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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. All characters (except for the missing nin mentioned in this chapter) forthwith belong to Kishimoto-sensei. The pairing is a bit odd, but as far as I've seen, it's one of a kind. Don't like/agree the pairing, please don't read. I find it a challenge to myself to take a pairing that hasn't been done and create a story for them. Now please, sit back, relax and enjoy.


Nara Shikamaru was a genius. A lazy genius, but a genius nonetheless. As a chuunin, he was given many more privileges than genin, though he mostly was a substitute teacher in the academy or the Hokage's errand-boy. As such, he was usually sent on missions that required picking up groceries, payments, newly made hitai-ates, papers, scrolls, or whatever struck Tsunade's fancy at the moment.

He paused for breath, concealed in branches. His latest mission was to retrieve a scroll and a medicinal plant that went with it for the Hokage. He was told not to ingest the plant, and he had stared at the Godaime for a good long while.

"This is so troublesome," Shikamaru muttered, dropping to the forest floor. The meeting place was ahead, and Shikamaru wanted this over as soon as possible.

The clearing was empty when he got there. Instinctively, he set about checking for traps and jutsus, but he realized his foolishness soon after he felt the medic nin from Suna appear, their chakras mingling as a sign of peace. Shikamaru approached and bowed slightly, receiving a bow in return.

"Your Hokage sounded very determined to have this," the medic nin said when she pulled a scroll pouch from her pack. Shikamaru smiled wryly.

"When she wants something enough, she'll do almost anything to get it." Shikamaru replied, revealing the small sack of ryo that was to be payment. At the same time, they tossed the sacks to the other's feet, bent, and vanished. Shikamaru settled back against the tree trunk he was hiding in and examined the contents. One scroll. One vial of plant powder.

He tucked the sack into his chuunin vest and leapt from the tree branch to the next one, bounding through the boughs towards Konoha. Only a week away, Sunagakure a day and a half to the northwest. Why didn't the Hokage, pick a location in between the two shinobi villages?

The young chuunin shook his head, and dropped from the bough of an oak to crouch by the river, dipping his hands into the cold running water and cupping them to capture a drink. He saw the glint on the water a split second before the sword swung.

Shikamaru dodged to the side, rolling beneath the swipe, feeling the rush of air over his back. When he came to his feet, kunai were in his hand, cocked and ready to throw. Dark eyes widened a bit, staring at his opponent.

Much taller, and much more muscular than the Konoha boy, a Hidden Rock missing nin lunged at Shikamaru, taking the kunai blows as though they were beestings. Shikamaru dodged, but he was too slow this time. The other nin's fist hit his ribcage, sending him crashing into foliage. Apparently not content with that, the bull of a man lunged again. Shikamaru successfully dodged this time, darting behind the much larger shinobi, turning around, hands flying through seals. The shadows stiffened, and Shikamaru grinned.

"Oh you're a clever boy," a female voice whispered in his ear, just before he hit the ground, unconscious.

Shikamaru woke to something wet being forced down his throat. He gagged, but faced with the decision of choke or swallow, he swallowed.

And regretted it.

His body was instantly on fire, arousal coursing through his body worse than when he woke up from a wet dream or with morning wood. His clothes rubbed against him in all the right ways, making it all the worse.

"He's awake, Shin." That female voice again, further away than before. Shikamaru forced his eyes open; his vision blurred for a brief instant, clearing to show him four adults, three shinobi and one kunoichi, lounging on a pile of blankets and pillows, quite naked. Shikamaru didn't need Kiba's nose to tell him what had been going on while he was unconscious; the bodies of three women beside his own gave him all the mental images he needed.

"Thanks for the pick-me-up, boy," the ox-like man said. Shikamaru assumed this was Shin, and said nothing. He watched the man's face turn purple, until a smaller hand was placed on his arm. The owner of that hand was a slight male who resembled a mole.

"He can give us a better ride than those broads." 'Mole' squeaked out. "He's a ninja brat after all."

Shikamaru twisted his arms, and found them bound. Well, that wasn't good. The other male loomed over him, running slick fingers over Shikamaru's cheek.

"He's pretty. Almost like a girl."

"Then pretend!" The woman chortled, causing the rest of her group to laugh. The Konoha chuunin felt his legs forced apart, a hot mouth at his neck then, and his stomach rebelled.

"Oh fuck! He puked on me!"

A fist hit Shikamaru's cheek, sending him down to the side, a little cry escaping him. He closed his eyes tight when the foot connected with his stomach, gritting his teeth as he was kicked again and again, and finally kicked into unconsciousness.

Zeigi had never felt so humiliated. Having a prize upchuck bile and trail food onto him, his holy body. When he got back to the hideout, Zeigi decided not to bother with the niceties. The Konoha brat was gonna get fucked.

"Fucking used! Konoha bastard!"

Zeigi dunked his face into the water, and felt something sharp prick the back of his neck. Slowly he rose, beady black eyes turning to stare at a kabuki mask. He screamed when those eyes opened, staring at him.

"Tell me everything, and maybe I won't cut off something important."

Zeigi spilled like fear dictated.

Kankurou flew through the trees, irritated. Several of Suna's women had been taken by this group, and now Shikamaru. And Shikamaru was carrying a medicinal plant that could be used in a variety of horrible ways. And if what that bastard said was true, Shikamaru was in danger. A terrible sort, and if Shikamaru didn't know how to deal with what was happening to his body, well.

Kankurou figured he could get Temari to relieve the Konoha chuunin's discomfort.

Temari hadn't shut up about Shikamaru since they returned from trying to get Sasuke back from Orochimaru.

Kankurou dropped to the ground just outside the specified hideout, chakra strings already forming to send Karasu into the cave, just to scout things out. He was alone in this; rescuing the dead came after killing those targets specified. Using Karasu's eyes, Kankurou was able to discern the bodies of four individuals, one of them male. That one he assumed was Shikamaru; it was the only one still breathing. He also was able to discern the bodies of three other individuals, ninja from the look of them. Kankurou gave a grimace, recognizing at least two as missing nin. The two males, Kuronaga Shin and Tamoko Nezaya, were Hidden Rock nin, resembling an ox and lizard respectively. He assumed the man he had left in pieces at the river had been the third missing nin from Rock. The last form, a woman, kunoichi, Kankurou could not discover her former affiliation, but decided to treat her just as he would treat the two remaining missing nin. His top priority was getting Shikamaru out alive.

And preferably in one piece.

Slowly, Kankurou eased his chakra strings back, bringing Karasu back to him. The puppet obeyed, and accepted Kankurou's manipulation back into his bandages. The henge would be simple. Kankurou's hands flashed through the seals, and after a pop and burning ozone, the man he had murdered stood in his place.

This all depended on Kankurou's ability to act.

The puppeteer was up to the challenge.

He walked into the cave and was greeted by the ox-man, Shin, with a grunt.

"What took you so long, huh?"

"You try getting barfed on and cleaning yourself up in two seconds!"

Shin grunted again, accepting the answer his comrade gave him, turning his attention onto the kunoichi beneath him, concentrating on making her scream. He gestured to the unconscious boy by the wall, three bodies of women surrounding him.

"Kid's all yours. Nezaya's helping me with Tomoe." The ox-man snickered, words muffled by flesh, and even more drowned out by a feminine shriek.

Kankurou just ignored them for the moment, looking over at Shikamaru. They'd forced him to swallow that plant powder, most likely more than his body could handle. The kid would want to ride anything that moved, and he'd never be satisfied, not even if he had enough hot pussy or hard cocks to last a few months at the most. Kankurou watched blood trickle from Shikamaru's mouth, judging a bone to be broken, a lung punctured maybe. At least he hadn't been violated yet.

"Zeigi, what's the matter?" Nezaya rasped out, already moving against Tomoe's mouth, the woman choking on his engorged member as she was assaulted from behind.

"Nothing," Kankurou replied, crouching beside Shikamaru's helpless form. "Just want him conscious."

There was vicious sniggering, and Kankurou took the opportunity their mirth gave him to check on the three women. As he figured, they were the missing Suna girls, already quite dead and rotting. How the occupants of the cave couldn't smell the rancid flesh, Kankurou would never know, but it gave him the opportunity to lay out his chakra threads around Shikamaru. He waited then for the screams of passion to reach their crescendo, dropping the henge before sending Karasu out, the puppet's blades slashing bodies helpless in the positions they were in. He didn't want to give the missing nin a chance to follow them; alone, he could most likely kill them easily. But now he had Shikamaru to care for, and once the Konoha chuunin was tucked safely into Karasu's chest, Kankurou bolted.

He heard pursuit, but he knew he could lose them the moment he entered the desert. It was the only way he could give Shikamaru a chance for survival, and survive himself. They were wounded; Kankurou was whole and healthy.

His feet hit the sands as the shuriken went whirling over his head. The weapons were badly thrown; had Kankurou been a head taller he would've found himself a head shorter, and missing an extra appendage or so. He ran, fingers running through seals, sand kicking up in a storm to cover his trail. He truly didn't believe that the missing nin behind them would give up so easily, but he wasn't going to take any chances. And Shikamaru was getting too heavy to carry on his back within Karasu.

He made it to an oasis by nightfall, and set his favourite puppet on the shifting sands, opening him to retrieve the Konoha nin within his hollow belly. Shikamaru was light, lighter than Kankurou remembered, but at least he was still unconscious. He pulled off his hat to lay under Shikamaru's head, and set the Konoha chuunin down on the sands. Kankurou crouched beside the brunette, checking over the wounds. He opened the chuunin vest, removed it to lessen the pressure on his chest in case Shikamaru's ribs really were broken, and pushed up the mesh shirt, running his fingers over the highly sensitive skin. Shikamaru didn't make a sound, but evidence of how Kankurou's touches were affecting him soon became quite clear. Kankurou whispered an apology, and moved to wrap up the other boy's chest before cleaning and wrapping the superficial cuts with what bandage he had left. He sat back then, and drew Karasu into his lap to fix the blades that had been blocked by kunai and twisted out of joint. It was the only thing he could do before Shikamaru woke up.

Kankurou was preparing skewers of lizard meat when the chuunin woke. Shikamaru didn't make a sound, rather figuring out where he was like a ninja were trained to do in an unfamiliar situation. Kankurou held out a skewer, carefully keeping his eyes from meeting Shikamaru's. He kept his fingers from touching the other boy's as well, but his eyes found Shikamaru's anyway, and he jolted a little bit. Shikamaru was helpless against him, body wanting some kind of stimulus for release. Kankurou could easily over power him into the sands, and take him where he sat. The kunai was pointed at his throat before he could finish formulate a plan to take advantage of Shikamaru.

"I can still think despite this," Shikamaru whispered, eyes closing for a brief moment before opening, his kunai wavering. Kankurou reached out and removed the kunai from the other shinobi's hand, and drew him down beside him.

"Your body's fucked up enough as it is, Shikamaru. I don't think you want to be tied up right now."

"...How troublesome..."