(Please be aware that there will be a foursome and a pairing of FrancexSpain.)

"Because they had a bit of 'action' before that, am I right?" Gil guessed, making Antonio blush and nodded. "Eewww and I just rested on stickiness!" He stood up and blushed pouting a bit. The Frenchman stood up quickly next to Matthew, speaking quickly in French. "Matthew, je suis tellement désolé..! Pardonnez-moi!(Matthew, I am so sorry..! Forgive me)!" Gilbert then smiled a bit and chuckled. "Mattie will still forgive you, Franny..don't worry too much." Matthew nodded. "You don't need to worry." The Frenchman nodded back and took the Spaniard's hand. "We didn't know you were coming so...we didn't wash up.." "Its ok, ja? We used to do that remember?" Gil grinned, not minding at all. Matthew blushed staying quiet. The Frenchman smiled abit. "Awwww Mattie~!" He held Antonio's hand. "You overreacted when it sounds like you've done the same thing." "Its kinda complicated the way you put it, don't want mattie to turn red like his hoodie." Gil grinned. "Hey! I'm not going to get as red as this!" He puffed out his cheeks as he crossed his arms. "I was kidding liebe, sorry.." the Prussian smiled softly as he kissed his sweetheart's cheek. Matthew kissed back then looked down and accidentally saw that all three of them were hard and he didn't even know why. He blushed deeply, biting his lip. He blinked a bit and looked at him, wondering why he suddenly blushed. Mattie stuttered a bit, still embarrassed. "U-ummm g-guys...do you need any ummm...help?"

"I guess so..maybe I might want you to suck me, mattie.." Gil smirked, kissing below his chin. His blush deepened and his heart raced some. "D-don't all of you need 'help'..?" "I guess so..but isn't it going to affect the baby?" Antonio spoke up, his pants felt a little uncomfortable. "N-no...not at all...trust me.." he bit his lip. "Are you sure?" He asked to make sure as the Prussian licked on his neck a bit. He bit his lip alittle harder and nodded. "I'm-nnn...I'm sure.." "Ok then, I got an idea." He smiled cheekily. "W-what would that idea be." He was alittle scared because it was his first time doing a foursome. "Hm..since there is four of us, a little foursome then?" He smirked, holding onto his waist. His eyes widened some. "A-a-a foursome?! I-I guess that's alright if that's what all if you want.." "As long as you're ok with it, I'll stroke you and screw you, you know." He licked his neck carried him up to any room. " 'toni, you're up. Let little mattie solve your little problem." Matthew got on his hands and knees and waited for what was to come. He had never seen any other persons dick except Gilbert's and was alittle nervous. The Spaniard slid his pants down and mouthed 'sorry' to Francis before sticking his dick in Matthew's mouth. "I'll let you suck mine the last, mattie." Gil whispered in his lover's ear, slipping his pants down and stroked his member.

He smirked a bit as Antonio slipped his dick into his mouth, Gil was still stroking mattie's member as he slipped a finger into his ass. "Mmmph!" He began to suck like a pro, tears only fully the tear ducts from the small shock of pain that went through him. Gil gently wipes his tears and licks it off his hand, thrusting into him as soon as he stretched him enough. The Canadian moaned as he sucked and was fucked. The Prussian then got the Frenchman to screw him, groaning a bit as he felt his friend's dick in his ass, continuing to fuck and stroke mattie. Francis groaned. "Nnn..Gilbert, you're so tight mon ami!" He thrusted hard into him until his dick was fully in the Prussian. Matthew removed the tan dick and began to lick it and flick his tongue on the dick's tip. He groaned and panted a bit, thrusting into mattie. "N-ngh..never been fucked by anyone before..Franny.." he moaned more as 'tonio moaned out. The Frenchman dry humped the Prussian as the Spaniard accidentally thrusted into the Canadian's mouth, making him choke some. He slightly gasped at the pain of the dry thrust in, thrusting a bit more. "M-mattie..you ok there..?" Matthew nodded and panted. "O-oui I am fine..a-are all of you okay?" "J-ja..n-ngh..!" He gasped as his prostate got hit a bit, tightening up a bit as he still thrusted into him. Antonio on the other hand nodded a bit, feeling the need to release precum.

Francis smirked and said nothing as he hit that spot again just for fun. Matthew saw the little bit of cum starting to leak from Antonio and licked it up in a seductively cute way. Gilbert moaned out again and looked at Francis with a glare a little. "Gott damn it.." he pounded hard into Matthew, stroking his member faster. Matthew whined and couldn't last much longer like this as he was about to come for the first time in this position, but his first time wouldn't be his last like this. Panting a bit, the Prussian looked at looked at his lover and frowned a bit although he felt his warm cum on his hand. "Are you ok, mattie..?" Matthew whimpered and nodded as he licked more of the Spaniard's precum. The Frenchman grumbled and started to get slightly violent, but not a bad kind of violent and thrusted hard into the Prussian's prostate. "Shut up and just moan for me!" He did as he was told, his prostate getting hit yet again as he felt the thrust in his ass. "That's a good boy..." He did it again. Matthew began to deep throat the Spaniard as he moaned. He moaned louder and got tighter, a bit of saliva dripped off his mouth while he felt it pound into him as he pounded into the Canadian more. "A-ahhh! Nnnn.." mattie moaned, continuing to deep throat the Spanish male's dick. Gil moaned louder as his prostate was hit again and again, making him leak precum. Matthew yelled out as he released onto the ground and his chest, whining some.

He released the rest of it as Francis released his, making Antonio let out his cum some minutes later. Matthew drank up all of Antonio's cum then panted. "Nnn..." The Frenchman pulled out after he was sure all of his cum was released inside the Prussian. The Prussian panted a bit, his ass feeling numb after a screwing and leaned on the Canadian's shoulder, tiredly licking off the spilt cum on his hand. "Time to switch positions...I get Francis' ass now..." The Spaniard smirked. "Fine, but someone has to switch places with mich, my ass hurts Gott damn it." He huffed and got up, hissing due to his pain. Matthew panted."I-I could suck you...while papa gets me from behind..." "I'll handle it mattie, you got me last." Gil smiled assuringly. He blushed and waited.