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The motel the Youtubers agreed on staying at was as crappy as it could get. They were lucky that the owner's children were fans of them and let them stay for free because it went without saying that after all that had happened they didn't have any money on them. It may have been the best that they could come with at short notice so they could get out of the storm, but looking at it they wished that they could stay at the house of the crazed butt stabber. The wallpaper was peeling off the wall, there was no air conditioning, and the hallways smelt like someone heated up cat food and dirty socks in a microwave. The motel was packed so they had to share a two bed, one couch room. However, they had some things to figure out and not much time to do it. A nut job wanted to destroy Youtube and so far he seemed like he was going to get away with it.

"What are we going to do?", Marzia asked no one in particular.

"We fight back. This guy just can't get away with this. Everyone in this room has a reason why they don't want YouTube to disappear. Don't act like you don't. If it wasn't for YouTube we wouldn't have met each other; our friendships might have never happened.", said Mark.

"When I was at the castle I heard how they were planning to destroy YouTube. They are trying to use stealth but they have about one hundred monsters ready to protect them if we get in the way.", Pewdie added in.

"Why would have so many monsters but send us into Slender Woods then?"

"To be sure that they would have gotten rid of us."

"This isn't going to be easy. We barely got out of Slender Woods before and Mark wasn't doing much better when we found him either.", Anthony interjected.

"If we get more people to help we might save YouTube."

"I know just who to ask but we won't get to see him until tomorrow night. So until then let's just get some rest.", Pewdie told everyone.

The next night, Pewdie and Markiplier had gone out to get another person to help them out. The person was hesitant but since they had said it was important he agreed. After a long walk, Pewdie and Mark had made it to the meeting point. The Blue Gator was a local bar sitting on the edge of a swamp. It was after sunset so the stars were showing and the moon illuminated the water of the swamp outside. On the inside the bar was quite dark, there were large windows so the bar goers could get a good view of the swamp and wildlife and some lanterns on the inside. The boys sat at the bar. "How are we going to find him the bar is packed?", Mark asked. "We'll find him don't worry.", Pewdie replied.

A blonde bartender walked down the bar with a bright green drink in her hand. She walked to the booth next to the bar.

"... and one Apple Martini for the Gorilla.", she said.

"Thank you miss.", the man took the drink from the woman, sat it on the table. He stared as the boys approached him slowly.

The man would not be so noticeable to most people if it was not for the mask. He was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans; His sneakers were black and red. He was neither short nor tall, fat nor thin. Had it not been for him speaking to the bartender Pewdie and Mark would have most certainly missed him.

"Hey you guys how's it going?", the man said cheerfully.

"Is that you Cry?", Pewdie asked

"Yes it is, friend. Have a seat.", Cry jestered to the seats on the other side of the booth. He pulled a straw out of nowhere and started sucking the martini through the mask.

"It must be pretty important if you had come all the way to Florida to see me."

"It's going to sound pretty crazy but let me assure you that it's all true."

Marzia jumped off the chair when she watched the boys enter the hotel room.

"Pewdie, how did it go? Who is that?"

"Hello, friends. I am here to help.", Cry said.

"Cry! It's good to see you!"

"Anthony. Ian. This is Cry, we told him what's going on and he's come to help us."

"That's great! The more people the better."

"I brought someone else that can help too."

In walked a man with a long brown beard and a bear hat on his head; he had on a red shirt with a picture of a smiling piece of toast on it, jeans, and tennis shoes.

"How's it going everybody?"

"Ken! It's good to see you!"

Ken was visiting Florida to do a video with a friend of his. When Cry emailed him to let him know what was going on he was more than willing to help everyone.

All of a sudden a van magically appeared outside of the crappy motel with the keys still in the ignition and the motor running. It was a beautiful van with flaming unicorns of death painted on the sides. The back of the van had a fake leopard skin waterbed on the floor and fake leopard skin lining the sides and ceiling. The front of the van had polyester seats and fuzzy dice in the mirror. (Note: For those of you that wanted to know how such a beautiful van could be abandoned and ready for anyone to take like that... Don't worry about it. I mean come on! Did you really expect a story with Monsters and YouTube hating villains with black magic to use nothing but logic and reasoning? I hope you didn't because you will soon be in for a lot of disappointment.)

All of them crowded into the car with Cry at the wheel and zoomed off.

"So where are we going now?", Cry asked everyone.

"There's only six of us so we need to go find Ken some more Youtubers."

"Remind me why we don't just call the police or contact YouTube.", Ian asked.

"The police will just think that we're crazy if we try to tell them this.", Cry responded without looking back.

"An evil YouTube hating villain wants to destroy YouTube and recruited an army of monsters to protect him as he does so..."

"Sounds crazy doesn't it?"


"Well then we should call the Police you you guys! Just because this sounds like the plot of a really bad movie or fanfic doesn't mean someone won't believe-", Anthony was cut off as a rock flew through the open window and hit the side of his head. (Trying to joke my story! I swear, I should have had the rock aimed at his eye!)

"You okay Anthony?", Ian asked while looking concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine.", Anthony rubbed the side of his head where the rock hit.

And so they rode into the night, under the stars and the full moon; Pewdie, Cutiepie, Markiplier, Cry, Ken, Ian, and Anthony. Off to find an army to defend the world's most prized possession: YouTube. It was a strange journey they were embarking on but it was for the good of the internet. Where will they be going next?

Find out in the next chapter!