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Chapter 5: Souji's Resolution

Decade and Kabuto charged at Ketaros. Ketaros soon pressed the button on the side of his belt.

"Clock Up."


Ketaros seemingly vanished but when Decade and Kabuto landed they felt several slashes to the chest. Decade got his card and Kabuto got on his button.

"Clock Up!"



(In Clock Up)

Kabuto and Decade see Ketaros below them. Kabuto and Decade jumped off the branch and proceeded to attack. Ketaros was defending himself against Decade and Kabuto. Surprisingly Ketaros was just as good as Kabuto when it came to fighting. When Decade tried to attack him from the rear, Ketaros flipped him over and stomped on his stomach. While down Decade quickly transformed his sword into a gun and fired. Ketaros stumbled back before Decade got a card and placed it in his Driver.


Decade fired rapid shots as Ketaros and soon Kabuto joined Decade as he transformed his kunai into a gun. Keitaros didn't groan in pain but instead he chuckled.

"Caucasus told me how skillful you are but seeing this…only the more joy I'll have in killing you." Ketaros chuckled. He jumped and charged. Kabuto quickly turned his gun into a kunai, pushed Decade out of the way, and his kunai collided with Ketaros's.

"This is the real you isn't…Yamato!"

"So, you actually remembered me, Tendou. Well let's see if you've improved over the years." Ketaros said before kicking Kabuto to Decade. The two stood up and glared at Ketaros, ready for more action.

(Play Next Level by YU-KI)

As the song begins the screen is covered by insect wings which soon falls apart revealing Kamen Rider Kabuto in Masked Form. The next shows Kabuto in Rider Form arrives being aurrounded by Worms. He gets ready for battle as the next scene shows him riding on the Kabuto Extender.

{Kimi ga negau koto nara. Subete genjitsu ni naru darou. Erabareshi mono naraba.} Kabuto continues drive in a wide open area in which he is soon replaced by Souji, Shiro, and Ayano walking in different paths. The next is a meteor crashing in a forest.

{Bousou wo hajimeteru.} The next scene shows how many Worms can disguise as normal people. The scene soon shows lights in the sky by an abandoned tower.

{Sekai wo moto ni modosu ni wa mahou. Jikan ga nai.} Scene shows Souji on his bike, getting off, and walking away. We soon see Ayano and Shiro on their bikes as well.

{Moving Fast. Kokoro mo. Tokei hashirase.} Natsumi looks at her old family picture. Ayano plays around with her sword with the Sasword Zecter on her shoulder. Shiro is practicing his aim with the Drake Zecter watching. Souji and Kabuto Masked Form pass through each other. The same with Shiro and Drake Masked Form and with Ayano and Sasword Masked Form.

{Ashita no sono saki e} Souji, Shiro, and Ayano were standing back to back with their respective Rider forms. A child Natsumi offers her arm to a child Naruto on the floor while Naruto just stares at her.

{Kimi no tonan tatakau tabi. Umarekawaru. Nani Mieru. Speed koeteku motion.} Kabuto uses Cast Off and transform into his Rider Form. He shows off his clock up as he ran past the frozen explosions.

{Ittai jibun negai. Dare no tsuyosa. Shinjirareru.} Natsumi begins to cry then noticed green slime dropping from the ceiling. Ayano and Shiro stopped what they're doing as they noticed Souji in front of them.

{Kousoku no vision minogasu-na. Tsuite koreru nara.} Kabuto start fighting in Clock Up along with Drake and Sasword. The three Riders stand side by side as the screen is covered up by insect wings and soon the logo.

"You know him, Souji?" Decade asked.

"It's long story, one that even the others except me know."

"Other Riders? I can't wait to meet them." Ketaros said.

"Like hell, we'll let you get near them!" Kabuto exclaimed. Kabuto and Decade got into defensive positions.


(Out of Clock Up)

All three Riders faced each other. Just then a burst of fire appeared and consumed Keitaros but when the flame faded away Ketaros was still standing and unaffected by it.

"Surely, I taught you better than that, Anko." Just then Anko appeared with her kunai in her hand.

"Orochimaru!" Ketaros turned and looked at her.

"As much as I would like to catch up with Kabuto over there, I got what I came for."



Kabuto and Decade sees Anko on the floor groaning in pain with Ketaros standing over her. Ketaros looked at them before Anko was completely out.

"Like her, we'll be seeing each other soon, Tendou." Ketaros said before getting his gun and shooting at the floor. When the smoke was gone he vanished.

"He got away." Kabuto stated. Decade looked at him.

"Souji, how do you know him?" Kabuto turned to Decade.

"At the studio, I'll explain everything there're with the others." Kabuto and Decade soon checked on Anko.

"She'll live. Orochimaru must've activated her mark."

"I see. We should leave."

"You're sure?" Kabuto nodded.

"Orochimaru already bit Uchiha, there's no there's no other reason that he would stay here." Kabuto explained.

"You're sure? You don't want to check on Team 7?"

"They'll live." Kabuto coldly stated. To Decade, this was obviously not a subject to talk about with Souji especially regarding his sister. Decade understood and nodded.

"What about her?"

"She'll be fine as well." Decade nodded before the two of them left.

(Meanwhile in another part of the forest)

"This is starting to feel like we've been here for a long time." Drake quietly whispered. Sasword and Fu just stared at him.

"It's only been past an hour." Sasword pointed out.

"I wonder what Kabuto and Decade are doing." Fu wondered slightly out loud.

"I'm sure they're fine by now." Drake answered. Soon the three see the Sand Siblings finishing up. The three left via Clock Up and arrived in the studio before going back into their civilian forms. They find Nihlus, Souji, and the Kabuto Zecter there and all three appeared to be troubled by something.

They soon started to explain their encounter with Orochimaru, his Zecter, and that Souji knew him in the past. To say that they were surprised was a big understatement.

"You knew about him!?" Shiro demanded. Ayano was trying to calm him down.

"Shiro, I'm sure that Souji has his reasons, right?" Souji nodded.

"Well, we're waiting." The Sasword Zecter said.

"During my first few years in ZECT before I met you guys, I wasn't the only Kamen Rider present. Kamen Rider Ketaros, a.k.a. Yuji Yamato. I've had few assignments with him and he was one my superior officers." Souji explained. Soon it was Kabuto Zecter's turn to talk.

"But there was something off about him. We just couldn't tell what. I tried to talk to Ketaros Zecter about him but every time he would just deny it. I wonder what he has to gain from that. Yamato and Ketaros Zecter were the ones that showed us the ropes of being a Rider." Soon Souji was up.

"However, during one assignment…"

(Three years ago)

Kabuto was seeing the village burning. He was trying to get every civilian out as best he could but he couldn't get at least a majority. Not even the guards or mercenaries there didn't even stood a chance against the Worms. They came so prepared…it was as if someone tipped them off. Kabuto tried his best to reach any civilian despite the fires. But he also saw too many bodies of men, women, and even children.

By the time he already got as many as he can, he noticed Yamato missing. Kabuto went back via Clock Up and searched. While searching he gets cornered by Geophilid Worm, Formicaalubus Worm, and several Early Salis Worms. He soon notices Ketaros in front of and behind the Worms and the Worms didn't do anything to him. When Kabuto looked at him, he pieced two and two together.

"Yamato, you told them our plan?" Ketaros laughed.

"What can I say? These Worms gave me a deal that I just couldn't refuse. Also think of this as my resignation to ZECT." Ketaros explained.

"So, the loyal soldier who does what he's told was an act all along? I knew something was wrong from the moment I first met you." Ketaros laughed.

"My time in ZECT was just a means to an end. You're a smart kid, Tendou, but not smart enough. Looks like your 'Path of Heaven' ends here. I'll be sure to give your grandmother my condolences some time later." Ketaros soon began to walk away. "Kill him." He commanded as he walked away. Kabuto was soon fighting all those Worms and couldn't get a good chance to use his Clock Up. He soon hears Ketaros laughing.

"I will find you, Yamato! I swear it!" Kabuto swore while fighting more Worms.

"Soon after that I finally got a chance to use my Clock Up." Souji explained. "I swore from that day that I would find Yamato and bring him in for what he did. I even lead the investigation but nothing turned up and the investigation was dismissed. The way Orochimaru was fighting in the armor was when I realized that he and Yamato were one and the same."

"Souji…" Ayano quietly said.

"It's why I didn't tell you guys about him. I was too ashamed of him that I just didn't want to bring him up."

"How many in that village were killed?" Fu asked.

"It was a big village. Over a hundred and fifty villagers." Kabuto Zecter said. "And out of that number, only twenty survived." Everyone was shocked at the death toll.

"You did what you had to do, man." Shiro said.

"Doesn't make me feel any better." Souji answered as he got up. "I'll be in my room. Nihlus, if what you say is true then the preliminaries should begin tomorrow. We'll watch and intervene, if necessary." Souji said before heading to the back. Kabuto Zecter soon started to fly.

"I'm going to get some fresh air to clear my senses." Kabuto Zecter said before he flew out of the window. It didn't take long for everyone to tell something was wrong with the two of them.

"I'll go check on him." Ayano volunteered as she went to the back.

"We'll find Kabuto Zecter and see if he's alright." Sasword Zecter said before he and the Drake Zecter left. Shiro soon got up.

"I'm going for a walk to clear my head. This is just…wow." Shiro said before walking out.

Souji was now in his room, sitting on his bed, thinking about his time when Orochimaru was with ZECT as Yamato. He also remembered the village he was in when Orochimaru (as Yamato) betrayed him and ZECT. He thought of the friends he made there and how he found most of their bodies.

"I promised that I would help them…" Souji thought. He soon sees Ayano coming in.

"Ayano, what can do you need?" Ayano knelt and looked at him worryingly. She placed her hand on his shoulder and looked at him.

"I think it's the other way around." Ayano replied.

"I'm fine."

"No you're not, Souji. Please, you've helped each of us before, let me help you this time." Souji looked at Ayano and their gaze met. To Souji, Ayano seemed a bit different to him this time as if she wasn't his friend but something closer than that. Souji decided to let his feelings out.

"It's just that…everything from my past just comes back to me." Souji said. Ayano placed her arms around his neck and pulled his face towards her chest. Souji didn't know but he started tearing up.

"It's alright, it's alright. I'm here for you just like everyone else is. No matter how many times you're pulled down to the past, we'll pull you up to the future." Ayano reassured Souji as she rested her head on top of his. The two shared this moment for what seemed to be a long time.


Kabuto Zecter was on the roof looking out on the village. He soon sees the other Zecters joining him.

"Hey Kabuto Zecter, are you alright?" Drake Zecter asked.

"Not really."

"Aw c'mon, so you and Souji made one mistake, it happens."

"But this mistake cost us nearly an entire village."

"Better than a whole village." Sasword Zecter said. Drake Zecter nodded.

"Yeah, but it wasn't your fault. How were you supposed to know that you two would be betrayed?" Kabuto Zecter was silent until the other two went up close to him.

"Don't worry about it; if neither you nor Souji focus on Ketaros now then we're all screwed. So right now you two to focus." Sasword Zecter said. Kabuto Zecter was silent before nodding.

"You guys are right, we need to focus on now." The other two nodded knowing Kabuto Zecter is calm.

(The next day)

Nihlus, Souji, Ayano, Shiro, and Fu were all watching the preliminaries from the rails. Souji was wearing a white hat and sunglasses so people wouldn't recognize him. Ayano was making sure that Natsumi or Minato didn't see her and was making sure her face was out of range. So far all the matches were going just as Nihlus said they would. They see the genin that Orochimaru was disguised as.

"Should we go for him?" Nihlus asked. Souji shook his head.

"If we do then we'll be caught. We have to wait for the appropriate time." Nihlus nodded and continued watching. When Natsumi was fighting Kiba, Nihlus seemed to notice that Souji looked interested in the fight. It's almost as if he cared about what happens to her.

"Kit, are you worried about her?" Kyuubi asked.

"Maybe a little. I was confused when I saw her gifts in her trash. Is it possible that she changed?" Souji replied.

"It is possible but we cannot allow her to jeopardize the mission."

"Agreed, have you sensed Shukaku?"

"I did but I'm not really getting a good reading on him but his partner seems…troubled."

"I know, we need to keep a closer eye on him. Along with the Uchiha since he now has the Cursed Seal."

About a few hours later, Sasuke, Natsumi, Shino, the Sand Siblings, Shikamaru, Neji, and Dosu all made it to the finals. The others tried to leave and were successful in not getting any unwanted attention. Once they exited the main building, the Zecters soon joined them.

"Where were you guys?" Shiro asked.

"Let's just say that we had to get some…special seats." Drake Zecter answered. Everyone decided to just leave it at that.

"So we have one month before the finals begin, what are we going to do?" Fu asked.

"For now, it's Orochimaru and Caucasus's turn. All we can do is remain incognito and prepare for the worst." Souji answered.

"This is going to be a long month." Nihlus replied.

During the whole month, Souji and the others, especially Fu, became closer to Nihlus. The four Riders were training for the big day during the finals. Ayano and Shiro have been keeping their eyes on Souji, hoping he won't be depressed, especially Ayano. Soon the day of the finals came and Souji, Shiro, Ayano, and Fu were watching. Nihlus couldn't come because if Yakushi does use the Temple of Nirvana technique then he wouldn't be able to repel it.

The four were watching and were prepared for anything while the Zecters were watching from above looking for any suspicious activity. They were watching Sasuke fighting Gaara and then things start kicking off just like Nihlus said they would. The four repelled the technique's effect before watching Gaara being taken away with Sasuke pursuing them. They also see Orochimaru, as the Kazekage, taking Minato hostage.

The Zecters came to them and watched Natsumi, Sakura, Shikamaru, and a dog going after Sasuke.

"Guys, go after them. The Kabuto Zecter, you and I will take care of Orochimaru."

"Won't you need help?" Ayano asked.

"Nihlus will probably be here soon. Don't worry." Souji said. Ayano reluctantly nodded before she got her Sasword Yavier and Shiro with the Drake Grip. Their Zecters went in place.



The two transformed before using Cast Off.




Sasword, Drake, and Fu soon left. Kabuto Zecter flew into Souji's hand before he inserted him into the belt.



Souji soon transformed into Kabuto. Kabuto quickly pulled the horn on his Zecter.



Kabuto soon used Clock Up and went to where Orochimaru was.

"Ah, Tendou, let's make this even shall we. Ketaros Zecter!" Ketaros Zecter flew by.

"Right, let's make this quick we're on a tight schedule." It said before he flew onto Orochimaru's Rider Brace.




To Minato's surprise, Orochimaru soon transformed into Ketaros. Kabuto gripped his kunai ready to fight.

Sasuke was jumping tree to tree trying to pursue Gaara. However, while jumping his face was met with a fist. He fell off and a figure fell too. When he fell, Caucasus landed in front of him. Caucasus was looking at his blue rose while Sasuke got up.

"Who are you!?" Sasuke demanded. Caucasus didn't answer him but continued to look at his blue rose. "Are you with them!?" Caucasus remained silent. Sasuke growled knowing that he won't get any answer.

"It doesn't matter, I won't let him stop me. What's the worst he can do to me?"

Sasuske activated his Sharingan and charged. Caucasus threw his blue rose and the next second Caucasus was now behind Sasuke. Caucasus was looking at his blue rose like before and Sasuke looked at his chest. His chest was bleeding from a deep cut across the chest.

"But…I didn't…do anything yet." Sasuke remarked before getting on his knees with an expression of shock. He was also shocked because his Sharingan didn't catch anything; just one second there and somewhere else the next. Caucasus looked behind.

"Be fortunate that I didn't kill you. My…associate still has plans for you. Otherwise, that cut would've killed you immediately." Just then the dog, Natsumi, and Sakura arrived.

"Sasuke!" Sasuke was now on his hands now feeling weaker.

"Sakura, Natsumi, be careful…he has…a secret weapon." Sasuke said before collapsing on the floor. Natsumi looked at Sakura.

"Sakura, Pakkun, get Sasuke out of here. I'll try to hold this guy as long as I can." Natsumi said.

"Are you sure?" Sakura asked. Natsumi nodded.

"I'll try to meet up with you guys soon."Saukra picked Sasuke up and carried him over her back.

"Just be careful, kid." Pakun said be he and Sakura left. Natsumi faced Caucasus with her kunai while he just laughed.

"Do you have a death wish? Very well, I'll paint my rose with your blood." Caucasus said. But before he could hit the Clock Up button he felt several slashes and shots.


Natsumi sees Drake and Saswrod appeared in front of her. Fu decided to help Shikamaru out a few feet ago.

"You guys!" Caucasus soon looked at the two.

"So you're still alive, Sasword? No matter, after I take care of you two I'm going after Tendou." Natsumi stepped forward.

"I won't let you go near Nii-san!"

"Nii-san? I see, it appears that Tendou is more interesting than I thought."

"Get of here, we'll take care of him." Drake said but Natsumi shook her head.

"I can't, not when I know that he's after Ni-san."

"Oh really? Considering you two have different last names, you must've not cared for him at some point." Caucasus pointed out. "Why would you want to protect him now?" he asked as he got out his axe.

"I'll admit, I did stupid things in the past, some that I won't forgive myself for. When he left it struck me in the heart. I realized that I never accepted him as my brother before and I want to start now. I want to make up to my brother for everything." Natsumi explained. Drake and Sasword were surprised to hear that but Caucasus just scoffed.

"Enough with the melodrama, time to finish-." Before he could finish a blue mechanical stag beetle appeared and dropped something in Natsumi's hands while it slashed at Caucasus.

"Gatack Zecter!" Drake and Sasword called out.

"Gatack Zecter?" Gatack Zecter soon went to her.

"No time to explain just put the belt on." Gatack Zecter said. Natsumi nodded and did what she's told. The belt was exactly like Souji's. Gatack Zecter soon flew into the slot.


Blue hexagons soon formed on Natsumi until there was nothing left but armor.

She was now soon donned in blue armor that covered his body. Shoulder mounted guns were part of it while her face had large red eyes with horns resembling a stag beetle's pinchers. Her chest was box-like with blue trim and cylindrical sections ran down her arms. This was Kamen Rider Gatack.

"Whoa." Gatack said while looking at her new armor. Drake and Sasword were impressed while Caucasus was the opposite.

"No matter. I can still kill you." Caucasus soon charged but Gatack ducked and kicked him in the back. Gatack soon fired her shoulder mounted guns while Drake with gun at Caucasus and Sasword slashed him in the back.

"Payback for last time." Sasword said before kicking Caucasus. Drake soon looked at Gatack.

"You should probably go to your other form. It'll make things easier."

"How do I do that?" Drake looked at her Zecter.

"See the pincers? Just pull them." Gatack looked down and did what he said.


Drake and Sasword got down when her armor pieces flew. Caucasus, however, was hit by some of them.

Her guns were completely gone. What was on her box-like shoulder pads now looked like short blades styled after stag beetle mandibles. Her chest plate was styled after a beetle abdomen and her arms were clear of the cylindrical sections. Her head had the same silver mouthguard and the red eyes were now larger. On the sides of her head two horns rose to the sides. They were styled after stag beetle mandibles. This was Kamen Rider Gatack Rider Form.


Gatack felt that she could move a whole lot faster now. Caucasus soon growled and hit the Clock Up button.


Soon Drake and Sasword did the same thing.


Gatack remembered when she first saw her brother use Clock Up. She soon found the button and pressed it.


(In Clock Up)

Gatack soon see Sasword and Drake fighting Caucasus. Gatack drew her swords out and charged. She joined Sasword as the two girls here trying to strike at Caucasus. Their weapons soon clashed together. Drake shot Caucasus in the back and the two girls slashed through his chest.


(Out of Clock Up)

Drake looked at Caucasus and at Gatack.

"Hey newbie, how about you finish this?"

"How?" Sasword looked at Gatack's Zecter.

"Press the button on it three times, push the pincers and pull it back." Gatack nodded. And did what she said.

"ONE. TWO. THREE." She soon pushed the pincers to their original position and pulled them back.


When that was announced she remembered her brother doing it and knew what this meant. Energy traveled up to Gatack's helmet and soon to her leg. As Caucasus was getting up, he was greeted by a flying side kick to the face by Gatack. Caucasus flew but landed in his hooded civilian form.

He started to get up.

"Don't even think that you've won! Merely a small setback, I even ensured that Gaara will use Shukaku's power."

"How!?" Drake demanded. Caucasus laughed a little bit.

"Dark Riders can get anything through mere intimidation." Caucasus explained before another Kamen Rider appeared.

He had a black bodysuit, a blue shark–themed helmet, with a sea–blue whale themed shoulder design and has a few markings on his hands and a red wolf-fish boots that has spikes all over its boot. He also wields a harpoon known as Deepest Harpoon which it serves as his primary weapon. And on his waist was a belt that had three medals in the middle in a triangular position. This was Kamen Rider Poseidon.

"Is it done?" Caucasus asked.

"Too easy." Poseidon replied before looking at the three. "Should I take care of them?" Caucasus shook his head before hearing a roar and they all see Shukaku.

"We've done our job let's leave." Poseidon nodded before the two of them left through a Gray Mirror. Fu soon arrived.

"Looks like we have a problem." Drake said.

(A few minutes ago back in the village)


Nine holographic cards appeared in front of Decade. Decade aimed and fired. The blast was becoming more and more powerful with each card that it went through. When the blast collided with the barrier, it exploded. When the smoke cleared the barrier was gone and it blew the team that summoned it away. The ANBU soon went to Minato.

"Lord Hokage, we have to get you out of here!" The leader explained.

"But-!" Before Minato could finish Kabuto knocked him out.

"Get him somewhere safe." The ANBU leader reluctantly nodded, picked up Minato, and left along with the others. Decade soon joined Kabuto.

"Where are the others?"

"Chasing Gaara." Kabuto answered. Decade nodded and both Riders got their weapons. Keitaros grunted.

"I might not be able to kill the Fourth Hokage but at least I can still get Sasuke." Keitaros said.

"What makes you think that?"

"I have insurance. But, either way, your path ends here."

"Obaa-chan said this, 'Every path is endless'." Kabuto said. Ketaros just scoffed before charging with his kunai. Both Decade and Kabuto dodged before Decade charged first. When Decade clashed his weapon with Ketaros, Ketaros punched him in the gut with his free hand before slashing him. Kabuto jumped from behind and attempted to strike but Ketaros disappeared and reappeared behind Kabuto. He grabbed Kabuto and attempted to use him as a meat shield but Kabuto flipped him over before trying to stab him.

Keitaros rolled out of the way and got up. Decade was behind Keitaros while Kabuto was in front of them. The two charged and Ketaros stepped to the side and his kunai clashed with both of their weapons. Ketaros soon pushed them back and quickly got on his Zecter turned it and put it back into its original position.


Energy went to Ketaros's helmet then back to his kunai, which was now glowing, he striked Kabuto and Decade. When Decade and Kabuto got on the floor they turned back into Nihlus and Souji. Ketaros laughed.

"Well Tendou, it appears you are still as weak as I remembered! You're still underneath me even as a Rider!" Ketaros said as he laughed. Nihlus got up with an angry look on his face.

"You're wrong!"

(Play Kamen Rider Decade OST- Track 5 – Parallel World)


"This man bore his past to give others a bright future; to give others like Gaara an experience that they never had." Nihlus started. Souji and Kabuto Zecter looked shocked at what Nihlus is saying before regaining their composure.

"Oh then why he would do that? Especially to abominations like Jinchuriki."

"It's how he walks the Path of Heaven! Despite everything that happened to him, he will continue to walk it the way he's always been; forward and helping those who went through the hell that he had! This man is stronger than anyone else here. You're just someone who fears death enough that you would do anything to gain immortality." Nihlus soon looked at Souji before helping him up. "Besides, his grandmother knows everything." Souji smiled and nodded.

His grandmother taught him better than this. She taught him about his path and that he should be concerned with walking on it rather than the past. Souji wasn't going to let his grandmother's words become meaningless and decided to put the past behind them rather than in front of him.

"Shut up!" Ketaros yelled before glaring at Nihlus. "Kisama! Who are you!?" Nihlus smiled as he placed on his Decadriver and got his card and showed it. The Kabuto Zecter flew and landed in Souji's hand.

(End Kamen Rider Decade OST-Track 5-Parallel World)

"Tōrisugari no Kamen Raidā da. Oboeteoke!" The two looked at each other before nodding.

"Henshin!" The two yelled together.

(Play Kamen Rider Decade OST – Track 2 – Decade)



The two transformed into their respective Rider forms. Kabuto quickly pulled the horn on this Zecter.

"Cast Off!"


Kabuto's armor pieces flew and some of them hit Ketaros. The horn soon reached the visor.


The two charged at Ketaros who is just getting up. Decade landed the first slash while Kabuto jumped off him and landed a second slash onto Ketaros. Ketaros soon got his gun and attempted to fire but the two rolled out of the way before firing their own guns. Just as Ketaros was getting up, Kabuto attempted to stab him with his kunai only for it to be blocked.

"How can you be this strong!?" Ketaros demanded.

"It's because I am the one who walks the Path of Heaven and you're beneath me just like the past." Kabuto replied before Ketaros pushed him off.


Ketaros looks to see Decade charging with a powerful side kick which soon propelled him across the roof. Ketaros soon transformed back to Orochimaru. Orochimaru took breaths as he was getting up.

(End Kamen Rider Decade OST- Track 2- Decade)

"You…You may have stopped me but you can never stop Shukaku." Orochimaru said before using a gas bomb to escape. Decade and Kabuto soon heard demonic roars before seeing Shukaku, the One-Tailed Demon.

"As long as I continue to walk the Path of Heaven, Gaara will find peace." Kabuto said. Decade nodded before the two used their Clock Up abilities to race to Shukaku's location. When they arrived they see Fu and all the Riders…even Gatack. Gatack looked at Kabuto.

"Nii-san?" Kabuto was slightly surprised by Gatack's female voice.

"That voice. Natsumi?" Gatack nodded. Decade looked at the others.

"It's a long story." Drake answered but Sasword intervened.

"One that we can discuss later but right now we have bigger things to worry about." She said pointing at Shukaku. Decade nodded but before they said anything else Decade's Ride Booker opened and ejected three cards. Decade looked at them and sees that the Kabuto cards were unsealed.

"I think I have a solution. I just hope this works." Decade said before placing one of the cards in his Driver.


Decade then placed his hand on Kabuto's shoulder.

"Souji, this might tickle a bit." This caused everyone to be confused.

"What?" Kabuto asked before Decade patted his back. When he did Kabuto transformed into a giant version of his Zecter. Everyone was surprised that he transformed. Zecter Kabuto soon flew and burrowed through Shukaku.

"What is that?" Fu asked.

"This…is me and Souji's combined power!" Decade answered. Zecter Kabuto soon burrowed through the head revealing a sleeping Gaara. Zecter Kabuto transformed back into Kabuto.

"Everyone, leave. Let me and Decade handle this." Kabuto instructed and everyone did as he instructed. Decade and Kabuto looked to see the damaged Shukaku roaring.

"Since Natsumi's a Rider, you aren't worried about her?" Kabuto pointed to the sun.

"Despite how many stops the past makes, I will always keep moving forward."

"I guess that's why you walk the Path of Heaven." Decade said before placing one last card in his Driver.


Kabuto transformed again and rammed into Gaara. Gaara was not at the horn and Zecter Kabuto went through the sand but Kabuto came out first. When he landed, he started pushing is buttons.

"ONE. TWO. THREE." He soon pulled the horn.


As Gaara was falling Kabuto and Decade were now in Clock Up. Decade soon got into his respective kick before the two of them collided their kicks with Gaara before getting out of Clock Up.

Gaara was bleeding and was heavily injured but was alive. Kabuto and Decade transformed back into Souji and Nihlus and the rest of the Riders soon de-henshined. Souji walked up to Gaara, who soon wakes up. Souji knelt and Gaara was silent but he spoke after a few seconds.

"Why…Why didn't you kill me?"

"Obaa-chan said this, 'Loneliness is the worst emotion to have. It's a fate even worse than being with the devil.' I know this is true because most of us, including me, have experienced that."

"But why do this for strangers?" Gaara asked.

"Because we acknowledge each other starting from that, we soon connect, and save each other from that hell. Overtime, we dedicate ourselves to protect each other and persevere through any obstacle. Everyone deserves a chance at that even you." Gaara's expression turned to shock but he soon moved his head towards the sky and remembered his mother's words. Soon Temari and Kankuro land.

"If you hurt him-." Kankuro stated but Gaara stopped.

"Don't fight them." Gaara said leaving his siblings surprised. "Let's stop." Kankuro and Temari looked at him and were chocked by his weakened state.

"Okay." Gaara looked at Souji.

"Can you help me?" Souji nodded and started to carry Gaara by the shoulder. Nihlus silently took a picture of this while Souji was walking over to them.

"I never got your name." Gaara said.

"Souji Tendou." He answered. He soon gave Gaara to Kankuro.

"Souji, will we meet again?" Souji smiled.

"Obaa-chan said this, 'The world is a huge amount of possibilities, if you focus on one then it will come true.' Just believe that we will and it will come true."

"I see. Thank you, Souji." Gaara said before his siblings carried him away.

"Hey Souji, what you said about loneliness. Was that from your grandmother?" Shiro asked. Souji shook his head.

"Those were my words." Souji answered.

While jumping from tree to tree Gaara decided to speak.

"Kankuro. Temari. I'm sorry." Gaara said. The siblings were shocked by the change in personality but shrugged it off.

"Don't worry about it." But unknown to them a silver mechanical Hercules beetle was following them.

After saying their goodbyes Souji, Ayano, Shiro, and Fu were about to leave but Souji notices Fu's worried face.

"Do you want to go with him?" Souji asked and Fu looked at him with slight surprise.

"Are you sure?" Souji nodded.

"He must mean a lot to you so go with him besides you're safer with him than with us." Souji said.

"We'll miss you but you deserve a chance at happiness and Nihlus looks like he can do it." Ayano said. Shiro nodded.

"Yeah, actually we talked about it. He said he would be open towards the idea." Fu looked at all three of them before giving them a group hug.

"I'm going to miss you guys." Fu said.

"Obaa-chan said this, 'A bond is a deep connection that can never be broken. Even if apart, heart and heart are still connected.' We'll miss you but we won't forget you." The others agreed. Fu soon went into the other position and into the studio.

A few minutes after walking past the gate Kyuubi told Souji that he doesn't sense Nanabi anymore meaning Fu is gone from this world.

"You know, the Akatsuki are going to have questions about this and will want answers."

"They're not getting it from us. I don't sell out my friends."

"Wow Souji, you're in a better mood now." Ayano observed. Souji looked at her and smiled.

"Let's just say that Nihlus taught me a few things." Souji explained and in Ayano's mind she was thankful for that. Souji soon stopped. "Natsumi, I know you're there." Just then Natsumi jumped out of the trees with Gatack Zecter next to her.


Souji looked at everyone.

"Everyone, I want to talk with her…alone." Shiro, Ayano, and the rest of the Zecters all left. Soon Souji and Natsumi were facing each other ready to begin their conversation.

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