Hey guys and gals I am Dart! I have adopted the story Aura Song from a man named Nine-TailedSandwichMaker. These next four chapters are his work except for the minor changes I added. Anyways I hope you enjoy and I can do as well as he did!

Pairing: NarutoxTayuya

Sunlight sent its golden rays across the rooftops of Konohagakure. Sitting silently on top of the head of his favorite Hokage sat a lone youngster with deep cerulean eyes filled with loneliness and sadness and a mop of spiky blond hair atop his dome. He looked up at the sky and whispered softly."Why?" One simple word and that one word carried seven years of pain and torment, loneliness and neglect.

This was Uzumaki Naruto; container of the Kyuubi no Yoko, or as every other citizen of Konoha like to refer to the generally happy blonde-haired boy, Demon Brat. They knew and basked in the abuse they doled out to the child. After all, he had brought death to the hero of their village; not that he knew that however. The Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato had traded his life to seal the great demon who had come to destroy them into the soul of his newborn son, and that child had become the Jinchuriki of the nine-tailed-fox, of the Kyuubi no Yoko.

Those who lived through the demons onslaught knew of who this child was and they hated and shunned him, treating him as if he were the Kyuubi no Yoko himself. He had lived on his own in a run down and out apartment since he was kicked from the orphanage on his fifth birthday. It was that day he would never forget.

Naruto had run for hours on end trying to evade the crowd of drunken, rowdy, and violent citizens who had the brilliant idea to 'Finish what the 4th Hokage had started' namely trying to kill the poor boy. That had been about the constant in Naruto's life. Daily he was mistreated in the most horrific sense possible. The fact he survived for so long was a bloody miracle he had survived.

Each day piled more and more misery and anguish upon his small shoulders and that is what had brought him to the present. These past years are why he now sat on top of the head of the Yellow Flash; as the Yondaime Hokage was known. The boy took a deep breath and stood, the constant hurt and pain in his deep sapphire blue eyes was suddenly replaced by fire and malice. Something was slowly overcoming him and it was hatred.

"If I can't make them like me," His whisper was hoarse and dripping with hatred "Then they will fear me…" Suddenly his head exploded with a tremendous pain and a dark voice echoed in his ears. "That's just what I was waiting to hear, little human." The pain in his head doubled and his vision faded to darkness Naruto sat up and at once knew something was wrong.

It was the middle of a very dry summer so there was no reason he should feel cool damp air on his skin. It was also evening yet there was no light. He placed his hand on the ground to steady himself as he got up but was shocked when his hand plunged into an icy cold puddle on the ground. He opened his eyes and took in his current surroundings which was pure darkness.

"Where am I?" He whispered to himself as he got up and observed the damp area he was located in. He could just make out the pipes that intersected at odd angles and the black sludgy water he now waded through as he took step after step towards Kami knows where. After wondering around for what felt like hours he eventually came upon a grate-bared door with a darkness his young eyes could not pierce and it was from this blackness that a raucous dark chuckle emanated from.

It was a sound that drove fear into his young heart and seemed to suck away what little joy remained in the child. "Step forth young Kit." It was that voice again; the one from earlier. Not knowing what else to do he obeyed the bodiless voice only to jump back in near panic as a giant paw reached through the cage and crashed down with a resounding splash that sent the murky water in all direction and soaked Naruto from head to toe.

The creeping voice once again washed over the dark sewer. "You want power boy? You want to make all those villagers who tormented you to pay the price for what they have done? I can give you this power. If you are willing to pay the price…" Shaking from his near death experience Naruto nodded his head barely. He shook due to iciness of water and out of fear. However there was one other reason he shook. It was hope. Hope that he could fulfill what he wanted to do.

Despite the fear in his eyes and soul, he looked upon the grand Fox head that now came close enough to view through the darkness. "Yes…" He began only to be cut off by the Kyuubi's overwhelming voice. "SILENCE!" The gigantic fox bellowed and Naruto immediately clamped his mouth shut.

"As I said, my aid does come at a price." "What's that?" The young blond asked timidly as he bit his inner cheek. "Simply put, when you die, your soul belongs to me." The shock that adorned Naruto's face caused the Kyuubi to laugh hollowly. Naruto lowered his head, his blonde hair covering his cerulean eyes.

After a minute or so of contemplation, the answer he gave was too soft and low for even the Kitsune's ears to pick up. "What was that boy?" He asked bringing his face closer to the bars that held him. "I said," His voice was heavy as he spoke. "I accept."

The malicious grin Kyuubi had was enough to scare one of Danzo's Root Ninja. "The deal is sealed with your blood, step forward." Naruto did as he was told by the huge Kyuubi and came within reach of that massive claw that had almost crushed him.

With a speed he could not follow, the great Kitsune demon impaled the young Jinchuriki through his heart with a single claw. The pain was tremendous and soon Naruto knew no more and his vision faded to black once more.