How did this happen? It all started out so innocently when she stumbled into my office. Christian sits in a chair staring out the window thinking about all the events of the past couple years.


Christian sits at his desk shuffling papers when he hears Andrea come over the intercom, "Mr. Grey a Mrs. Anastasia Steele is here to see you about the purchase of the SIP Publishing House." Christian sighs frustrated and stabs the intercom " Fine Andrea send her in, oh and I would like you to go over the papers that I..." He never got to finish his words because just then a tall and statuesque girl stumbles into his doorway and he moves to help her. Christian pulls her into his arms as she blushes profusely, Christian noticing this stands back slightly and puts his hand out for her which she shakes. " Hi, I'm Christian Grey." She blushes even harder as she shakes his hand and gazes into his gray eyes " Hi, I'm Anastasia Steele" christian then leads her to a chair across from his desk to begin the meeting, but just as he's about to talk he becomes mesmerized by her enchanting blue eyes. He begins to think to himself this girl will not only be the death of me, but my marriage to Leila too.


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