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He didn't know what to expect when he landed in London. He knew that things would have changed, how could they not. The Time War was the biggest event in the universe, and while it might not have been noticed by the little Earthlings, it certainty would have made a difference in their history.

So here he is, on his favorite planet, wandering around in his own game of find the difference. He was not sure what he was expecting (mystical creatures returning, people living underground, vampires) but it most definitely wasn't the creation of Soul Timers.

For all intents and purposes the world is basically the same. Same continents, same ethnicities, same groups of people that hate different ethnicities, the only difference he can find are the people's view of the world.

He can tell just by looking at them. They are a strange mixture of anticipation, naivety, uncertainty, and hatred, seething hatred that turns into loving acceptance if he can count on experience. And it is all because of the stupid watches. He knows that the anticipation comes from the knowledge that they are one day going to meet the person specifically made for them, of course they can't wait. But they are naïve in thinking that all of their problems are going to go away as soon as they find them. The problems are still there, they just start getting ignored.

Then there is the uncertainty. He was a little confused about this emotion at first, but then he wondered what it might be to be an ape. He would have the entire world to search for one person in billions, what if by making the wrong choice he makes it so that he misses meeting his soul mate. He knows that this is stupid reasoning, it doesn't matter what choice you make, you are always going to meet your soul mate at the exact same time as you always will, no matter if you decide to go to Cuba or stay in Alaska. Never the less, experience has shown him that humans are hard pressed at the most menial of times to make use of their basic reasoning skills; this is no surprise to him.

Finally there is the seething hatred that he can feel throughout most of the adults with watches on. Hatred for the lucky bastards who have already found their soul mates, hatred for fate who has given them such a long timer, and mostly hatred for themselves when they realize that the crush that they have neglected to talk to for weeks is not actually made for them. Then a love so profound you can see it for miles when they finally find the one for them.

His amusement for these stupid apes and their wayward emotions would have no bounds if he didn't have such somber thoughts. How can he be happy when his planet has just burned to a cinder by his hands? How can he even be entertaining the notion of getting a watch for himself? He doesn't deserve happiness; he deserves darkness and death as he tries to achieve redemption by helping others. He might think that he does not deserve even redemption, but that does not stop him from trying to reach it.

So when he finds out that the Nestene Consciousness has a plan to take over the world he jumps right in to preparing a fight for the Earth.

Why are apes so curious? This was supposed to be a get in, blow it up, get out and watch the fire, job. Now he has to find and rescue a trapped Earthling, typical. Even when he doesn't have companions he still has the responsibilities of saving humans, honestly, you would think he'd be used to it by now.


He can hear her now, the girl he has followed down into the basement. He can also hear the sound of the door slamming shut behind her followed almost immediately by running footsteps and a banging noise that can only be the girl trying to get out.

He is running now, he doesn't know how much time he has before the plastic mannequins will come to life. But by the sounds that she is making, he thinks that they already have advanced upon her.

He is through the door when he finally sees her cowering against a wall. There is a mannequin in front of her with a raised hand and he knows that he has gotten here right on time, but still cutting it a bit close. It is more fun that way after all.

With seconds to spare he grabs her hand and looks into her eyes. Something is beeping but he ignores it as he tells her the only logical thing he can think of at the moment.


As he pulls her behind him to safety the beeping keeps following them and he finally takes a moment to look back and find out what it is. He can not find the source but it keeps up with them so he assumes it is on her person. As he runs towards the elevator that will take them away from the mannequins a thought strikes him that leaves him stumbling through the corridor.

The beeping sounds like a timer.