Hello people. Sadly this is the last chapter for this great tale, though I may make a sequal... Thank you all for reviewing and I wish you all the best for being great readers!

Cass: You shall have to wait and see about Fury.

E: I'll take that as surprise...

After that certain event most things returned to normal.

Steve was still the great leader he had been before, though now he argued less with Tony, seeing the geniuses point in most situations, making battles and missions more easy going and their plans more thought through. Steve admired Tonys courage in most situations, how he would stand up for his team, even if it meant that he himself got hurt in the process.

Bruce was less wary of the Hulk and his own potential problems, knowing that Tony had suffered his differences far longer than the other scientist. The fact that the Hulk and Tony got along was helpful as well. The billionaire could easily calm the other guy in stressful times, when the calm, peaceful side of Bruce Banner was needed more than the destructive side.

Clint still pulled pranks on Tony, though pulled more dangerous ones now, knowing that if Tony were to be startled on the roof he would just fly back up with a scowl written across his face. Tony also sometimes helped Clint pull pranks on the others, which normally ended in death glares or bruises, though the bruises were mainly from Natasha.

Natasha was as normal as ever, shooting the genius death glares whenever he cracked a offensive joke or pulled a prank. She did tend to smile more at the genius though, especially when he would walk around the common room without his trench coat on, his red and gold feathers glinting in the light.

Thor was always confused. He was still banned from the kitchen after he had a argument with the coffee machine and threw it at the wall, which a certain winged billionaire wasn't very happy about.

And Tony was as mischievous as ever, pulling pranks with Clint or scaring the life out of Steve, which he did quite often. He would still fly out as the Eagle sometimes, but he would warn the team first before he even put one feather out of place. Extremis was a part of his mind now, as was his armour, which was always useful. He could look something up in the blink of an eye, or call security without even uttering a word, and for these things he was entirely grateful. He had stopped the Shield fiasco by 'accidentally' shutting down their engines (when they were over the sea) and demanding through their coms for them to stop hunting him, and maybe he would let the helicarrier fly again.

Fury had begrudgingly agreed, and was rewarded with the engines regaining their power, though the Shield logo on each computer had been recoloured with red and gold, which didn't disappear until a few weeks after.


One evening, whilst Tony was working on his Iron Man armour, which could now fit his wings in quite comfortably, music loud and would give any neighbour a headache, even though Tony didn't really have any neighbours and his shop was sound proof, the whole team collectively walked down to the lab. They bounded through the door, whilst Jarvis turned the music off, grabbed the winged billionaire and proceeded to drag him upstairs.

They were all laughing by the time they made it to their destination, which turned out to be the cinema floor of the tower, which basically consisted of one huge wall, covered in a huge screen, and a load of random, comfy chairs.

They all settled down, each claiming a chair for their own, and all ended up in a small huddle of chairs. Tony called out for Jarvis to put on a film from his large selection and The Hobbit revealed itself on the large screen. They each laughed when Bilbo had first furrowed his brow at the knock on his door, and a large dwarf came trundling in. And they all cackled when the Hobbit asked the dwarf if he knew him, to which the reply was no.

As soon as the film was finished, the whole team began to sing the Misty Mountains Cold from the film, though afterwards they realised that a certain inventor hadn't joined in. The looked at him and their eyes widened when they saw Tony curled up in a ball, wings curled around him as he quietly snored. Steve quietly snuck off, returning moments later with a few blankets and pillows, and each of the Avengers received one of each, all curling up in their desired sleeping positions.

The next morning, when Pepper was looking for Tony, who was supposed to be in a meeting in less than an hour, she was greeted with the sight of a Avengers sleeping pile, each still snoring softly. Pepper smiled, and carefully turned the lights back off, creeping out of the room and back into the elevator.

They were still all snoring a few hours later.