A very short and silly one-shot.

"Found him Jane…trying to disappear round back…want me to bring him in?" Korsak had been looking for this slimeball for a while, and didn't want to lose him when they were this close.

"Yeah, good job Korsak…lets see what our friend Murray has to say for himself…you go on, I need to make a call." Korsak headed off quickly- he was gonna enjoy this.

Jane arrived in time to find Murray sitting at a desk, sweating lightly, a handkerchief clenched in his hand- she knew they already had him, it was just a matter of time. Sometimes this was too easy.

" So…Mr Goldstein, what have you got? Gonna make it easy for us, or do we have to sweat it out?" Jane stared him down, her eyes never leaving his.

Murray shifted slightly- why did they have bring a female, couldn't it just be the guy? Women always made him uneasy- three wives in and he still didn't understand 'em. It was always harder not to give in to females- especially one he has history with - this one has balls. He tried to sound unfazed by their manner of questioning, but he was feeling the heat.

"You know the deal Detective, I can't give you any more than that. Take it or leave it." He shifted again as Jane paced the floor.

'Middle –Man' Murray Goldstein- 'legitimate con-artist'- Jane and Korsak knew all about Murray- he'd been around an awful lot of blocks, just doing enough to keep his nose clean, and they'd had their eyes on him and his business for quite a while -ever since they found a certain item round the back.

"Not enough Murray, I know you can do better than that." Korsak said impatiently, Jane just stared at Goldstein.

" I told you before, it's all I got, I give you any more I'm finished, you know that detectives." Jane eye- rolled the man, and snorted.

"Oh come on Murray, we're not asking for a kidney here." Jane looked at Korsak, Korsk looked at Jane, silently communicating by eye movements and facial expressions. Jane moved over to her partner and talked to him out of the side of her mouth.

"Well, it's not a bad offer, what do you think, should we take it? I know he's a slimy piece of crap, but it is a good deal." She didn't want to lose out on this today, not when they'd got this far. She'd already made the call- it was going down.

Korsak considered this for a few seconds, nodded at Jane before returning to Murray, who was now mopping his brow nervously.

"Throw in a tank of gas and you've got yourself a deal Mr Goldstein."

And Maura's ridiculous Prius was a thing of the past…much to Jane's delight.

Told you it was silly.