After watching Finding Nemo, The Doctor and Amy went to bed. Laying there, Amy was left with her thoughts. "What are we going to do about Rory?" She asked The Doctor quietly.

"I don't know, Sweetie, but we'll think of something. We always do, don't we?" Amy thought about this for a while.

"I suppose so." Amy agreed. She laid her head upon The Doctor's chest. She fell asleep just like that, cuddled into The Doctor, the way it should be, the way it always would be.

When they awoke the next morning, Amy and The Doctor decided on eating waffles. So The Doctor started to make the batter "Hey, hun, we're out of flour. Mind going to get some from the store down the road?" The Doctor asked, cracking eggs into a bowl.

"Sure," Amy easily agreed, stepping around him and his sugar- covered self. She raised an eyebrow at him. "Are you sure I can leave you safely alone with all these dangerous... baking ingredients?"

The Doctor, looking down at himself, grinned. "Don't worry about me. Just be safe."

Amy nodded, and started to leave.

"Wait!" Said The Doctor, seemingly just remembering something. "I've something to give you, first." He pulled a small box out of his back pocket, and Amy covered her mouth in surprise.

"No, I thought you weren't going to do this until after the whole Rory (thing) was over." Amy sputtered.

"Oh, Amy, this isn't a ring, I promise. It's a dimensionally transcendental box. Just open it." The Doctor handed her the box, and she opened it, looking as though she was expecting something to jump out of it. She reached in and pulled out a sonic screwdriver.

"Doctor, what is this?" She asked.

"Thought it might be handy if you ran into anything... dangerous." The Doctor said, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

Amy snorted. "Like my ex- husband?" She asked.

The Doctor shrugged. "It just makes me feel better if you have something to defend yourself. As you've noticed, not all our trips are completely sunshine-and-rainbows. We meet the occasional malicious alien that wants to eat us."

"Aww, that was sweet...I guess. I didn't love that whole aliens eating us part, but it's the thought that counts." Amy said, with a smirk on her face. She hugged The Doctor goodbye, and walked out of the TARDIS.

The sun was especially bright that day, making her hair seem warm. Amy smiled at the sky as she walked down the road toward a grocery store. The shopping itself was fairly uneventful; other than choosing a bag from a frankly unnecessary large variety of flours, Amy sauntered out of the store, heading toward The Doctor.

That was when things went rapidly downhill.

"Amy." A voice said behind her. She had difficulty deciding whether or not the voice was angry or happy. It seemed somewhere in the middle. Amy turned around, and saw the face of Rory, but he didn't seem himself. His voice seemed a little more...robotic.

"Rory, what's happened to you?" Amy asked.

"My name is not Rory. It is Rory-con. The Daleks gave me a new name when they accepted me into their family."

Amy stared, dumbfounded, at her ex- husband. "Rory..." She whispered, pained.

Rory, or, rather, Rory-con, seemed to sense her pity. "Do not feel bad for me, mortal," He spat. "I am above you. You have no idea what it is like to be this powerful."

Amy could not think of what to say. "So you feel... nothing for me, now?"

Rory glowered at her. "Did I ever?"

Amy could feel tears prick at her eyes. "I thought so." She paused, looking upon the man- Dalek, she corrected herself- that stood before her. "Seems as if I was wrong." The redhead spun around, quickly, now at full- speed towards the TARDIS. She sped into the TARDIS, and fell into The Doctor's arms.

"Amy! What's happened?" The Doctor asked, genuinely concerned.

Amy cried on The Doctor's shoulder for a while longer. When she looked up, with wet eyes, she said, "Rory...he's been, oh, I can't even say it." She walked away from The Doctor, leaving him stunned, in the middle of the kitchen, and stepped into the yoga room. Since discovering it, it had become her sanctum. She went into a sun salutation, trying to slow down her breathing, but felt as though she was being watched. She turned her head, and saw The Doctor, lingering in the doorway.

"What are we to do about Rory?" The Doctor started.

"This is my space." Amy said, motioning for him to leave. "You need to allow me my 'Amy Time'. I'm a girl, sometimes we just need to.. to cry!"

"I'm sorry, but really. What do we-" The Doctor attempted, but he was interrupted by a shoe hitting him, right below the eye.

"GET. THE HELL. OUT!" Amy screamed.

The Doctor, seeing she was serious, ducked out of the room. Amy sighed, shakily, attempting to continue the yoga. But her limbs were trembling too much, her brain too fuzzy to focus. Slumping down on the sofa in the corner of the room, the brought her knees to her chest and let it all out. She sobbed her heart out.

A few minutes later, she felt the sofa shift, slightly, as if someone had sat on the other end. Looking up, she saw The Doctor sitting there, giving her those innocent little puppy eyes of his. He had something in his hands.

"Doctor?" She asked, wiping a hand over her wet eyes and sniffling.

The Doctor looked down at the box in his hands and then back up at her. A moment later, he extended his hands, pushing this box into her. "I hear this helps." He said.

Amy flinched at the cold, lifting the box... then, she recognized what it was. It was a tub of ice cream. She smiled, sniffing again.

"Here," The Doctor said, handing her a small, silver spoon. Amy dug into the ice cream. He had gotten Amy her favorite kind of ice cream. Mint chip.

"Don't tell me you've been watching those Soap Operas, again, Doctor," Amy teased, wondering how on earth he had 'heard' that Ice Cream helps with grief.

"Well, actually..." The Doctor cleared his throat. "Rory told me."

Amy paused, spoon in mid- air. "Oh." The Ice cream tasted slightly sour, now.

The Doctor leaned forward, slightly, and pulled a lock of her hair behind her ear. "I am sorry." He said, looking it.

"I know." She whispered. Amy pulled a small box out of her pocket, and showed it to The Doctor. "I know we said that we wouldn't do this until the whole Rory situation was over with, but," Amy started. She got down on one knee, and finished. "I love you so much, and I want to be your wife. Marry me?" Amy opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

The Doctor was gleaming with ecstasy. "Yes, of course I'll marry you!" The Doctor scooped Amy up into his arms, and gave her a long, romantic kiss, like the ones in the movies.

"Would you do the honor of putting on me?" Amy asked after pulling away.

"Of course," he said kindly. His eyes were wet, Amy noticed, and a hint of a smile graced her features.

He reached inside the small, velvet box and pulled out the beautiful thing. It shone in the light. The Doctor reached down to grasp her slender hand, and slid the silver ring around it.

"There." He said, looking at it proudly. "Now," he murmured, eyes lifting up to meet hers, "now it's official." He lent down for a kiss, and she accepted it. They sat there on that sofa, kissing, for a few minutes. Amy felt as though she was floating on a cloud. She was engaged, and this time, not to a crazed maniac, who would come after her if it didn't work out. But this, she knew, was crazy. It would work out for her and The Doctor.

But The Doctor's face was holding a frown, now. Amy, confused, brought a hand to his face. "What is it?"

He smiled, one of those smiles where you know he did it purely for your benefit. "You know this can't last forever." He said softly, sadly.

Amy frowned. Not this Time-Lord-Angst thing again. "We've been over this," she reminded him gently. "No marriages last forever. That's why we've got to relish what time we're able to have."

"I won't age."

"I know."

You know a bond is strong when this fact truly, honestly does not change a thing. Amy loved The Doctor unconditionally, and nothing was going to change that. Not even the fact that he would not age along with her.

"Isn't there something we can do about that though? Pull a Robert Pattinson and turn me into a Time Lord, or something? I'll drink blood out of a cup, like Bella did, if I have to." Amy joked. "That is how much I love you."

The Doctor smiled. "And that," he said, reaching up a finger to bop her on the nose, "is all I need." He paused, as she giggled. "Besides, what would I do without you? All these pop-culture references would go flying over my head!"

Amy rolled her eyes. "God forbid." Amy smiled. She and The Doctor continued their kissing on the couch, until Amy pulled away and remarked that she was hungry.

"What on earth happened to those waffles, anyway?" She teased.

The Doctor laughed. "They're in the kitchen, if you'd like some. Although I'm afraid you'll probably want to heat them up, since they've been sitting out for so long. You know," he lent down to kiss her again, "more important things to do."

"Well, come on then," Amy said, standing up and pulling a grinning Doctor up with her. "I want my promised waffles!"