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I didn't think that pretending to love Eric would be so hard, I mean I expected to struggle, just not this much. When I look at his face, I'll I see are lies and deceit. I just want to be lying in Christians arms, thinking about our future! Instead, I'm here pretending that I love a man that I barely even know! Currently, I'm sitting in my room refreshing my Twitter feeds and thinking about my life. We're at Eric's house and I requested my own room because I couldn't bear to share one with that lunatic! I lay down on my bed and I'm just about to lay down, when an angry Eric barges into my room. I sit up hastily and look at him with fear in my eyes.
"I just looked at you're phone records, Lacey, and it shows that you've been talking to Christian Grey." His voice is calm, but I know that it's only the calm before the storm.
"Um...yeah. I called to tell him that things were over between me and him, and to mail all my things to me." I bite my lip hard, hoping that he'll believe my story.
"Oh, Lacey," He walks up and caresses me on the face, and then slaps me hard across the face. "DONT LIE TO ME!" he screams at me and I whimper.
"Eric, it's the truth! You need to calm down and take deep breath, you know I love you!" He nods and kisses me lightly.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get so out of hand, it won't happen again!" He gets up and walks out, and I walk into the en-suite bathroom. I gaze into the mirror and the girl looking back at me is broken. She has a black eye with a bruise running down her cheek, her lip is split and she has a bright red hand mark on her other cheek. I've heard him say that he won't hurt me, so many times in the past week. He promises not hurt me, but he continues to do it! I have to get out of here, it isn't safe! I pack a bag with clothes and open the window quietly. Thank The Lord, that this window is on the first floor! I grab my bag, and slink out the window and onto the dew filled grass, I run as fast as I can to where my car is parked, and I start it with the keys I managed to grab. I need to see Christian, and hopefully once I do he'll let me stay at his place. I drive and pull up to his apartment, and luckily after much convincing Taylor lets me in. I walk in his home, and up the stairs to his bedroom, only to find him fast asleep looking like crap on his bed. Deciding not to wake him up, I take my shoes off, and slip in the other side of the bed, where I slip into a deep sleep.

I wake up to find Ana's head lying on my chest, and I'm so surprised that I almost jump. I manage to control myself, so that she can sleep. I look at her face and she had bruised and marks all over, I can't believe that Eric guy hurt her! I'm going to kill him, in the most creative and painful way possible! Ana begins to stir, and I wait patiently. Her eyes open and she gazes at me through her lashes, and captivates me with her beautiful blue eyes.
"Hi" She murmurs softly, and nuzzles my neck lightly. I kiss her on the cheek and smile.
"Hello, Anastasia!" She shivers and I smirk at her. "Miss me?" She nods and I feel satisfied with her answer.
"I'm sorry to barge into your bed, I just ex needed somewhere to go and-" I cut her off with a kiss and when we break apart her cheeks are pink with blush.
"I don't need an explanation, I'm just glad you're here with me! We can talk about how I'm going to beat up Eric later!" I smirk and she giggles, it sounds like a melody!
"You sure know how to make a girl shut up!" She smirks and I shrugs my shoulders.
"It's what I'm best at, that and pleasing-" she cuts me off with a kiss this time. I kiss back content for now, but when I get the chance Eric will be dealt with! I break the kiss, look down at her with adoring eyes.

"You know I love you, right?" she beams at me and I smile back.

"Of course, I know! I love you too, and I know how difficult it's been for you to realize what love is, since you never really experienced it first hand! I love you with all my hear, I promise that you aren't a going to lose me!" I love her too, and for once I feel completely sure about who I'm going to give the ring into my night stand to! I threw Katie out before we actually did anything. I realized I was in love with Ana and I always will be. For once I look at her and think that maybe we could have a better life together. Maybe, I wont ever need to do any of the BDSM life style, she brings out the best in me. I want to be better because she is there and she makes me feel like I can be a better person. I can see little kids running around us, our kids. She means so much to me, and I never want to let her go. I kiss get one last time and lay my head on her chest listening to her heart beat. She runs her hand through my hair, and I can't help but think that this is where I'm meant to be.

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