Today is my wedding day. In a few hours I will become Lord Consort Slytherin. For as soon as I learnt the meaning of a family, I have always wanted a family of my own. Being an orphan and being hated by my living blood relatives, I had not experienced the joys of having a family. But I have always watched other families with envy, wanting same for myself, a partner to love, few children to cherish and protect.

I wanted the love which I have seen between my parents in few pictures I have of them and heard in stories from my godfather. But, I am Boy-Who-Lived and sometimes I wonder if I was born under a cursed star. As my wedding day is exact opposite of what I wanted it to be.

I was betrayed by my friends, my mentor, my teachers and people I counted as my family. I loved them, gave them my all and in return they drugged me bonded me to my parent's murderer, the newly reinstated Lord Voldemort Slytherin.

It all started at the end of my fourth year, when Voldemort returned, the Ministry refused to believe me, Daily Prophet slandered me, Dumbledore refused to take an official stand so whole wizarding world followed Ministry and labelled me as an attention seeking liar.

My only ray of happiness in those glum days was my Godfather, Sirius. He refused whatever Order mission Dumbledore wanted him to go to and stuck close to me. He refused to let me go to the Dursleys, when Dumbledore objected on basis of Blood Wards, Sirius pointed out that Voldemort now has my blood in his veins.

After end of school year, he took me to Black house in London. He hated his childhood home but being fugitive on run, he did not have option of many safe places. That was best summer of my life, I learnt a great deal about my parents and Sirius and Wizarding World.

Also I learnt about prophecy which stated that only I can kill Voldemort. I was terrified, I was 14 going on 15 half trained wizard, a powerful one no doubt, but, nowhere near power level of Voldemort and his about 60 years of experience.

Sirius found a way to negate the prophecy. He blood adopted me, so having a parent who has not defied Voldemort 3 times, prophesy no longer applied to me. Also Potter being a line of Light wizards and Black dark wizards I had now the ability to master both dark and light magic.

Sirius taught me a lot of magic and duelling. We wanted to keep blood adoption secret as Ministry won't hesitate to through me in Azkaban if it came out that I have been in contact with Sirius Black, so I learnt glamours.

Soon, it was time to return to Hogwarts and a year of torment began. Umbridge may very well have been a death eater with the amount of pleasure she took in tormenting me. Whole Hogwarts population took pleasure in calling me names and teachers ignored everything going around them.

It is this behaviour that convinced me that I have done the right thing by negating the prophecy. As these people do not care about me why should I give my life for them? Only thing I was worried about was Ron and Hermione's reaction when truth about prophecy and blood adoption came to light.

Things came to head by end of year. During my History exam I got a vision of Sirius being tortured in Department of Mysteries. I foolishly ran into death eater trap. They wanted the prophecy, but there was no prophecy with my name on it anymore.

Soon, Order arrived and it turned into outright battle between Order and Death Eaters. Sirius was pushed into Veil during a duel with Bellatrix and I rushed after her into Atrium. That is when Voldemort arrived and I ended up duelling him.

After holding him off for about 10 minutes I was getting exhausted and dropped my glamours. Without glamours, I was about 5'11 as compared to my original 5'6, I had hair passing my shoulder blades, my face was a perfect mix of James and Sirius's features, I still had my green eyes but I no longer needed glasses.

I may have shocked Voldemort with my change in appearance for he stopped attacking and stared at me with strange look in his eyes. At same moment Dumbledore and Aurors arrived and Voldemort left, leaving Bellatrix behind.

Dumbledore took me to his office and asked me about my change in my appearance and I told him that it was none of his damn business as I was still angry with him and grieving for Sirius. Then he told me about prophecy and pissed me off. I laughed at him and told him how Sirius and I have negated the prophecy.

In hindsight, I think that was my biggest mistake. The old coot had made plans for his prophetic weapon and without prophecy I was now useless to him. At end of term he packed me off to the Burrow. I spent the days leading up to my birthday in depressed haze.

Voldemort, now that everyone knew about him, started attacking wizarding world in earnest. Truth regarding prophecy has been published in Daily Prophet and people of Wizarding world, being sheep they are, were hiding instead of fighting. Even Aurors and Order were offering no resistance to Voldemort and Death Eaters. Wizards and witches of Britain are useless without 16 yrs old to hide behind.

On my birthday, I was woken up by my two best friends with birthday wishes. At breakfast all Weasleys, Snape, Dumbledore and Moody were waiting for me. I thought nothing of it and enjoyed my breakfast. I woke up at night remembering nothing of my day and a huge headache.

That is when I was informed that as I have refused to do my duty to the Wizarding world one way, they have found another way for me. I was drugged with food at breakfast and forced to sign Betrothal contract with Voldemort.

It was a part of Peace Treaty they have signed with Voldemort. Voldemort demanded Wizarding world, title of Lord Slytherin and me. In return, he will not kill muggleborns and go easy on muggles.

I was informed by my two best friends that if I was not such a coward, they need not have done this and I have brought this upon myself. Ron even went on to comment that only use I have now was to be a whore to my parent's murderer.

I refused to stay at Burrow after that. As I was to be married next day at Hogwarts, Dumbledore took me to Hogwarts. I read the contract that night. It looked like a standard and even a generous contract. I will retain total control over Potter and Black estates and Vaults.

I will have a Slytherin Consort vault with a generous monthly allowance. I can even use Slytherin main vault with my husband's permission. My family will be getting 300,000 galons as bride price. In return, I need to provide a male heir for Slytherin line, If I want heirs for Potter and Black families, I need to produce two more sons as all three families were patriarchal.

I need to remain faithful to my husband as he will be to me. I sat and thought long into the night, I may not be getting a partner I wanted but I was still getting a family and I will get children. Sirius will want me to be happy and I want to live to get revenge on my betrayers. With these thought I fell asleep.

Today morning I was woken up by Dobby, he wanted to bond with me, not Slytherin family but me. It is time for me to shed my Gryffindor persona and think like a Slytherin. Dobby will be great help and I need all the help I can get to accustom to my new life and get my revenge.

So I accept Dobby and begin to plan on how I want to start my life as Consort Slytherin. I can go kicking and screaming or I can accept my fate and start my plan. I much prefer to keep my dignity and need a plan. As Consort to Overlord of Wizarding World, I can have great power at my disposal if I play my cards right.

So for my plan to work I need to seduce my soon to be Lord Husband. This is not going to be easy, I am a 16 yrs old virgin. I have no idea how to seduce someone with as much experience as Voldemort is bound to have. That is another thing, I can't keep calling my husband Voldemort. Voldemort is my parent's murderer, my husband is my husband, not Voldemort. Anyways perhaps bit of Gryffindor boldness with Slytherin cunningness is in order.

With these thoughts in my mind, I penned a note to my soon to be husband.

Lord Slytherin,

I want to meet you once before our bonding and ask few questions. If you will do me the honour of meeting in my rooms in 1 hour, I will be forever grateful.


Harry James Potter.

I deliberately signed it as 'Yours' as I know how possessive my soon to be husband can be. I sent the note with Dobby and went to shower to get ready. I just came out of the shower when Old Coot arrived.

"Ah Harry how nice to see you up already, I brought your wedding robes, you will look stunning in Gryffindor colors my Boy." Dumbledore said, his eyes twinkling in usual manner. I was infuriated at the bastard. I called Dobby and asked him to get me robes in Slytherin colors.

"Oh but my boy Slytherin colors will clash horribly with my robes." Dumbledore interrupted. I was now truly pissed at him.

"One I am not your boy, two what my wedding robes have to do with you." I growled.

"Why my boy I am walking you down the aisle." Dumbledore twinkled. I saw red I would have murdered the bastard but I heard knock on my door. I let my soon to be husband in.

"Tom my boy what are you doing here." Dumbledore asked before I can say anything. I saw my soon to be husband seething. I guess Dumbledore have a knack for pissing people off.

"Headmaster, I want to talk to my soon to be husband in private, if you can leave now." My soon to be husband barked. Dumbledore looked at me and I did an excellent job of studying the wall behind me.

"Harry my boy call me when you need me." Dumbledore said and left.

I studied my soon to be husband, I was getting annoyed at calling him that I need a name for him. His face was still snake like with no nose, no lips and red slit eyes. But his body otherwise looked completely human and he even had hair. He was staring at me again with that strange look in his eyes which I have seen at Ministry.

"What should I call you?" I asked. He looked at me with a look of confusion. "I mean I can't call you Voldemort, I will always associate that name with my parent's murderer and not my husband." I elaborated, he looked at me with shock.

"You can call me Marvolo." He responded after few moments.

"Right Marvolo, please have a seat, did you have breakfast yet?" I asked when he responded no, I asked Dobby to bring us some breakfast. After few minutes of eating in silence, I asked, "Marvolo, contract mentions bride price paid to my family, who are you paying bride price to?"

"Weasleys, you consider them family, right?" he asked. I was seething. I do not want those traitors to get anything.

"No, not anymore, can you please pay that money to Remus, he is last of my family left, Also I want Remus to be the one to walk me down the aisle and not Dumbledore." I spat Dumbledore's name with so much venom that Marvolo was shocked.

"Of course, I will arrange it, what happened with Weasleys and Dumbledore." He asked. "They betrayed me." I responded shortly, not willing to elaborate. He left shortly after that after giving me another of those looks.

Dobby brought my new robes soon and then Remus arrived. No one has told him anything, He did not even know that I was at Burrow. He apologised furiously for failing me yet again and promised to stand by me no matter what. I was happy, things were looking up. I have last of my family with me and in just under an hour I will have a husband, I will have a family and a new life as Consort Slytherin.