Naruto felt a slight pain inside his body as he awoke from his unconscious state. It was mainly soreness and exhaustion hitting him all at once as soon he awoke. He let out a pain-filled groan as he tried to pull himself up, despite every muscle in his body scream not to. Where was he...? He looked around and noted the unfamiliar surroundings. This was definitely not his home, nor was it anyone else's home that he knew...Well he didn't really know anyone else, or know them well enough to see the inside of their home.

He raised an eyebrow and looked around, the room was rather girly...The walls were a bright pinks and there were many dresses on the floor and in the open closet. But it also had a large amount of weapons hanging on the walls and a few dartboards that covered the pink walls. Also among the dresses were many outfits that a kunoichi would wear. "Is this girl bipolar...? Or is this a shared room?" Soon the answer to his question came tumbling through the door, a sheepish grin on her face.

She was carrying a bucket that had steam rising from it and a rag hanging on the side of it. "Oh so you are awake!" Naruto's eyes widened in realization, it was that girl from the weapons shop who's father tried to intimidate him! Now what was her name..."I'm not sure if you remember me but my name is Tenten! I was the girl at the weapons shop...Remember?" Naruto felt confusing run through his brain but he nodded "I remember...But my question is, how did you find me...I thought my 'team-mate' would have taken care of me...Or dropped me off at home."

"Well she sort of did..." Tenten said, shifting uncomfortably, looking down "She dropped you off at home...At the very front of your stairs that is..." Naruto sighed slightly, that didn't really surprise him, it was Tayuya after all "I see. Thank you kindly, I am surprised if that is the case that I am alive. I would have expected some villager to have slit my throat while I was out cold..." He said and sighed, this went better than it could have, that's for sure. Tenten smiled a bit "Yeah, some village were looking a bit rowdy...Especially after that Tayuya girl left." Naruto gave a fake laugh, to break the awkwardness, he soon reverted back to his serious personality

"But...Why did you? Your father obviously doesn't care much for me." "I couldn't just leave you out there to die or catch a cold could I? Besides, I am not a completely heartless person." she said after flashing him a wry grin. There was something about her that made Naruto trust her, he wasn't quite sure what it was but it was certainty a rare feeling. He didn't trust Tayuya, especially after what she had just done...He didn't trust Anko, way to mysterious and there was

But this Tenten girl was like an open-book, granted it seemed like some of the pages were falling out...The container pulled himself off of the bed and placed both feet firmly on the ground "Well, um...thanks...for doing this." He said awkwardly, he wasn't quite sure what else to say, obviously not being a wordsmith. Tenten only smiled softly to the blonde "Of course! Say, aren't you a genin? I thought I say you practicing earlier. Well, fighting I guess is the better word." Naruto quirked an eyebrow "You saw that? How though, I thought that area was only for ninja training purposes."

"It is~ I am a ninja silly!" she said, a ray of happiness radiating from her. Naruto felt the corners of his lips tug upward, her happiness was like an infection..."You are? I thought there were only 3 genin squads...In fact I am sure." "I am a year ahead of you I guess you could say. I am Team Gai..." Tenten looked almost embarrassed to say so "With Neji Hyuga and Rock Lee." Naruto said nothing but felt interest rise in him at the mention of a Hyuga. Naruto decided against asking any question, he may slightly trust the female but he wasn't ready to ask that question yet...

"I suppose that makes sense. I am apart of Anko's team. My team-mates are Tayuya and Shikamaru Nara." "Oh! I have heard of them! Your sensei is a bit...creepy honestly. That Tayuya girl, from what I have heard is very crude and violent...And it's often been said that the Nara child isn't capable." Naruto face palmed himself "Sadly, most of that is true...Except I believe Shikamaru actually has a lot of talent. Or he is at least smarter than he lets on."

Soon the two ninja were rambling about various topics, Naruto slowly feeling more comfortable around the brunette. Soon it was far past mid-night and a random thought ran through Naruto's mind

"Hey..." He interjected, interrupting the brunette who was venting about her squad "Where is your father? I doubt he'd be happy that I am here." Tenten rolled her eyes with a smirk "He is off on a business trip. He will be gone for at least a few days so you are safe. Though from what I heard, I doubt you would have any problems." Naruto titled his head "What do you mean?" "It's spreading like wildfire that you have schooled the Uchiha kid more than once. People are either happy about it or some people like the pink haired girl, are angry about it."

Naruto nodded slightly "I don't want to fight him, well usually. Today was an exception though, I wanted to train and see if I could take him and his squad on." "Well you certainty won. You sent the kid to the hospital, and those two girls in his squad are sporting some pretty bad bruises." Naruto hung his head "I didn't mean to send him to a hospital. I was hoping it would just be a clear victory, but I guess I was a bit more worn out than I had anticipated."

Tenten gave a wide smirk "You don't have to explain to me, I am glad you did it. People were staring to think he was invincible. You ended up shutting those rumors down pretty quick." Naruto only remained silent and looked out the window, it was probably far past mid-night and he felt something in him telling him to leave

"That's good...I suppose. But I have to go. Thank you though, if you ever need something then do not hesitate to ask me." he said before swiftly sliding open her window and jumping right out it. It was a rather slow walk home, the village was empty and the usual muggers steered clear of the container.


He heard a voice from beside him and saw a rather shocking site. It was Kyuubi, except he was in his humanoid form like from the other time. Naruto furrowed his brow "How...-" The Kyuubi cut him off swiftly

"I am an apparition. Only you can see me, due to the fact I have some control over your vision and can make you see me."

Naruto nodded, somewhat following him "And you did this because...?"

"I want to talk to you about earlier. When you fought Sasuke. I must say, it was a good performance you put on, next time make sure to have your kantana though, you can make an example of him."

The Kyuubi said in a very dark tone that sent chills down even Naruto's back "First off, it wasn't just him, I handled my own team-"

"And lost to Shikamaru."

"Can it. I would have won...But then I took on those two girls and Sasuke."

"Those two girls? They should have just been a warm-up. Don't make excuses, I gave you a compliment kid. It all went as I had expected anyways, so no harm done. But do keep in mind what I said about the Uchiha brat."

"I'd rather not...I'd end up being charged with murder, I am not very well liked so things would not go very well." The vision of Kyuubi of him shook his head dejectedly

"Not kill him you fool." Naruto raised an eyebrow, questioning the 9 tailed beast.

Kyuubi soon spoke and his words sent chills down every part of his body "I meant, to cripple him. You know, severe a limb...or two." "You are a fucking sadist..." Naruto groaned, he knew he had a demon inside of him but this was just crazy.

"Fun isn't it?"