Karin POV

My name is Uzumaki Karin. I used to be a normal genin of the Grass village until a chance encounter at my second chunin exam in Konoha. There, I was found by the first living remnant of my clan that I had seen in nearly four years.

That was when my life was changed.

Through Naruto, I became the personal assistant to an actual Princess! Sure, she was a Pony, but it was the thought that counted! And she was by far the best boss I had ever worked with.

I could sleep as late as I wanted, and I rarely had to get up in the mornings because my boss only did her real work in either the late afternoon or early night. For someone who hated mornings it was the best thing you could ask for.

Luna was the best boss I could ask for. Sure, helping with the paperwork was a pain in the half, but I wasn't guarding her or trying to fight off assassins day and night. Plus she was so nice to me.

My day to day life had taken a turn for the best, as I happily helped Luna with her paperwork each night as well as acted as messenger. On my time off, she even taught me magic, which was their version of chakra.

I love my life now, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

Gaara POV

My name is Sabaku no Gaara, the youngest child of the now deceased Fourth Kazekage. For the longest time, I had been alone, even with my siblings around. I was feared and considered a monster by everyone because I couldn't let anyone come close.

That all change when Naruto Uzumaki entered my life. He dragged me out of my dark lonely void and into the bright light. He accepted my darkness and gave me more light than I had ever had before.

He introduced me to a whole new world where the pain of loneliness never came back. I didn't mind being given the form of a Pony if it meant having friends like Pinkie, Fluttershy and Rarity.

Pinkie opened up a whole world of laughter, bringing joy into my small world. She showed me how to play harmless pranks which gave me a different form of attention instead of killing others. She saw my darkness and accepted it without question.

Rarity gave me the chance to use my powers over sand for good, after I learned how to combine it in certain ways to make gems. She let me help and work beside her without a single compliant about my mistakes, instead she gently corrected them. My crafts hobby had finally paid off.

Fluttershy...she treated me like an abused animal and managed to help me learn how to interact with others gently, rather than throwing me in the deep end. It was thanks to her that my relationship with my sister and later my brother had improved in leaps and bounds.

I will never be able to thank Naruto enough for his help in bringing me to Equestria. Or for saving me from true darkness.

Chrysalis POV

My name is Queen Chrysalis. For as long as I could remember, I was destined to be the ruler of the Changling Hive. I always believed that I would follow in the footsteps of all the other queens and survive until another Princess appeared to challenge me and devour my body, much like I had the previous Queen.

All that changed because of a child who performed the most dangerous of acts next to reviving the dead, even partially. An unbound Summons.

Naruto Uzumaki gave me a new direction for my life by summoning me.

Through him, I was able to feed my hive without harming others, causing it to expand in leaps and bounds.

It was because of him that our standing in the Summons realm, which had been among the top of the lowest parts, had shot through the roof to that of a proper clan. He gave us hope to be more than mere leeches and tricksters.

And for that, we will serve him faithfully until the day he or his line dies.


Chrysalis scowled when she saw the reports. There was only one explanation for the Pony abductions.

Because of how sweet and friendly the Ponies were in general, they were the best source of Love in the summons realm. Which made them prime targets for Changelings.

Or in this case, a rogue Changeling Hive.

The thing that made no sense was the fact that Changelings don't form a new hive without showing signs first...plus there was the fact that a good portion of new Changelings vanished sometime during the Chunin Invasion.

She looked at Bob.

"I want an investigation done! Fifty Changelings don't just up and vanish, especially those recently hatched!"

Bob hissed in agreement. He was the one elected to act as Chrys' assistant.

Naruto had heard off hand from Rainbow Dash about a flying competition, and as a fan of flight in general he immediately signed up.

What he wasn't expected was for Rarity of all ponies to show up with fake wings and showboat like that. It simply wasn't like her. Fortunately Rainbow was able to rescue her and the Wonder Bolts who got caught up in the mess, using a technique Chrys had banned within Konoha limits unless otherwise stated.

Naruto had a mission to Snow next week after the event, and he had taken Hinata, Chouji and Haku with him.

It took them a month, but they managed to get home after the mess caused by the Uncle of their secondary client (the first being her assistant) and having to free another country from tyranny.

In the words of Naruto, at least their missions were never boring.

"So what's happening in Ponyville today?" asked Naruto. He had come to visit Gaara, who practically lived in Ponyville these days. It was either that or worry about the assassins trying to kill the Kage candidate.

"See for yourself," said Gaara. He had woken up this morning to find bubblegum pink clouds in the sky, which was definitely not normal.

Naruto flew up to touch one, and his hoof came back sticky. He licked it experimentally and said "How weird...this tastes sweet!"

Using his wings, he brought a few of the clouds down.

"Try this," he said.

"Candy, definitely, but I can't tell what kind. And there is an undercurrent hint of chocolate milk in it," said Gaara.

The clouds suddenly started to rain, and the two drank.

"Definitely chocolate milk. Grab some glasses and let's enjoy this!" said Gaara grinning.

"You're on!"

They both laughed when they saw Rainbow crash into a cloud. Because she tended to get up later than them, they had known about the issue long before she was up.

Since both of them had long since acquired a taste for the apples from Applejack's family farm, they went to check on their friends.

Naruto grinned when he saw the fluffy pink clouds.

"Banzai!" he cried, jumping into the clouds with glee.

Gaara laughed and shook his head.

"Is he alright?" asked Applejack.

"The clouds are some form of candy and filled with chocolate milk. We found out this morning. I think Naruto is in the mood to have a sugar rush," said Gaara chuckling.

"With Chrys not here to stop him, I can see why," laughed Applejack.

Over the course of several months, they had gotten to know Chrys almost as well as they did Naruto. This was mostly because she acted like his older sister, often dragging him home by the ear if he stayed too late. She was polite, if a bit distant with Twilight and the others, though she wasn't a big fan of Celestia for some reason. According to Naruto, she barely tolerated Luna as it was.

Still, when Twilight and her friends were called to Canterlot by Celestia, Naruto was asked to come as well. Gaara stayed behind to help clean up the mess with Big Macintosh.

"So Discord, the Spirit of chaos, is awake again."

"Princess Celestia wants us to put him back into stone," said Twilight. Naruto had issues with people who brown-nosed so much, mainly because Sakura Haruno used to do that a lot to garner favor with the teachers, and the civilian council bent over backwards to curry favor with the 'last Uchiha'.

Twilight was tolerable in small doses, but something about her gave him headaches. Chrys pinned that problem to the fact Naruto was a chaotic, sporadic person while Twilight was an OCD and workaholic type. The two simply didn't mesh at all.

"...Mind if I try to have a talk with him first?" asked Naruto.

If he was right, then Discord wouldn't be as big of an issue as Celestia seemed to believe.

"We're heading to the Maze garden in five minutes. You have that long until we try and retrieve the Elements," said Twilight.

"More than enough time for what I have in mind," said Naruto. He portaled to the gardens.

"So a little Pegasus pony thinks he can deal with the great Discord!" said the draconequus. He wasn't terribly impressed with the colt.

"Actually I was just curious as to whether you could jump from the Summons Realm to the Shinobi realm, or if you needed help to do so," asked Naruto.

Discord blinked. That wasn't what he was expecting.

"I can jump between dimensions without any help. Why?"

"I happen to know a certain Sannin who thinks it's funny to steal bodies and could use a reminder that chaos is fun. Plus very few people would care if you rained chocolate milk in his base."

"And what do you get in exchange for this?" he asked. The offer was intriguing, and shinobi were more fun to annoy than Ponies.

Plus they didn't have any jutsu to turn him to stone again.

Naruto grinned, and Discord felt the boy was more of a kindred spirit than he had originally guessed.

"The guy tried to kill someone who treats me like his own grandson, and I dislike him on general principles. Besides, those cotton candy rainclouds that shower chocolate milk that you create are awesome!"

"It's nice to finally meet someone who appreciates my brand of chaos," smirked Discord.

"Care to get started, or do you want to deal with Ms. OCD and the Prissy Princess some more?"

"Who are those two?" asked Discord, knowing this would amuse him to know end.

"The unicorn who wears the crown and has a star on her flank and Celestia," replied Naruto.

Discord laughed long and hard at that.

"Tell them that if they want their precious Elements back, that the riddle is still in effect. I'm not sticking around long enough for them to turn me into stone again!"

"Fair enough," said Naruto grinning. The dragonequus vanished with a pop, just as Twilight was coming to the garden with the others.

"Where did he go?!" she asked.

"Sent him to my world. He's off to annoy someone else and not get turned to stone," said Naruto.

"You sent him to the Elemental Countries?" said Applejack, highly amused.

"Yup. He's off to prank a certain snake-contractor since the man got on my nerves. Since most of his bases are underground, from what I heard, it will be interesting how he deals with chocolate milk rain and cotton candy clouds when he's trying to hide."

"You sent Discord, the spirit of chaos and disharmony...to Oto," said Chrys. She wasn't sure she was hearing things right at first.

"Yeah, can you imagine the look on ol' Orochi's face when he realizes there are cotton candy clouds raining chocolate milk in his bases?"

Chrysalis rubbed her head. Naruto could be a headache and a half if given the chance.

"Right. Have you heard from Gaara lately?"

"You mean how he supervised that trip to Canterlot with Miss Cheerilee and ended up with his Cutie Mark changing? Yeah, why?"

Gaara had come into contact with an odd crystal shard while helping Miss Cheerilee with her class. The end result was that his Cutie Mark suddenly changed from his old gourd to a crystal (shaped like the shard that had fallen on him) rising from waves of sand.

According to a baffled Celestia, it meant that his special talent had changed.

Gaara recently retested his chakra affinity, and to the shock of his siblings, it was discovered that he had equal amounts of lightning and earth.

According to records of chakra alignments, that meant he had the possible affinity towards a rare chakra alignment known as shoton, or the Crystal element.

Considering the shard he touched came from a lost kingdom known as the Crystal Empire, it made sense that he might have that element hidden in his blood.

Naruto would have to retest his elemental alignment if his special talent changed, though according to Gaara the first talent (controlling his sand) was still in effect. The control simply shot up.

Chyrs believed that the same would happen to Naruto, only the cost of portalling would go down somewhat. Because they were the only jinchuriki who became ponies, she had no idea if this was a perk of having two souls in one body or not, nor was she able to test it.

Sasuke stared out the window of his apartment. The deadlast and his freaky girlfriend Chrys were surpassing him with every step they took, and he was being held back by these stupid villagers.

Kakashi refused to train him after he nearly killed Sakura during a training accident, not that she realized how close she was to being killed. He had been stuck doing crappy teamwork exercises for weeks now.

He was about to continue brooding when he heard someone making a racket outside his window with a flute.

And that was when things turned interesting...

Haruno was in the hospital after Sasuke had knocked her out, and once awakened she informed the ANBU that he had run away. It had taken an hour for them to figure out which direction, and after that they immediately assembled a small team to retrieve him before he could make contact with Orochimaru.

Naruto was in that team, along with Chrys and surprisingly enough Princess Luna.

Apparently the form-swap worked both ways, as Luna appeared to be human despite not being a changeling.

Chrys had never realized that it was easier for her to take human form in Konoha than it was in Equestria, and afterwords did a series of experiments.

Her final conclusion was that the portal would turn anyone into the native species of the world they were in, or make it easier to maintain that form. As Changelings and ponies weren't native to Konoha, it meant that they would take human form. Humans would be able to take the form of whatever they had a summoning contract with.

As was the case with Gaara and Karin, who had the minor contract to the ponies in general. Naruto, who had the changeling contract, took the pony form as it would be difficult for him to maintain the changeling form naturally, despite having the transformation powers of a kitsune.

Jiraiya stood before the team.

"Alright, in this instance you will be following Naruto and Shikamaru's orders. Your mission is to retrieve the Uchiha by any means necessary. If he proves to be a traitor, you are authorized to kill on sight, and if possible bring back his eyes. We aren't going to let another Orochimaru out into the world, especially one with an active Sharingan," said Jiraiya flatly.

It was because of the Kill-On-Sight order if Sasuke had defected willingly that none of those who worshiped the Uchiha had been picked.

Chrys stood before them looking serious.

"Because of who we are dealing with, there will be back up if needed. You won't recognize who they are, as they are summons. They will be wearing a Leaf insignia or the traditional Uzumaki swirl somewhere visible on their clothes."

"What is the Uzumaki swirl?" asked Kiba.

Naruto pointed at the swirl on his shirt, which he always had on him.

"This is the Uzumaki clan symbol. Because the back-up is contracted to Naruto, they are wearing his clan's symbol on them at all times. Just because his family has diminished doesn't mean his clan has died," explained Chrys.

"In any case, you are to retrieve the Sharingan if possible...with the brat being alive or not," said Jiraiya.


"Dismissed, and good luck!" said Jiraiya.

The retrieval mission had begun.