Ok, so Star Trek Into Darkness was epic, and brilliant and an intelligent twist on a classic plotline. Benedict Cumberbatch's acting, as always, was incredible. But I was thinking, alternate timeline meant a different Khan, who actually was he, what was his background? So this fic was born, half character exploration half AU. Enjoy.

Into Darkness, Into Light.

'My name in Khan.'

Well, strictly that isn't true. Khan was the designation given to my eugenic chain. We weren't given names.

Officially my personal designation was Khan-017.

Not much of an identity I agree, but we grew with no understanding of the meaning of names.

I was one of many brothers and sisters, genetically engineered humans created to end the Eugenics War.

But something went wrong with me.

I was as strong, as smart as my brothers and sisters, but I was more emotional, more human, moreā€¦ attached.

As a result I became an experiment. It was not pleasant, or painless. They took me apart to see how I worked, they left me broken. I don't know how long this went on for, I would rather not remember.

So they tried a different tactic.

She came, a human psychologist, good at her job but nothing special, not to them. To me, she was the first person to treat me as an individual, as a human being.

It was new, nice.

She opened my eyes to the world. She gave me a name, an identity.


She spent time with me whenever she could, away from the horrors of the conflict outside. Away from the training we were going through. I never enjoyed the training as my brothers and sisters did.

I was different.


'My favourite fictional character, you're quite like him, social incompetent, complete genius, intensely loyal. I felt that it fit.'

'Sherlock Khan.'

She sees the doubt on my face.

'It's no worse than Leyna Sarcovska.'

I have to agree with her, her name is far worse.

I learnt what humour was that day. I learnt to laugh.

No longer a physical experiment, I was now a social experiment, run in the background to the war.

I became an inspiration to my brothers.

One Khan took the name Noonien Singh, taking inspiration from his roots. He was the one to lead my brothers and sisters to end the war, at terrible cost.

We were hated, different, wrong. Our rule, however fair, would not be accepted.

So we slept for over three hundred years.

I am eternally glad that I was the one they woke. I was not bloodthirsty, I was not savage. Not like they were, I can only imagine the damage they would have caused if I alone was capable of bringing Earth to its knees.

I never wanted to do what the Admiral ordered. I understood the consequences of war.

It was not until I saw my Leyna asleep amongst my brothers and sisters, not until the Admiral threatened them, threatened her, that I co-operated.

Physical pain I could stand, but humans were smarter now.

After that I acted like a true Khan.

Until I believed she had burnt and died, then I became infinitely more dangerous. I had nothing left to lose.

Funny how emotions can bring out the worst in you.

I could empathise with Spock, some part of me wanted to help. Maybe that's why I couldn't kill him.

I surrendered to the very people I had tried to destroy in my grief and anger. My blood had saved their captain. My blood couldn't save her. It didn't need to save her.

'My family is gone.'

'Your family are alive, they're safe. I did guarantee their safety didn't I?'

It turns out hope is a funny emotion too.

She is so close, yet so far. Nothing but ice separating us.

I think I finally understand love.

My hand rests on the glass; fingers caress a face I cannot reach. My captors give me a look I cannot comprehend. Later I will learn it is sympathy.

They look surprised when I ask to be put back to sleep, back under the ice. To stay near her and let the years pass us by until the world is ready to accept us.

I will accept my punishment then, whatsoever they chose.

They surprise me.

Instead of putting me back to my rest they wake her up.

And forgive me.

It is a forgiveness I do not deserve. Humans have an incredible capacity for good. I wish I had met these men first, I wish they had been the ones to wake me.

So many people could have been spared.

Regardless of what I did in London, I genuinely did want to save that little girl.

I put the past behind me. Rehabilitation is what they call it.

Now I am Sherlock. I serve abroad the Enterprise on her five year mission. It is an honour I don't deserve, I am thankful every day.

I am also happily married. I can never deserve Leyna Sarcovska. She is the best of humanity and she is helping me find the humanity within myself, helping McCoy find a way to undo what they did to me. I don't want to be a Khan anymore.

The rest of my brothers and sisters sleep.

It is safer that way.