A/N - So this was a request from Aquitar Star. All credit for the story idea and plotting go to them, I'm merely writing it for them


Chapter 1

The wish

It was quiet.

Stepping carefully through the threshold of the old factory, Spike strained to hear any kind of noise at all. Silence greeted him in return, seeming to press in on him like a physical presence.

It was wrong. When he had walked out earlier that evening, Dru's maniacal laughter had filled the factory, echoing around the rooms as her sheer joy overtook her completely.

Now all was quiet, only the sound of the mice scampering around beneath the floorboards could be heard. He hitched the quivering girl over his shoulder to get a better grip on her trembling form. Her screams had died ages ago much to his displeasure, he like it when they screamed and begged.

Striding purposely through the factory, dust collecting on the underside of his boots as he went, he kept his ears open to the slightest sound that might indicate what was going on deeper within.

Suddenly a wail tore through the walls, almost making Spike drop the girl as the instinct to cover his ears became unbearable. The high pitched noise ripped through him, his feet already answering the call they had so many times before.

Bollocks, he thought. What could have happened in the couple of hours he had been gone.

The string of curses streaming out of his mouth increased as the wailing grew higher in pitch. Quickening his pace until he was almost running, the only thing stopping him was the girl who was now bouncing on his shoulder as she desperately tried to get away from the crazed blonde.

Practically skidding around the final corner he finally arrived in the doorway that led to the makeshift bedroom he had set up weeks ago.

Drusilla's form was framed by the thick wooden supports that made up the four poster bed. Pale skin, almost a perfect match to the white dressed that clung to her figure but stood out painfully against her dark hair that was currently spread across the twisted sheets. Her eyes looked straight at him as soon as he arrived in the doorway but the glazed look in them told him she didn't really see him.

Uttering another curse, he strode into the room, slinging the girl down next to the unconscious vampire that still laid at the foot of the bed. Thinking quickly he unshackled the handcuff attached to the bed, wrapping the chain twice around the rail before sliding the cuff onto the slim wrist of the girl. Vision or no, he wasn't going to lose Angel who had cost him so much money to get a hold of, or lunch. Dru would be hungry once she came to he knew from experience.

"Spiiike!" Another howl from his sire had him whipping away from the duo and turning to Dru whose body had started to convulse.

"Ssshhh Dru" he tried to hush her while using his body to try and calm the spasms tearing through her body. "What is it luv?"

"The fire!" Brown eyes opened manically as another convulsion gripped the vampiress. "The fire! It comes to burn!"

"What Dru? There's no fire and there'll never be one" Spike kept the curse from slipping out, but frustration was quickly overcoming concern for his sire. He knew she would be fine, she always was but sometimes her visions were so hard to decipher.

"It will burn and consume!" her eyes were still manic, clearly lost in the throws of her vision and not able to hear his voice at all. "Then the darkness will come and I'll be lost, so lost. No stars to light my path."

"Dru" he tried as her voice quietened. The vampiress laid still underneath him, head turned to the side.

"So dark" she uttered once more before finally he saw some sort semblance of sanity return to her eyes. Sighing deeply he gently pried his fingers from their grip on her forearms. Sitting up slowly, he looked at his sire as she gradually came to, sadness evident in his eyes. He hated the visions, handy as they might be sometimes.

"Looks like the future isn't looking so rosy for you" the barely audible words sounded from the foot of the bed causing a growl to rip from Spike's throat. Jumping up he turned furious eyes onto Angel.

"Shut it peaches!" he growled out just before he unshackled the girl. Keeping a tight hold on her wrist making her whimper with pain he shackled the handcuffs back onto the bed, aiming a good kick at his grand-sire as he went. A string of profanities left his mouth as he was performing the task, the frustration getting the better of him. He chucked the girl on the bed an emotionless mask on his face as he watched her bounce on the mattress, a small surprised expression on her face.

"Eat Dru" he said almost tenderly despite his mood. "You'll feel better"

Without a response he quickly turned away from the situation, his head beginning to thump as Dru's earlier wails and the situation began to take it's toll.

Power rolled off the girl in waves as she strode confidently through the dark alleyway. Fists clenched at her sides until her knuckles were turning white, Buffy watched the dark hair swing in front of her, in rhythm with the other girl's strides.


The sound made Buffy's head jerked down to look at her shoes, now covered in something slimy.

"Ew!" she exclaimed wrinkling her nose in disgust. Bringing her shoe up for a closer inspection, she found tiny fragments of what looked like bone stuck in the gooey substance and obviously the cause of the crunch that had alerted her to the disaster. Revulsion swept through her body and she dropped her foot back down abruptly but careful to avoid the puddle of slime.

"Chaos demon"

"What?" Buffy asked tiredly turning to the girl that had suddenly appeared by her shoulder.

"Tis what is left of a chaos demon" she repeated, her tone sounding rather bored as she continued. "Demonology, volume 1 states a chaos demon is easily identifiable by der prominent slime covered antlers sprouting…"

"Yeah, I got it" Buffy interrupted the girl. "It's disgusting that's what it is" she retorted bitterly. Wiping her shoe on a patch of weeds that had sprouted out of one of the cracks in the cement, she tried to get the worst of the sticky liquid off.

A sigh escaped her lips as she saw the substance stubbornly clinging to the fabric, another item of clothing that would have to be surrendered to the growing pile of demon/vampire ruined clothes.

Irritation now took a hold of the blonde as she ran to catch up to the slayer in front of her. The day had really taken it's toll on her. A year and a half she had been The slayer, a year and a half getting used to the responsibility, the rapid deterioration of her social life and the constant disappointed look her mother seemed to have whenever she happened to glance at her.

Her fists clenched at her sides again. What did it matter anymore?! Kendra was here. A far more superior slayer she had to grudgingly admit, one that had been born and raised to fight against the evil forces. Buffy felt the irritation leave her as suddenly as it had come, another sigh escaping her body.

Kendra was here.

What did that mean for her? Unlike the other slayer she had had a normal life, until a man in a tweed suit had found her sitting on the steps outside her school, innocently eating a lollypop without a care in the world. Her worries then had been what would be in style next week, would it suit her and what boy she should date next.

She had grudgingly accepted her new role as the slayer because she was the only one and despite all her moaning she had liked the feeling of being selected out of a million others, her vanity had fed off the feeling until after a while she had found that some nights she started to enjoy her new role. But now another slayer had been selected, she was not the only one anymore. Maybe, just maybe she could have a normal life again, go out to parties, have fun with her friends without having to worry about looking out for anyone about to become vamp chow.

Abruptly the girl in front of her stopped, bringing Buffy out of her thoughts and stopping herself just before she ran into the back of Kendra.

Opening her mouth she began to state her annoyance when the flickering neon light caught her attention and she abruptly shut her mouth.


How had she forgotten him? Her thoughts just moments ago seemed insignificant now in comparison to the worry that rolled in her belly.

"This is it? Where you left him?" she asked in a rush.

"Yes" Kendra replied giving her strange look that Buffy pointedly ignored.

Oh, please let him be ok, she thought as she glanced worriedly at the sun that was peeking around the building letting a small amount of light to illuminate the dark alley. Turning back towards the door she saw Kendra already striding towards the bar, black boots kicking an empty box out of the way as she went. Buffy was about to follow when she suddenly found herself hesitating.

The wish came to her mind suddenly. A sudden thought that went straight down to her heart.

She would do anything to make sure he was alright and not dust on some bar's floor. Please just let him be alright and maybe, the ordeal over she could have a normal life, yes, a normal life but with Angel. She would do anything, become anything for him. That was her wish as she grabbed the handle of the door that had already swung shut behind Kendra.

A sudden flash accompanied by a loud crack had her jumping away from the door, her hand automatically reaching for the stake in her back pocket. While shielding her eyes with one arm against the bright light she shifted her body into a fighting stance, waiting for the light to recede and reveal the new threat that had abruptly come about. Glancing quickly at the door Buffy noted the lack of appearance by Kendra and she fought down the stab of annoyance she yet again felt for the girl, how could she have had not heard that?!

Gradually the light began to fade and Buffy turned her attention back to threat. Standing in the now darkened alley a guy stood looking at her with intense green eyes. Shifting her position into a more defensive stance she stared back slight confusion starting to set in. He looked just like an ordinary guy, blue jeans, white t-shirt and dark brown hair cut into a neat hairstyle.

She was about to ask what the hell he was doing there when a smirk spread wide across his face and suddenly Buffy was put back onto red alert as his features shifted revealing what looked like deep cracks in his skin that was now a deep dark brown.

"What the!"

The demon's smirk grew larger. "Wish granted"

Buffy's eyes widen as there was another crack, whip like sound. A jet of light streamed towards her engulfing the alley in it's progress. Without making a conscious decision to do so Buffy pivoted on her foot and turned to flee the alley. Not two steps were taken though before the warm sensation hit her back and slowly consumed her body. The light surrounded her, blinding her and she felt as though her very soul was being ripped out. She tried to let out a scream but found she couldn't find her voice.

And as suddenly as the light came, her world suddenly turned to blackness, surrounding her, pressing in on her until she was gasping for breath.

"So lost" Buffy thought she heard the faint voice float over her, the sadness in it almost making her weep in response. "Lost to blackness" it said once more so quiet it almost sounded like a sigh.

It was the last thing she heard before the darkness started to bear down on her, crushing her beneath it's force. She tried to resist the power, answering it's challenge with her own fight but when a final tug that felt like it ripped opened her chest and tear out her heart, she felt herself collapse, finally relenting to the power and falling unconscious.