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EPILOGUE - Edward:

I place wet, open mouth kisses all along her neck down to her breast as I draw a nipple into my mouth.

My hands eagerly roam as her body reacts to my touch … her back is arching off the bed and her fingers are twisting further into the sheets.

I've spent the last several days in Paris pleasuring her, but my appetite is voracious.

It's never enough.

It will never be enough.

I have years to make up for.

After seeing her with Emmett earlier, the fierce urgency to erase his touch from her body has consumed me.

"Edward please … "

I reign myself in, wanting to draw it out and slowly kiss my way down to where she needs me.

Her breathing is labored and rough.

I disconnect my lips from her body to take a good look at her face as I push a finger inside her warmth, and then two.

My cock is painfully throbbing at the sight of her splayed out before me.

She's stunning …

Her face, contorted in pleasure …

The soft curve of her breast …

Her slender frame, healed, and stronger than ever …

The lean muscles of her long legs wrapped around me …

I never want this to end.

My tongue finds her sensitive flesh and she gasps.

I take long, gentle strokes, but it isn't long before she's demanding more.

She fists my hair with one hand silently pleading for more.

I'd never deny her anything.

I give her what she needs; my tongue knows exactly what she wants.

My fingers pumping faster.

Her moaning is more urgent, and her thighs are quivering.

"Edward I need you … "

I pull back and kiss her thighs, gliding my hands over the tense quiver, relaxing them.

She looks up at me as I hover over her body; her chest is heaving and there's a lazy smile playing on her lips.

I firmly stroke my cock once before slowly sliding the head up and down her wet slit.

Then in one very deliberate push …

I'm home.

I groan at the intense sensation.

Nothing between us.

Her heat engulfs me and I still my movement.

The pleasure is too much.

Her heels dig into me.

Her hand reaches up and cups my cheek, thumb gently touching my lips.

I kiss the pout forming there and begin to slowly rock into her.

I love her so much.

There isn't anything I wouldn't give to make this permanent.

I thrust harder; the way I know she likes it.

She's close, and I feel my own coil building.

I pull out and thrust harder, faster …

Her kiss is rushed, and she bites my lower lip right before she stops kissing altogether.

Her climax takes over, pulsing around my cock.

My head falls into her neck as I thrust even harder chasing my own release.

"Fuck … I love you so fucking much …" I utter as I come deep inside the woman who's owned me from the moment I first laid eyes on her.

"I love you too." She says breathlessly.

My heart stutters and stops.

She said it so easily.

No hesitation.

As if she says it, every day.

My full weight drops on her, and still connected I hold her to me with my entire body folding in on her.

She taps my shoulder … "Can't. Breathe."

"Shit, sorry."

I loosen my hold and prop up on my elbows still not wanting to disconnect from her.

"… It's just; I've waited to hear you say that to me for so long …

I didn't think …"

"… I've said it before, you were there."

"To me, Bella … just to me."

She captures my lips; kissing me deep before pulling away far too soon.

"I'm sorry, when I said 'you were there' … what I meant to say was … I love you Edward Cullen. I've loved you far longer than I'll ever admit … it has always been you."

Her declaration was exactly what I needed.

I dip down and seal those words with a kiss, attempting to show her how precious a gift they are to me … My thoughts go straight to the little box I have hidden in my nightstand. Alice is going to kill me for messing with the plan. I was supposed to do the whole date thing and take her some place romantic, but this …

Right now …

In this moment …

The feeling I was waiting for …

Hoping for …

For over ten years …

Fuck the plan.

I get up and Bella grumbles at the move.

I chuckle because now I'm excited and nervous and a little panicked.

I reach over and pull open the drawer shuffling things around until I find it.

"What are you doing?

It's a little late to look for a condom Edward."

Silly woman … she has no idea.

I open the box and tuck the ring in my palm hidden from her curious eyes.

"I'm never putting a condom on again." I tell her as I crawl back on top of her.

"Then you better be prepared for the consequences …" She teases, unknowingly giving me the perfect opportunity.

"I'm prepared … I want it; I want it all."

Her smile falters slightly at my serious tone.

"I've wanted this … waited for this … prayed for this moment.

I want you … forever Bella."

I show her the ring and her quick intake of breath lets me know it's going to be all right.

She's stunned silent; tears pooling and filling her eyes.

"I've waited twelve years to give you this ring." I meet her surprised gaze.

"Isabella … Bella … I love you, and nothing could feel more right than having you in my life.

Will you marry me?"

She's nodding her head, and with her voice laced with emotion she whispers, "Yes."

I slip the ring on her finger, and seeing it there for the first time does something to me.

I kiss her fiercely.

Passion raging through our lips.

It wasn't how I planned to ask her, but it was perfect nonetheless.

I was ready to start a life with her, and now it's beginning to feel more like home.

The End.

… or maybe it's just the beginning.


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