Part 2


Fire awoke her.

The burning sensation spreading across her shoulders blades made her scream out in agony. Yellows eyes snapped opened but almost immediately closed again as the bright light stunned her.

Hurtled into chaos you fight… the child like voice that she hadn't heard since her first night in Dru's body burned into her mind. The poisonous words sounding so innocent as they wrapped around her brain, the black tendrils poking into every crevice and tainting deep within.

…and the world will shake before you… it finished with a giggled.

A smirk spread across Dru's face, eyes opening once again more slowly this time as a mad gleam sparkling within them.

Fire still spread across her back where the sun rays caught the flesh. The t-shirt she was wearing was rapidly turning to ash around her yet still she grinned, not feeling the pain as something else took over.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?!" The angry voice snarled at her just before she felt a thick blanket chucked over her and instantly stopping the fire and she was hauled into darkness.

She let out a snarl as she was chucked onto the hard ground and the blanket torn off of her. Spike glared down at her, dark eyebrows knitting together in a frown and lips set down into a disapproving line. "Mind telling me why you were turning yourself into a vampire fireball?" he asked, arms crossing over his chest.

Buffy smirked again at the sight of him. "Couldn't stay away huh?" she flirted while slowly getting to her feet, using the fact that her shirt burnt to shreds and hung off of her revealing the pale body she now owned to her advantage.

Lust flashed in his eyes briefly before confusion quickly covered it up and the blonde vampire took a step backwards. "Slayer…?"

"Yes Spike" Buffy answered innocently, still advancing towards the retreating blonde.

"What the hell happened to you? I leave for a week and you're like this…" he gestured towards her in a hopeless wave of his hands, his back finally hitting the back of the crypt he had flung them both into.

"Don't you like" she pouted stopping her advance for a moment as she crossed her arms in fake anger.

"It's not you" he retorted anger beginning to show in the lines of his face.

Buffy shrugged her mood completely swinging around. "Whatever, want to go eat, I'm hungry"

"Okay that's it!" Spike flung his arms up in exasperation before storming forward and gripping her arms tightly so he could push the brunette back to sit on the sarcophagus that resided in the crypt. Buffy let out a little huff of air as her backside hit the cold stone, although it felt room temperature to her equally cool skin.

"That's what?" she queried, head tilting to side like a curious puppy as she considered the vampire before her.

Spike began to pace, his heavy footfalls echoing around the stone walls. "What do you mean… what? What the bloody hell do you think I mean, Slayer? Just what in the world happened to you while I was away?!" His voice rose after he finished each sentence until he was all but growling at the impassive vampiress.

Buffy merely shrugged again, not even bothering to answer him making Spike let out a frustrated growl and clutched at his hair.

"Bloody hell, why did I even bother coming back… I knew it would be more trouble than its worth."

Buffy perked up at that. "Why did you come back?"

Spike stopped in mid-pace and refused to look at her. It was a while before he eventually answered. "It's just what we do" he said. "Me and Dru… we have fights, separate and then come back."


"Why?! Bloody hell Slayer! Because we do… she's my sire" Spike resumed his pacing.

Our sweet prince. He covers himself in the darkness but he cannot ignore the fire… The voices giggled uncontrollably inside of her, confusing her. Well that just doesn't make sense, she answered back, and only to get more giggling in return before blinding white light flashed in her mind.

Rocks tumbled down around her and she could feel the terror of the people down below as they scrambled around over rocks and corpses alike as they tried to get out of the only exit that she could see. Only two people stood motionless, one surrounded by light while the other gripped his hand, green eyes staring up at the male in panic.

Un-expectantly fire erupted on their clasped hands, yet still none of them moved, the cave surrounding them now empty of people. She saw their lips moving yet couldn't make out the words. Trying to move closer she found her body immobile and her own panic started to set in. What the hell was this?

The cave gave a sudden jolt and a large rock crashed to the floor ripping the two figures apart down below her and the female fled, briefly glancing back at the fire consumed male before disappearing entirely up the exit path.

Another flash and Buffy awoke to find herself on the floor of the crypt, Spike leaning over worriedly. As her eyes flickered open however he gave a sigh of relief and leant back, arms resting against his raised knees.

"What was it this time?" he asked.

"I…" she began only to be interrupted by the childlike voice. Is it fate… or chance… I can never decide

"Doesn't matter" she finally said not willing to dwell on the image that she had been shown or what it meant.

He looked at her strangely for a few moments before he finally shook his head. "Look we're not going anywhere while the sun is up" he said and chucked the blanket at her. "Get some rest"

He turned to go to sleep in one of the corners of the crypt when Buffy found her voice calling after him. "Thanks… for coming back"

A/N - "Hurtled into chaos you fight and the world will shale before you" and "Is it fate or chance? I can never decide" are quotes from Flemeth in Dragon Age 2, yes my obsession continues.
Anyway hope you enjoyed, next chapter will be up on Monday as per usual unless I get really busy which I don't plan to.