Author's Note: I do not own anything Bolo except for seven books. The Bolo Series was originally by Keith Laumer (who's dead). The short story A Time to Kill was written by good ole' David Weber. Which means Shiva, the Star Union, and cool prologue "written by" that fello with the last name Cleary are ALL his. Good job, Weber. You're more creative than me because you made up all those characters, while I'm making up only two to three! Oh, and the race Alkultani is mine. Weber would never use such an over-used alien template such as space lizards. So thanks for reading this Bolo story I just came up with in ten minutes.


Five hundred T-years of peace have allowed the Star Union of Ararat to flourish, and with it, the rest of the Galaxy's Humans and Melconians alike. Our allies, too, have contributed greatly to the centuries of peace bestowed upon us. The New Republic, by itself, has already united two-thirds of the independent states that rose from the ashes of the Concordiat during the Long Night.

Colonization and expansion have increased, and we have already some 75% of old Concordiat territory recovered. Some planets, of course, will never be recovered, and they will be designated as memorials to the innocent lives lost to the butchery and atrocity that was the Final War. New species have been found, and through the diplomacy of the Speaker Emeritus of the Union Parliament, Bolo XXXIII/D-1097-SHV, we have become allies with them and have increased trade.

Not all new species have responded to our wish for friendship, and many remain silent to our requests. We have learned from the tragedy of the Final War, however, to exercise patience to those who have yet to respond, and allow them to make their decisions before we make ours.

With every great peace, though, comes eventually a war. The Alkultani, an advanced reptilian race, have more recently engaged in increasingly hostile behaviors. Behind the border, the Alkultani have increased their fleet size by 50%, and have amassed more troops on the border world than they previously had, before encountering the Star Union.

Our own forces remain on alert, and our worlds have been reinforced with better defenses. Policy towards the Alkultani aggression will ensure that we do not attack unless attacked first, and that if we are attacked, our forces will be enough to repel it.

We hope, with all our hearts, that our time of peace is not shattered

Jane A. Cleary, Ph.D

Excerpt from Peace be With You

Cerberus Books, Ararat, 4330

And if you didn't guess, this is my little version of what happens after A Time to Kill. I'll leave you guys to scratch your heads over this for a bit, puzzling over what magical plasma will spew out of my Story Hellbore next. Then the real story begins.