twd carl and sophia ok so this story will be mostly about carl and sophia xx the story begins for them at school before the zombie Apocalypse happened.

sophia pov: ok so today was my first day of school. I have to admit i was a bit nervous im usually the really shy girls that don't talk that much. Today is gonna be such a bad day 1st of all i have bruises because of my freaking dad always abusing me and my mom i just don't know why she married him in the 1st place i just wished they locked him up somewhere far from here.

Sophia "ok so I walk to school but when i get there what i thought it would be like was completely the opposite. this girl came right up to me like straight off the bat.

Racheal " hi you must be the new girl right my name is Rachel whats yours.

Sophia " my name is Sophia nice to meet you i gave her that nervous happy smile. she had blonde hair bright blue eyes a blue sweater with grey sweat pants. she looked like one of those hot popular girls that every guy would want yet shes offering to be my friend.

racheal;so what class do you have if ur in room 103 ill take you

Sophia yea room 103

racheal: great i'll show u around the school and introduce you to everybody heyy wanna have lunch with me and a couple of my friends.

sophia yea that be great :

Racheal ok great now lets hurry or well be late.

Sophia " we arrive in room 103 history.

Racheal "Ok sophia so thats ted in the yellow football jersey he thinks hes totally bad ass but hes nothing he wont hurt you as long as your with us. And that over there is Jimmy and I heard that he got caught selling drugs to kids 5 time hes court day is next week hell i heard he even sells condoms and that over there is diego he is the laziest in the class i swear all he does is sleep. like who would want to date a fat slob like him, who

Sophia "she kept naming people until i spot this boy he had brown hair like kinda the justin beiber style lol hes white and a red jacked blue jeans and white shoes. shit hes actually kinda cute.

Sophia " So I ask Racheal . heyy Rachel whats his name i point to him.

Rachael: well that cutie over there his name is carl grimes.

Racheal his a really nice kid if ur getting picked on or anything hell stand up for. hes really kool and if your in any kind of trouble hell help you out heyy try and guess who his father is ill give you a clue his kinda famous around here.

Sophia : uhh is he a an actor or someone famous.

Rachael ;nope his dad is the sheriff of police.

Sophia; no way ur kidding

Racheal "Nope no joke you wanna talk to him

Sophia: oh ok sure

Rachel; hey Carl

Carl; oh heyy racheal whatz up

racheal; nothing much just showing the new girl around her name is is sophia shes really kool and nice i'm introducing everybody to her.

carl; oh heyy sophia my names carl so what school did you go to before now

sophia" oh no I was home school

Sophia ; (my dad always couldnt really afford to send me to a normal school till my uncle send me 5,00000 dollar)s.

carl; really dang that must be really kool oh heyy if you did any help on anything just ask me ok.

Sophia ok thanks Carl but i cant believe ur dad is a cop that must be really kool to be the son of a cop but heck hes a sheriff.

Carl;yea it is sometimes im really close to my dad he sometimes takes me to work.

sophia: just then this the door slams open and this guy comes up and says ! yea what UP BITCHES WHOSE READY FOR SOME PAIN KICK IN THE ASS HUH WHOSE READY TO GET THEIR ASS"





CRISTIAN why not girl.

racheal; cause its just wrong.

cristian" how is is wrong?

carl; flirt later cristian and heyy what can you do what you don't have

Sophia" i giggled the whole class wend ohhhhhhhhhhhh cristian got cooked cristian carl shut your white head ass up I will fuck you up lets go guys come on theirs a new girl here don't fight.

Sophia "it was clear this cristian guy looked like those big jerks that always bully people. he was big he looked like he could take on anyone any day. he had a blue shirt with grey pants and blue and grey jordans.

cristian; ayy who this pretty thing rachel

Racheal ; cris plz dont try and flirt with the new girl.

cristian; what im just telling her shes pretty is that such a bad thing.

Cristian "So sophia your name right.

sophia; yea

cristian " aight don't don't worry if any one tries to pick on you just tell me i got your back.

Sophia; I giggled he may be funny but he does not have the good looks as Carl. heyy Cristian and Carl that's funny they both start with a c lol. then Ted came over

Ted "shut it cris you cant beat no body.

cristian; boy you want to go.

Ted; lets go then,

Sophia; cristian ran up to him tackled him and punched him in the face like 5 time and 2 punches in the got and ted on got a couple on him cristian then slammed ted to the wall then punched cristian in the face cristian got pissed went up to ted hit him in the face again again till he was bleeding. some of the other kids had to held cristian back.

the teacher came in alright settle down class . ok looks like we have a new student what is your name he said to me. sophia I replyed oh sophia welcome take a sit and sit where ever you liked I sat between carl and ratcheal. It was now lunch time.

sitting in the table is Carl Racheal and some other kids but im surprised Cristian came maybe cause he has something going on with Racheal. I'm not stupid I can tell he likes her.

cristian; so Sophia how do you like it eating at the zoo ok so heres the deal those guys with ted thatz the football team their the jocks wouldnt advise messing with them. the guys in blue thats the briefs they think there all that cause their rich the green are nerds carefull though there actually quit sneaky bastards.

And the guys in black jackets there the bikers they think there all that and so on, and this guy named Brian" said in not scared of those fuCkers cristian; you will , then someone threw food on Cristian's back and started swearing at him ,thats when Cristian eyes got all serious like ice cold full of hate.

carl; you gonna teach him lesson.

Cristian" fuck yea wait here this wont take long

Sophia "cristian went right up to him and spit right in his face kicked him the guts a punched in the face another in guy keeps going betting him till he was bleeding in the face tell people had to hold him back.

Sophia "I heard someone call his name CRISTIAN CHILL CALM DOWN DON'T DO THIS NOT KNOW.I asked Rachel whats going on. she said that that's Greg he's been talking shit about him everyday now. then I heard Greg say come on boy is that all you Ill kick your ass them come at me boy come ON. THEN THE TEACHERS I HAD TO TAKE THEM AWAY.

RACHEAL" SORRY ABOUT THAT SOPHIA CRISTIAN ALWAYS GETS INTO TROUBLE. Later cristian came back then this guy came over