Soul Mates

AN: Doctor Who does not belong to me. Neither does this idea which I got off of a post on Tumblr from a trust-me-im-an-evil-regal. The post is amazing with tons of drabbles on it. Each one a different story of a watch that counts down to when you meet your soul mate. The first post was: "If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?" The rest of the posts were amazing so I thought that I would give it a go from a Doctor Who stand point.

0000d, 00h, 15m, 45, 44, 43s

Of course it would happen here. The place where I spend most of my waking hours; the place I hate with every fiber of my being. If only I had stayed in school and did my A-Levels, then maybe I wouldn't be here in Henriks folding clothes for rich college kids.

0000d, 00h, 10m, 12s

As I pick up a shirt for a customer I hear a voice over the speakers. "This is a customer announcement. The store will be closing in five minutes. Thank you." Only a couple of more minutes and then I can leave, maybe even make it outside before I meet my soul mate.

0000d, 00h, 03m, 18s

As I get ready to leave the store I try to hide behind 2 other girls I had just been helping. If I can just get out past the security guard I'll be home free. As luck would have it the guard saw me and held out a bag of notes in front of my face. It was lottery money for Wilson the CEO, whose office just so happened to be down in the basement.

Damn! If my soul mate is Wilson I am running away to America with Mickey. Nothing could be worse than being stuck with a pompous bastard for the rest of my life. My mother would disagree though; she's always looking for a way to get more money. She has been hoping that I will find a nice, stable, rich man away from the Estate ever since the clock was attached on my seventeenth birthday two years ago.

"Wilson?" I call out his name as soon as I get out of the elevator hoping to find him fast and get out of there. "Wilson, I've go' the lottery money." He doesn't reply so I head over to his door. "Wilson. You there?" As my luck would have it the door was locked, I try one more time to get his attention. "Look, I can't hang about 'cause they're closing the shop. Wilson! Ugg, come on."

0000d, 00h, 02m, 27s

As I look about the room I hear a clatter coming from the storage area. "Hello? Hello, Wilson, it's Rose. Hello! Wil-Wilson?" The room is pitch black when I open the door before I turn on the light. "Wilson?" I walk faster past the mannequins until I come to a door that won't open. I am officially scared when the door I had came through closes behind me without notable cause.

0000d, 00h, 01m, 25s

I run back to the door to try to get it open but I have no such luck. Scared out of my mind I turn around to see who is in the room with me. When the mannequins start to move my mind immediately goes to one of the college kids I know, Derek, assuming that this is all just a prank. At least a college boy is a little bit better than Wilson for a soul mate.

However, the dummies do not stop when I call them on their joke. In fact they keep advancing, with more of them coming to life as I back up to get away. I can no longer think of anything else to say as my back hits the wall with 3 seconds left on my watch. One of the dummies raises their arm to strike a blow and I close my eyes. Maybe my soul mate is death.

0000d, 00h, 00m, 00s

A hand grabs mine and I look over at the person attached. I can tell he is saying something, Run? But I don't hear him, or can't. The only thing I can hear is the sound of my breathing and my watch as it goes off impossibly loud. As the stranger pulls me along I forget about the weird dummies and my fright as one thought goes through my head over and over again.

I've found him.