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Marvolo is eagerly awaiting me at the dining table next morning. I kiss him good morning and start my meal as Marvolo looks at me expectantly. He continues to stare at me and I ignore him in favour of my meal.

"Will you, please, tell me now what have you got planned for Moody?" he looks frustrated.

"No, you will have to wait and see." I inform him smugly, "Just keep your wand ready to take him down. I have already got permission from Madame Bones to visit Auror department today, I told her that I wanted to see my father's work place and may be consider future career as an auror."

"Do you really want to be an auror?" Marvolo asks neutrally.

"Of course not, I will have too much on my plate with running the Orphanage and caring for our own children in future." I inform him nonchalantly. He relaxes immediately.

"You want more than one child." He asks bit too eagerly.

"Yes; Marvolo we need at least three sons to continue all our three lines."

"Don't worry, I will provide you with any number of children you want." He looks like a cat that got canary.

I laugh at him, who would have thought that the Dark Lord will be so excited for children. "You need to leave or you will be late Marvolo, just meet me in auror offices at ten."

"Take Lestranges with you to the Ministry and be careful." He kisses me before leaving.

He is definitely proving to be better husband than I expected. But I am going to enjoy this whole new side of the Dark Lord. As an orphan myself I can understand his desire for his own family. Now I want to deal with traitors as soon as possible so I can enjoy my family in peace.

I arrive at Ministry with the Lestrange brothers in tow. After visiting auror offices, I move to training grounds where Moody is going to be training some new aurors in duelling. Moody is already present talking to Kingsley. It is few minutes to ten and start of training; just perfect. Kingsley spots me calls me over.

"Hey Harry, how are you and what are you doing here today?" he enquires politely as I move over to them. Kingsley is an order member so I don't feel any remorse for what is about to happen to him.

"What are these Death Eaters doing here?" Moody interrupts rudely.

"There are no Death Eaters anymore, or did you forget the contract that your buddy wrote." I snap at him.

"Once a Death Eater, always a Death Eater, and don't you forget it boy. They need to be dealt with" he informs me angrily.

"What about the peace contract? According to the contract, you cannot attack any followers of Voldemort unless they attack you first." It only riles him up.

"And you think they will not attack us? It is only matter of time laddie and then we can wipe them all out including their snake face leader." He informs me excitedly. The Twins's potion is already working I can see, time to get out of here.

"You do that Moody, I will just go and greet the snake faced monster as a good husband." I inform him and move to greet Marvolo who has just entered visitor's galary. I kiss Marvolo in greeting and we take our seats. Kingsley soon announced that he and Moody are going to give a demonstration duel to all trainee who were gathered around duelling arena.

The duel started normally, even with his disabilities Moody is an impressive dueller. A few minutes into the duel, Moody's faces changes to ultimate fury and he started attacking Kingsley with everything he has got. Kingsley struggles to hold him in check until he is bloodied and bruised and then asks trainees to help him take Moody down. Even with more than twenty against one, Moody put an impressive fight before Marvolo joins the foray and knocks him out. Marvolo looks smug as he moves back to me.

Soon DMLE healers are swarming the area and healing trainees while one takes Kingsley to infirmary. Madame Bones arrives soon and talks with a healer who has examined Moody. Madame Bones arrives in visitor's galary and over to Marvolo as we stand to greet her.

"I am sorry My Lords, you had to see that." Madame Bones looks embarrassed.

"It is okay Madame Bones, what happened here if you don't mind me asking." Marvolo inquires politely.

"Not at all, My Lord. It seems Moody has been suffering from PSTD from a long time, but refused any and all treatments offered. He was cast out of auror forces when his paranoia became too much. But we had to take him back as a trainee at the Chief Warlock's insistence." Madame Bones looks angry at Dumbledore, this is just too good.

"So what is being done about him?" I enquire politely.

"He is being moved to a permanent ward with maximum security in St. Mungo's. He can become a danger to society. I will be announcing it to the Wizengamot and Daily Prophet so that Dumbledore does not get him out this time." Wow, she certainly moves fast.

"I will join you in informing the Wizengamot, Madame Bones." Marvolo informs her, "And I will see you in evening, Harry." He kisses me one last time before leaving with Madame Bones. Two targets down, Three more to go, but the rest will not be as easy. I am looking forward to it. I shudder as I get an urge to rub my hands and cackle evilly. I am not Dark Lord, that's my husband I remind myself as I floo home.

I visit the Orphanage after lunch, renovation and expansion of manor house is almost done. With renovation of grounds and strengthening wards, it will be ready to open in a week. I use the portkey I got from Gringotts to visit the Potter Manor. The welcome and love I feel from magic of the Manor brings me to my knees. The grounds are vast and cheery; I can see a lot of pagasi, abraxans and even a few unicorns running around in grounds. The lake in front of me is teemed with life. It will be fun to fish in this lake sometime. There are few boats in the lake and a bridge to cross across.

The Manor house across the lake is breathtaking; it's a huge five storey building with four towers on all four sides and a huge dome in the center. The elves greet me in reception hall which can give Malfoy Manor a run for its money for its opulence. Yet the whole manner has a welcoming feel to it which Malfoy Manor lacks. The elves give me a tour of the manor. One of the rooms I loved the most is the ballroom. It is a huge room with tallest ceiling I have ever seen which opens all the way to the big dome. I can definitely use this room to host gatherings in future. Not only it is more opulent than the new Slytherin Manor but it will be more secure as well.

The second room I loved is the library. The whole west tower houses the library, all seven floors of it. The Black family library may boast largest collection of books of darkest magic, but the Potter library contains books on any and all topics of magic and some newer books on non-magic topics as well, which my mother may have added here.

On ground floor is the Lord Potter's private study guarded by blood ward. It contains family tapestry which confirms that Potter Manor was indeed Gryffindor Manor before a sole female heir of Gryffindor line married a Potter. I can imagine the need to keep such information. All in all I loved the Manor and decided that I will be spending some time here every week to charge the wards.

Marvolo arrives home with my usual chocolates and a book on parselmagic. "That is your reward for taking down Moody. As my spouse you share Slytherin family magic so you will be able to perform parselmagic. Not a lot mind you, but even a little will be useful in a tight spot as it is wandless." I kiss him in gratitude.

"Now are you going to tell me what you did to Moody to make him snap. I have been trying to figure that out whole day but have not got anything." I laugh at him as he pouts. The Dark Lord pouting makes a funny picture.

"Alright, alright, no need to pout. The Twins invented a potion that gives the drinker dreams of whatever the brewer decide. For last two weeks, Moody has been dreaming the Lestrange brothers breaking and entering into his home and pranking him. He has been tightening his wards daily to no avails and no one believed him, making him increasingly paranoid. Today I wore as a perfume Bloodlust potion, a Black family recipe, it converts anger to extreme bloodlust. It is a potion which is keyed into a target using their hair and kicks in after five minutes of the target smelling it. First day of auror training was just too convenient an opportunity to pass up. With the Lestrange brothers there, Moody got angry, giving the potion plenty of anger to work with and voila, one Madeye Moody in permanent ward of Mungo's." I finish my narrative with a flourish.

"You are extremely arousing when you are being devious." Marvolo informs me seriously and I blush.

"Now you have to tell me what you did to the Dursleys." I ask him in not so subtle attempt to change the subject.

"Why do you think I did anything to them?" I give him a look.

"Fine, I shrunk them down and they are working with the house elves at Lestrange Manor." I burst into laughter. It was just too perfect punishment for them. "You deserve a reward for that." I inform him slyly and lead him to my room. It is about time I make use of the Twin's wedding gift to me.