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Shepard knew something was…off…the minute that they arrived on Tuchanka. She'd been suspicious when every time that she tried to access the extranet for information on the bombings, nothing came up. But Wrex seemed to have a larger number of visitors that she recognized than normal. And the supposed damage on Tuchanka didn't really look like it came from an explosion.

It wasn't until Liara and Tali dragged her aside to start shoving her into a white gown that she realized the fuckers had all conned her.

Damn bombings.

Hackett waited for her outside the pavilion that had been erected for what she realized was her wedding. He was in his dress blues. "Major."

"Admiral." She raised an eyebrow at him. "Bombings? Really?"

"I thought perhaps you'd allow me the honor of walking you down the aisle." He held his arm out for her. "I think Anderson would've preferred to be here if he could've."

"I will find a way to pay all of you lying bastards back for this." She muttered under her breath before taking his arm.

"Consider this payment of a debt owed to you by everyone who survived the war." He led her inside with a smile.

"You know what would've been nice? More credits. Not a surprise wedding." She glared at him.

Shepard didn't really hear what he said in response. She took a moment to take in the decorations inside the pavilion. The colors were blue and silver. The room was filled with silver stars instead of flowers. She didn't really get a look at all the friends who'd come to the surprise wedding. But she spotted a few familiar faces here and there in the blur of the crowd.

Her gaze shifted towards the end of the aisle and the smug bastard in dress blues waiting for her beside Eve. His eyes twinkled with amusement as she walked towards him. He ignored the Admiral and Eve to pull her into a kiss.

"Behave." Hackett murmured before stepping back over to his seat.

"Not a fucking chance." Shepard shook her head at Liam. "You cocky bastard."

"Marry me?" He winked at her.

They said their 'I do's.'

And he took his sweet damn time with the second kiss. He didn't step back until Hackett coughed…loudly.

"I just didn't want to give you a chance to change your mind, love." Liam smirked at her and led her back down the aisle.

"Smug bastard." She dragged him down into another kiss. "You're all mine now, fucker."