Pouting slightly, the albino had no luck in asking anyone to drink with him since his two best friends were busy and he wouldn't want to drink with his bruder since it'll be weird. "This is so unawesome..maybe I'll call mattie then~!" He grinned, muttering to himself as he dialled the number of his Canadian sweetheart he always teased. The little Canadian answered his phone and saw who it was. "H-hello? Hey Gil,w-what's up" He smiled as he talked and munched on pancakes,which was more like syrup with a touch of pancakes. "Mattie, ya up for drinking maybe? My buddies got a bit busy so I kinda vas hoping you'd go with me, I'll carry ya home too if you got drunk first." Gilbert grinned upon hearing the other male's voice over the phone, his right hand holding onto his cellphone while his right was tucked in his pants pocket.

Matthew blushed even though he knew the Prussian couldn't see it. "W-well...today is my birthday...s-so I guess I will go...I've never drank before though." "Then its a birthday date then! No worries about the drink, birdie, I'll take care of it. My treat." The Prussian chuckled a little, bringing up his nickname for him, other than the Canadian's usual nickname, mattie."Y-you said you weren't going to use that nickname anymore.." His blush deepened then he was distracted by a thought. "Gilbert I'm having pancakes for breakfast. Wanna come over and have some?" "I can't help it, its cute for you mattie." He smiled, his hand slipping to behind his head and looked up at the ceiling. "Then maybe after that we can go out and stuff, to celebrate, sounds gut?"

"Y-y-yeahh...sounds like fun. So are you gonna come over? If so I'll make more pancakes now before Kuma eats them all." "Yeah, I'll be there in a heartbeat. I'll see ya then mattie, Ich liebe dich." He nodded, grabbing his keys, wallet and got his shoes, still holding onto the phone as he slipped on his sneakers."Je-je t'aime too Gilbert. S-see you when you get here." He smiled and hung up. He looked at his little bear friend who was sitting at the table. "Kuma Gilly is coming over" He smiled as he closed his fold in phone, stuffing it into his pocket with his keys in it and walked to his place. Meanwhile, the polar bear cub looked curiously at his owner as he mentioned that his owner's friend is coming over, growling a little since he doesn't really like the albino much. "Oh Kuma stop it. He's never done anything bad to you. At least nothing that I've ever seen." He started making more pancakes since the little bear ate all of the already made pancakes.

Since Kumajiro couldn't say anything, he kept quiet and looked over at the door as soon as it rung and blinked again. The Canadian ran to the door and opened it. "Hey!" He thought that who was at the door was Gilbert. "That was faster then usual" "Vell, it was pretty much fast as usual since I wanted to see you badly." Gil smiled and ruffled his hair, popping his head into the house and could smell the scent of pancakes. "Y-you know you can come in. Nothing's going to bite you." Or at least he hoped nothing was going to bite him. "Kuma ate all the pancakes so I'm making a new batch, you wanna help?" He grinned and nodded, going straight to the kitchen as soon as he stepped into the other's estate and looked back. "I can help in making the new batch, and it'll be awesomer 'cuz I helped! Kesesese!"

The Canadian smiled and shook his head. "Y-you're so silly Gilly." He walked over to the counter and started making the batter. "You want to flip the pancakes?"

"Ja, just tell me when to flip it." He gave a grin and watched him make the batter for it, folding in his fingers to make a 'gun' with his hand, 'shooting' his ass. "kesesese! I gotcha!" He blushed a little. "Didn't get me yet~" he smiled then poured the batter. "When you see little bubbles that means its time to flip. It doesn't take long so keep and eye on them."

He gave a nod and watched the batter sizzle a bit on the pan, looking to see if there are bubbles forming. Matthew looked over after a couple seconds. "Time to flip them." He nodded and flipped over the pancakes, amazed at the golden-brown colour of it.

"See that wasn't so hard was it." He smiled and poured more hater in the pan after the first four were done. "I made the batter just enough to where there will be four for the both of us Kuma had like twenty so no more for him. He looked at the bear with a cute grumpy face cause he wanted some of the pancakes the bear ate.

"Nah, it's not so hard and I wasn't too distracted." He grinned, giving him a quick peck on his cheek as he went back to paying attention to the next batch. He blushed a cute pink tint on his cheeks then held the spot kissed. "You should be called birdy with that little kiss you just did." He giggled a little. "It fits you more really, you're cute and I'm awesome." He glanced at him a little, flipping over the pancakes as soon as it had bubbles forming. The three batches were finished. "Go sit and I will serve you." He didn't care if it was his birthday or not. It was a habit for him to serve the guest instead of the other way around.

"Sure about that, mattie?" He asked, searching for a candle and a stand to stick it into the pancake. "Maybe we can get a cake for you after that, you ok with zhat?" He laughed alittle nervously "y-you don't have to r-really...it's only a little birthday noone cares." He smiled weakly and brought the pancakes to the table with a big bottle of maple syrup.

"Come on, I'll celebrate it with you! Besides, its also for the time you accompanied me during my birthday when my bruder didn't notice it." He slung his arm over his shoulder and smiled. He giggled cutely. "I-I guess...well after we eat breakfast we will do lots ok stuff ok"

"Got it!" He nodded, sitting down and shifted the chair beside him back

He poured maple syrup all on his pancakes making it more like syrup with a touch of pancakes. He looked at Gilbert then the little bear sitting next to him which was glaring at the Prussian. He looked at the bear and jumped a bit then looked at Matthew. "I told you he doesn't like me much.." he pouted slightly, taking a fork and poked the pancake. "I don't understand why though...maybe it's because Kuma here has been the only male with me forever. He might not like other guys being around me,though he never acts like this with Alfie." He munched down on a pancake. He took a bite out of another pancake, his words a little muffled from the pancake since he was chewing it at the same time. "Really? It's kinda veird though..I didn't do anything to him even."

"Which is what I don't understand..." Matthew munched on another pancake. He heard a little growl from the little polar bear. "Kuma no! No growl." He tapped the bears nose,pissing the bear off. He looked at the bear still, wondering if it'll probably have to chance to bite either one of them and yelped a bit as the bear bit his arm. "So not awesome..! He bit me!" He growled, trying to shake off the bear as it let go and growled still. "Kuma no! Bad! Don't bite Gilbert!" He tapped him alittle harder this time on the nose,which wasn't a smart thing to do. "Gilbert do you-..." He was cut off by a small bite to his hand. "Ow! Kumajiro off!" He blinked a bit and pulled him away, setting down the bear. "Vhat's with him though?" He wondered as the bear walked off to wherever it wants to.

He looked at the bite mark on Gilbert,totally ignoring the pain in his hand. "Gilbert...you're bleeding alittle, here let me patch your wound" He nodded and looked at it, pouting still as the wound bled even as he looked at it. The little Canadian ran off to get some bandages and rubbing alcohol to stop it from getting infected. "This'll burn a bit..." He wiped some of the blood away then rubbed it down with the alcohol. He hissed a bit at the medical alcohol in contact with his wound, slightly looking away from it then looked at the Canadian, a smile formed across his lips as he doesn't mind the pain

Matthew was fixated on wrapping the wound and smiled when he finished it. He finally felt his hand bleeding alittle and whimpered. He tried to start wrapping it himself. "I'll do it for you, ok?" He offered, wiping off a bit of the blood before applying alcohol on it. "Does it hurt?"

"J-just alittle...thank you.." He smiled and watched him wrap it. "You're really to kind."

"It's no big deal, I've seen my bruder wrap bandages for the german solders in the Vorld Var so i guess it somehow rubbed off on me." He smiled, wrapping the wound and gently kissed it. "Better now?" He blushed when it was kissed. "Y-yes...do you...want to go out now? Or we can just stay home." He smiled at his huge beautiful home. "Vell ve can go out now if you want to, although is it fine if you leave your bear here by itself?"

"Yes...his punishment for what he did is to stay home. I'll put out food so he doesn't raid the cabinets like he did last time I left him alone..." Matthew knew he was bearsitting Kumarie. "I hope they don't do anything like last time..." He sighed. The Prussian raised his eyebrow a little at the mention of him raiding the cabinets for food when mattie left him alone at home. "They probably may do something, they're bears mattie."

Matthew then pouted slightly and looked at Gil. "But...I don't think I'd be able to handle a little family of polar bears running around in my house. They'd get lost this place since it is so big!"

"Mah, they won't do anything anyway. I'm sure of it!" He sighed and spoke quietly, almost to himself. "I hope so...I want to see a little family of Kumas running around...but at the same time I don't." He smiled and wrapped his arm around his waist and kissed his cheek, giving an assuring grin. "They'll be fine, mattie~." "Okay~ if you say so,but you're the uncle if they do anything." He smile and blushed from the kiss. "Well...should we leave then?"

"Wha..why am I the uncle if they got little cubs running around?" He blinked at him, a little surprised but he somehow didn't mind. "Cause you're always with me and I'm always with them. So it's more like we are grandparents instead because I'm more like Kumas mother/father." He giggled alittle. "Oh I get it..." he nodded and held onto his hand as he headed outside. His blush deepened. "So where are we going first?"

"Hm..we could go watch a movie or something if you vant to, its your choice, birthday boy."

"Ummm...I-I really don't care." He laughed nervously. "Then we'll watch a movie then! Maybe a scary one~." He smirked mischievously at him. "O-o-okay..." He wasn't very good with scary movies,one of the things he had in common with his brother. "L-lets go then." He locked the doors then left with Gilbert. He could tell that he'll be scared stiff once he watched a horror movie, holding his hand a little tighter. "You can hug her if you feel scared during it, I don't mind." He nodded. "O-okay...l-l-l-lets go." "Come on mattie, I'll still be here for ya even though I might get a little scared myself, ja?" He nodded. They eventually got to the theater. "W-well...lets go." The Prussian just HAD to pick the scariest movie there.

He grinned and got the tickets for it, getting popcorn and a bottle of soda. They sat down and the movie started right away. He shook alittle already scared even though nothing scary happened yet. His mouth got a little stuffed with popcorn as he looked at the other male, giving a slight smile and patted his head. He closed his eyes from the pat. Eventually a scary part came up and Matthew clung to the Prussian screaming a little.

He chuckled a little and lifted his chin a little, giving him a kiss straight on his lips to calm him down then pulled away slightly. His eyes widened with a little shock from the kiss. "G-Gil...did you...j-just...kiss me?"

"Ja, why?" He looked at him a little, slightly letting his hand on his chin go. He kissed back with a little force just as another scary part came up. Slightly blinking a bit, he smiled a little and kissed back then pulled him closer. He held him, his heart racing some. He broke the kiss for a breath as his purple eyes looked into the other's red eyes. He looked back and gave a smile, his hand holding onto his. "Guess I took your first kiss didn't I, mattie?"

He nodded and spoke quietly, almost hard to hear over the movie. "Y-yes...unless you count little polar bear kisses." "Actually, I wouldn't count that." He smiled and let him lean on his shoulder, not really minding the scary parts of the movie. Matthew blushed and was practically attached to the Prussians arm. Gilbert didn't really mind if people stared, he just cared if his beloved 'birdie' is having a good time with him. Matthew buried his head in Gilbert's arm and squeaked at another scary part.

He slipped his arm around his shoulder and kissed the top of his head, patting his shoulder. "It's ok, I'm with you." "M-merci..." He blushed when he was kissed. The movie ended and Matthew was scared as hell as it was dark outside. "W-what if something jumps out!" "Nah, the awesome me will protect you mattie! No vorries!" He assured him, leading him outside the cinema with the soda. Matthew jumped when he heard something in the bushes. "W-where should we go now?"

"Hm..maybe back to your place, its kinda late plus I sneaked a few cans of beer from my bruder's stash." He grinned, drinking the rest of the soda. "Are you sure you wanna go back to my place with Kumarie and Kumajiro?" Matthew asked, having a bad feeling about going home and the fact that they left the two polar bears alone. "Ja, besides, we can sit in your room anyway right?"

He nodded. "Y-yes I suppose...s-should we go now?" He nodded and held his hand, throwing the soda cup then lead him back. Once they got back to the amazingly huge house Matthew unlocked the door and walked in with Gilbert. The polar bears were nowhere in sight. He looked around and closed the door behind him, raising his eyebrow. "Er..where did they go?" Matthew sighed. "...I don't know...but the way Kumajiro is acting...I don't want to find out"

"Maybe we'll just go to your room .." he suggested, taking the cans of beer with him upstairs and came back down to get him. "I-I guess...happy twenty first birthday to me!" The Canadian smiled, throwing his hands up in the air. "Ja, happy birthday mattie~!" He grinned, pulling him upstairs. He squeaked when he was pulled up. "T-thank you Gilly" "No problem. Like I said, I won't forget your birthday and you won't forget mine." He smiled, letting him lead. "Of course I wouldn't." They finally get to Matthews huge ass fancy room. "Welcome..." "Holy schisse your room is huuge!" He looked around, pretty amazed while opening a can of beer and drank from it. "I know...I really think it's to big for one person and two tiny FULL GROWN polar bears."He handed an opened can of beer to him and sat on on of the chairs in the room. "Vell, I could stay with you with you want to. You'll be the first thing I'd see every morning and I vouldn't regret it."

"You know Gilly you can sit on my bed with me while we drink..." He took a sip of the beer and cringed a little at the yucky taste. "I know that, plus you'll get used to the taste of that." He rushed over to his bed and sat on it, chugging down the can. "How can you...how can you drink this like its water...it...it doesn't taste all to good" he felt bad for saying such things to his best friend. "I dunno, I'm too used to it." He shrugged, dragging him to his side. Matthew tried to finish the one can while Gilbert was on his third. "It's amazing..."

"What is? Other than me." He grinned, slinging his arm around his shoulder and put down the empty third can of beer. "How you can drink so much so fast and not get drunk...do you have anything else to drink other than beer?" "Like I said, I'm used to it." He searched the bag he brought along with him, looking a little. "Not sure, I got a few random alcohol in here." "Lets mix some drinks then? I usually watched Ivan on the rare days he mixed vodka with something." He thought for a while and gave a nod, grinning. "Ok zhen, ve'll mix a few up."

"I don't remember what he mixed though...as long as it isn't strong...I-I never drank before.." "Aw come on mattie, you're 21 already. How come you're this innocent?" He teased, kissing his cheek again. He blushed deeply. "I-I'm sorry I...I could help it?" "It's ok, I still love you liebe~." He ruffled his hair, grabbing the few bottles of alcohol. Matthew sat on his bed,waiting to see what was going to be made for him. Mixing a whole bottle of the brought along alcohol, he handed one glass of it to mattie. "Mixed a few up into one knockout drink, you can take it right mattie?"

"Kn-kn-knock out drink?!" He got a little nervous. "I umm...I don't know about this..." "Come on, it's not too bad. Trust me." He smiled assuringly, taking a gulp out of it. Matthew was nervous and actually drank the whole drink. He felt dizzy afterwards. He looked at him and gulped down the whole glass. "You ok mattie?" Matthew was a little dizzy and crawled ontop of Gilbert. "I *hic* I feel fine *hic*" He put the down the glasses and smiled a bit, dragging him to the middle of the bed. "Heh..you sure..?" He hiccuped. "O-of c-course...*hic*." He looked into the Prussians red eyes,his own eyes tinted with drunkness and a hidden feeling behind it that hasn't completely shown itself.

"Although, you look cuter like this mattie.." he smiled and stroked on his cheek, hiccupping a little. His cheeks were tinted red, his glasses falling off. "You're...you're so sexy Gilly" "Nah, you're the sexy one here.." he took off the other's glasses and got up a little, pinning him down. "I-I can't see...I can't see Gilbert!" He blushed when he was pinned. "I'm right here mattie.." he grinned, leaning down and pressed his lips on the other's. "But..mph!" He blinked a little and slightly moved up little so their lips were touching more, not minding the kiss that broke what he wanted to say. He slightly smiled, his hands grab hold on his waist as he kissed him and didn't mind if their breaths smelt too much like alcohol.

Matthew coughed alittle but soon ignored it. "Mmm..." He slightly relaxed a little and let his eyes close. He slightly got both the other's arms around his neck, his eyes closed from the second his lips touched the Canadian's and slightly slipped his tongue around his mouth. His heart raced when he felt Gilbert's tongue enter his mouth. "N-n-nnnmm..." He leaned slightly closer, still on top of him and blushed since he was partly drunk. The Canadian broke the kiss and looked at the albino, his eyes still was drunkly clouded. "T-take me..." "Whatever you say, mein liebe.." he smirked, slipping his hand up his shirt and licked slightly on his neck. He let out a cute moan followed by a hiccup and couldn't respond as he was loving the feel on his neck. His hand felt up his lover's chest, fiddling around with his nipple as he started to bite lightly on his neck.

He let out a gasp then bit his lip. He had NEVER felt this anywhere or, well, anyway. Giving a slight grin, he slipped up his shirt and gently pinched the nipple he was playing with as he made a small mark on his neck. "You're mine, mattie..don't forget it.." "Ahhh...y-yes...yours..." He wiggled a little from the feelings running through his body. He smiled and continued to play around and made a few more marks on his neck. He smiled and continued to play around and made a few more marks on his neck. He moaned a little louder biting his lip, slightly squirming as he felt his body tinge.