Obviously I don't own anything, we all know that Louisa May Alcott created these two wonderful characters a long time ago...but she didn't ship them like I do, unfortunately.

Someone asked for a less sad drabble...so here it is !

" Have you ever thought what will happen if we never reach our castles in the air, Teddy ?" Jo was swinging lazily in Laurie's hammock, the warm July breeze caressing her hair .

" Are you reconsidering your dreams, my dear ?" the boy asked back from his spot on the grass, his head resting on a soft pillow .

Jo seemed to ponder for a while . " I don't know...it's just that sometimes I feel like writing and living adventures is not enough, and that I need something more..."

" Like what ?"

" I don't know, Teddy...something !" Jo retorted frustrated, her hands in the air like she was trying to grasp the answers that she couldn't give him .

Laurie looked at her friend : he contemplated her vibrant eyes, full of hope and promises; her lips , always ready to pronounce words of wisdom and humor ; her fingers , calloused but still soft on his skin when she rarely caressed him . He had asked himself the same question some weeks ago, but he had found quickly his response – and it was currently swinging above him, in all her beauty .

" Maybe you don't need something more, Jo . You just need someone . Somebody to share your life with " .

Jo considered Laurie's words for a while, then shook her head . " Why would I need someone else ? I will have you to spend my life with , won't I ?"

Laurie's eyes shined with affection , and something more . " Of course, Jo. I will be always by your side, my dear ".

Let me know what you think - I know it's short, but I'm in a drabble mood !