and he takes it, bumping his into mine and turning red for whatever reason.

"Hey, Edward," he says.

"The two of you look so hot together," Angie remarks, removing a mirror from her purse. She fluffs her hair in the mirror and puckers her lips. "And so do we." She elbows Ben and his face floods even redder, if that's at all possible.

No one seems to pay us any attention as we weave through the crowd inside. Bella and I part ways with Angie and Ben once we reach the center of the room. Bella turns to face me, but I wrap my arms around her waist and hold her flush against me, that same sense of deja vu flashing by. Gasping, she leans against me, the natural sway of our bodies moving to the beat of the music pounding out of the speakers. Burying my face in her hair, I breathe out the words I should have told her a long time ago.

"I'm following you after graduation," I whisper. "I don't care about attending UDub. Not if you're not there with me."

Bella grows still against me, her hands frozen on mine. Closing my eyes, my mind frantically speeds ahead, imagining a million things she can say in response. But even my imagination doesn't prepare me for what she says.

"I applied at UDub a while back," she whispers, her fingers relaxing on my hands. "And I was accepted."

"You're not leaving Washington?"

"This is my home," she says, resting her head against my chest and glancing up at me. "You're my home."

Words catch in my throat and I can't speak, so I kiss her. I just spin her around and kiss her, unconcerned with the amount of time that goes by, or the way my hands cup her ass in front of everyone. And she kisses me back, nipping and sucking my bottom lip, desperation clashing with each stroke of our tongues. I kiss her as if it's the first time again, like it's the last time, and I keep kissing her until Principal Banner loudly clears his throat and barks at us to get out of his gym.

The rain comes down harder as we step outside, the wind tossing it against us. Removing my jacket, I'm fully prepared to protect her from the wind and rain again, but the sight of Jasper standing under the awning near the end of the gym causes me to falter in the motion. He leans against the building, one booted foot propped against the bricks behind him, with his body flush against the gym wall.

"I gotta talk to Jasper before we go."

"Yeah, me too," she replies.

Jasper doesn't hear us approach over the sound of the rain. His eyes remain closed, his face peaceful and serene until I say his name. Opening his eyes, he stares at me, his gaze sliding from me to Bella as he reaches inside his pocket and removes a silver flask. My mouth waters with the sight, an old, familiar urge tugging at my senses. Not until this moment do I notice the paleness of his skin, the darkness under his eyes. He unscrews the lid from the flask and tips it back, the strong odor of whiskey gets caught up in the wind, slapping me in the face. Pushing himself from the wall, he staggers, tucking the flask back into his pocket.

"Don't you two look sweet together," he slurs, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Jasper, you're not driving are you?" Bella asks, ignoring his steely glare. "Are you here alone?"

"I'm not here with you," he mutters. "Fucking tease."

"What did you say to her?" I step forward, my hands drawn into fists, Bella grabbing my arm in a flimsy attempt of holding me back.

"You coming at me Cullen? Is that how this is gonna go down? First Maria, then Bella, and now you're gonna fight me?"

"I was never with Maria. You know she came onto me when she was drunk."

"There were rules," he says, pointing a finger in my face. "I called dibs."

Bella slinks between us, batting his hand away. Jasper scowls at her, swaying on his feet as he looks her up and down with hate evident in his eyes.

"I'm a person," she says, smacking him in the chest with the flat of her hand. "A human being, not a tease, not a piece of property and certainly not someone you can call 'dibs' on, you unentitled bastard."

Jasper opens his mouth, but only a groan comes out. Bella's knee connects to his crotch before anyone can utter a word. Eyes bulging, he slumps forward, clutching his crotch. Staggering on weakening limbs, he collapses on the rain-saturated ground.


"You think Jasper will be okay?"

Bella bites her lip, sincere concern on her face. Alice had walked up just as Jasper hit the ground. She'd originally turned down his invitation to the dance, but later felt bad about it and changed her mind at the last minute. She realized he was drunk once she called him to ask if it was too late to accept his invitation. Worried about him driving, she'd arrived at the gym to search for him, finding him groaning at Bella's feet.

"I think he'll be okay once he can feel his nuts again." I chuckle at her frown. "You're a good person, Baby."

"I possibly caused permanent damage to Jasper's nutsack. How am I a good person again?"

"Because you're worried about him; even after all the shit he's done."

"I shouldn't be worried about him." She sighs, kicking off her heels and shrugging out of my jacket. "I'm drenched now from us putting his sorry ass inside Alice's car. My dress is ruined and my hair is a wreck. My eye makeup is smeared all under my eyes."

"You're sexy," I say, interrupting her rambling. "You're so damn sexy. And beautiful."

Bella's face goes slack and her lips part. She shakes her head, blowing out an exaggerated breath. "Stop being so sweet before I molest you inside this car."

"I'll be your willing victim." As sick as it sounds, watching her take down Jasper with one swift knee to the crotch kinda turned me on, especially after receiving the text he sent me at the dress shop. Bella had only done what I wish I could do to my clueless friend.

I lick my bottom lip, my tongue skimming my viper bites. Something about my nervous tick drives her crazy. If the darkness in her eyes and the flush of her skin aren't indication enough, the way she squirms against the seat tells me all I need to know.

"What happened to serious conversation?" she mumbles. "I thought maybe we'd talk about college, rooming together, what's gonna happen after high school. Stop using your pierced powers against me."

Normally the way her eyes travel the length of my body and the husky way she mumbles when she's horny drives me wild, but sometimes, more often than not, her words are so ridiculous and just fucking random, that I often get sidetracked.

"Pierced powers?" I cock my head to the side, studying her face. She's not a blusher, but my girl is so red right now.

"Yeah, pierced powers. Pierced lip, pierced nipples, which I can see through your shirt, by the way, and pierced peen."

Leaning toward her, I cup myself, biting my lip as her eyes dart between my hand and my mouth. "You call this a peen?"

"God, Edward. Don't touch yourself in public. What if someone sees?" She blinks, glancing past me through the glass. Rain continues to pound down around us, shielding us from view. If any vehicles pass, I don't see or hear them.

"It's nighttime and there's a damn tsunami outside. Nobody can see us. Answer my question. Do you call this a peen?"

Bella nods. "Yes, I call that a peen."

"Baby," I say, taking her hand in mine and placing it over the swelling inside my pants. "This isn't a peen. Call it a cock or a dick. Call it Bella's fucking love stick, if you want to, but I can assure you this isn't a peen."

Palm flat against the back of her hand, I guide it over my cock. I was already at full mast before she even touched me, my body reacting to her mere presence. Her breathing picks up, heating the windows and fogging them over. I thrust against her hand and grit my teeth, struggling like hell not to come inside my pants like a prepubescent kid.

"Does that feel like something unworthy enough to be called 'peen,' Bella?"

"No," she whispers, rubbing my length without the assistance of my hand. My fingers are too busy fumbling with my zipper and she doesn't need my help anyway. My girl knows what I want, just as easily as I know what she wants.

"You need more proof?" I ask, popping open the button. "Want me to show you right here, right now, on the side of this fucking highway what this 'peen' can do?"

Instead of answering, she reaches inside my boxers and wraps her hand around my shaft. Lifting my ass off the seat, I fumble to shove my pants further down, groaning as she pumps me. Closing my eyes, my head falls back against the headrest, my hips rising with each stroke of her hand. Something firm, warm and wet slides against the tip, and I open my eyes just in time to watch her lick the tip of my cock before I'm inside her mouth. Sinking down, she takes me in until I'm hitting the back of her throat. Lightly sucking, she cups me below, rolling my flesh from finger to finger, as I hold myself back from coming inside her mouth.

"Please tell me those … things have kicked in," I say, basically begging her to tell me yes. Responsibility is starting to suck.

Not that there's anything wrong with sucking.

Bella grips the base of my cock, giving the length of my shaft one last lick. Casting one glance around the darkness surrounding us, she slides her tight dress above her hips, the material caught over the delicious swell of her bare ass.

"They're called 'birth control pills,' and yeah, the doctor said seven days. Thank God, it's been seven days."

Before she can climb over the console and onto my lap, I'm out of my dress pants and underwear, grinning as I'm the one climbing over the console. Buttons go flying from my dress shirt, torn away by her eager hands. I shrug the shirt off with her help and she tosses it aside. Reaching beside her, I grab the handle and lower the seat at the same time she grabs my cock. Spreading her legs wide, she places her feet on the dashboard behind me and coaxes me forward with her sinful touch.

Taking charge, she guides my cock to her slit, rubbing it over the top of the small bundle, her eyes fluttering closed as she massages her clit. Pivoting my hips, I thrust against her until she's quivering and guiding me inside her, whimpering my name and squeezing her muscles around me. Her head lolls around with each thrust of my hips, with the light slapping of skin against skin.

Digging her fingernails into my back, she forces me closer, closer and closer until I'm fully laying flush against her. Breathing heavily against my neck, her teeth scrape my skin. Our movements slow down into a languid, fluid pace of clenching muscles and sweaty skin. Grasping the back of her thighs, I use them as leverage to hold up my weight, raising her ass from the seat. She likes this position, always says it makes me hit the place inside that makes her come.

"Harder," she moans. She cries out as I fill her completely, again and again digging deeper with each stroke. Crying louder than the sloppy sounds between us, she comes around me, incoherently mumbling words I can't hear over the sound of the rain and my grunts as I try to hold myself back as long as I can.

Sweat drips down from my forehead, formed by the heated confines of the car and my struggle not to come inside her. The drop splashes against the flat of her belly and slides down into her navel, tickling her as it travels lower, if her stomach clenching is any indication. She dips her finger inside the small indentation and brings it to her mouth, wrapping her lips around her fingertip.

Heat spreads from my stomach and crawls across my skin. Bella crosses her ankles behind me, forcing me forward. Jutting my hips in a spastic, uncoordinated mess, I come inside her, filling her until it's spilling out around us and onto the seat. My vision becomes blurry, so I close my eyes and lean down, capturing her kiss as I become motionless inside her- kissing her long after I've stilled. Bunching her dress in my hand, I push it further over her body until the soft mounds of her rosy-tipped breasts are exposed. She moans, a deep shudder running through her body with the touch of my tongue ring as it encircles her nipple.

Using my tongue, my lips, and my hands, I show her once more how much I've missed being inside her.

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