Obviously I don't own anything, we all know that Louisa May Alcott created these two wonderful characters a long time ago...but she didn't ship them like I do, unfortunately.

A very short Christmas drabble...enjoy!

"Do you ever think of our past Christmases at Concord?" Teddy asked, while lounging on their sofa, in their house in New York.

Jo raised her eyes from her manuscript, her attention focused on her husband. Did she think of the Christmas she spent at home? Yes, of course. A lot of things had happened during Christmas time: the March sisters had met Laurie, Beth had developed scarlet fever after visiting the Hummels, Dad had returned home just before Christmas...yes, she often thought about it.

"Why are you asking me, Teddy?" she inquired, although she might suspect the reason.

"Well, I was thinking...we spent Christmas here, last year, and it was wonderful, but..."

"You miss home, don't you?"

"I do...what about you?Would you like to spend two days on the train, and go back home? Amy and Fred are in Europe, but I'm sure Meg and the kids would be thrilled to see you..." he proposed, the glint in his eyes telling her that he had thought about it quite a long time.

She didn't answer. She left the table,instead, and sprinted to the staircase leading to their bedroom.

"Jo, what are you doing?" her husband's voice reached her when she was already searching for the suitcases, and throwing dresses on the bed.

"What do you think I'm doing? I'm preparing our baggage! Run upstairs, my lovely consort! And Concord, prepare yourself: the Laurence family is coming home for Christmas!"

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