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Darkness…was all around me yet I could clearly see my entire body. I wouldn't have been able to tell up from down if the giant door below me wasn't there. I was sitting on top of the giant seal I had created to keep Erebus away from Nyx.

It was pretty lonely here…I had completely lost track of how long I had been here…maybe a year, maybe more.

…Thought I wasn't completely alone…

'That's right, Master. We're all here for you.' said a voice in my head.

Now before you all jump to conclusions, I'm not crazy. The person who just talked in my head was real. Her name is Tamamo-no-mae, and she is one of my Personas.

A Persona is part of you, it's like a mask you put on to deal with a certain situation. Most people have at least one, but I'm different. I have over maybe 200+ Personae. I am what is known as a Wild Card.

I sighed as I looked around again and still…nothing in sight.

'Master, why not summon one of us to keep you company.' Tamamo said. She was a new Persona I gained after I sealed myself in here. It's amazing what you can learn once you have an infinite amount of free time.

I had pretty much learned how reach inside my soul to find and summon new ones. After gaining the Universe Arcana, and after some mental training, I was able to hold as many Personae as I wanted to. Pretty useful…if I had some enemies to fight, or people to impress.

It was a shock when one day, all of my Personas, started talking…I never knew they could do that. I took the time to listen to every single one of my Personas' story. Though, some of them wouldn't share their stories, or they were born inside of me like the Messiah.

Through them, I learned of the other world that was hidden within ours. The world of Magi.

"No, Tamamo. It's alright." I replied to her earlier question.

…My head shot up as I looked around. I was sure I heard something…There! Is…someone calling me…

I looked forward to see a small light coming towards me.

'Praetor, the light might be dangerous.' said another of my new Personae, Nero. Strange thing is, 'he' was actually a she.

I nodded at what she told me, yet… something told me to grab it. I reached forward and touched the light with my finger.

It stuck to it, but then the light started growing larger and started engulfing my hand. I panicked and tried to get it off me, but nothing would work. I had already covered half of my body. I kept struggling to get the light off me, and accidentally took a wrong step and started falling off the big door that was about off a hundred stories tall, give or take.

I closed my eyes as I felt myself fall and fall and fall…and fall?

I opened my eyes and looked up, expecting to see darkness. Instead I saw a great big mansion I was about to crash into…crap.

Before I could crash through though, several images started going to through my head. A Grail, a pattern known as a Command Spell, a face, a fierce battle, a card with an archer. I looked up again and knew that the fall would not kill me. I knew my body had been reinforced. I had been summoned…to fight.

The requirement to enter the Holy Grail War. That is to summon a familiar called a Servant, and to form a contract with it. No matter how great a magus a person is, one I not considered a Master until he has a servant under him.

Servants are being very different from normal familiars. The methods for summoning and controlling them are different as well.

*Tohsaka Residence*

"…I announce. Thy body shall be under my command, my fate shall be determined by the sword. Follow the call of the Holy Grail. If thou wouldst obey this mind and this reason, then answer my call." I recite and feel the immediate results.

My vision closes. The fifth elements, said to be unperceivable by human eyes, is before me. So, in fear of being broken by it, vision shuts itself down.

"Make an oath here." I continue unperturbed, "I am the one who shall become the virtue of all afterworld. I am the one who shall lay out the evil of all afterworld. Thou art Seven Heavens clad in the Three Great Words. Emerge from the ring of control, guardian of balance!" I finished and the circle started glowing a pure light.

Perfect! It's so perfect, I feel like I'm tugging on a whale with a fishing rod!

"Perfect! I've drawn the strongest card for sure."

Geez, I can't wait for vision to return. My vision should recover in a matter of seconds and there will be the summoned Servant right in front of me…

As the light goes down and I open my eyes, I see…nothing.

"Huh?" I say, dumbfounded.

I raged out that much ether and nothing has formed. And on top of that…


I hear an explosion in the living room.

"WHY!?" I yell in frustration.

I run. I keep running without thinking. I run up the basement stairs and into the living room.

"The door's broken?!" I scream seeing the door not open. "Geez, you're in my way!"

With a crash, I kick through the door into the living room.


The moment I step inside I understand everything.

The living room is a big mess. It's full of rubble that must have fallen from the ceiling and there's one boy, who looks around my age, sitting there silently gazing at me.

…Without a doubt, that is the cause of this mess. But there's one thing more important than that. The wall clock is still ticking away time, having escaped destruction.

…That reminds me. Yes, that's right. Come to thing of it, every clock in my house was an hour early today for some reason…In other words, it's one in the morning right now.

…There's actually one more hour until my magical energy is at its peak…

"…I did it again." I say miserably.

I can do most thing just like anyone else, but I have one hereditary curse.

That is, to make the biggest mistakes at the most important times…

"Well, what's done is done. I should reflect on my actions." I sigh.

I am mad at my own stupidity. Still irritated, I glare at the boy sitting there watching me with one eyebrow raised like I am crazy.

"So. What are you?" I asked him.

He looks at me disinterested and replies, "You usually give your name first when meeting someone for the first time. What a rude Master." he looks away.

I do declare…we will not get along.

But this would be the Servant? Since they call it a familiar, thought it was something shapeless, but this is human-like. And to top it off, he's wearing what looks like a school uniform.

…No, that's wrong. Just standing here, I can tell this thing has impossible amounts of magical energy. This is certainly an existence far beyond human, a 'ghost' that has reached the level of spirits as a human.

I can't be overwhelmed forever. This thing is mine. So, I'll have to change my thinking from now on.

"…Just to check, but you are my Servant, right?" I ask him.

He looks at me again, still with that same disinterested look.

"I should be asking that. Are you my Master? This is the first time I've been summoned. I didn't know that a summoning was this…dangerous." he says.

"This is the first time for me as well. I'll have to refuse that kind of question." I said, but something he said stuck to my mind. His first time being summoned?

"I see. But I thought the person in front of me after I am summoned is supposed to be my Master. You weren't." he says to me.

"Really? Don't joke around and tell me you're like a newborn chick who can only determine your Master when you open your eyes." I tell him and he frowns.

"Weren't you listening? This is my first time being summoned. I don't really know how this works." he says.

"Well, anyway, what I'm asking is. You're my Servant and not anyone else's right? Until we clarify this, I have no obligations to answer any other questions."

"Isn't there something else you need to say?" he asks me.

"There's nothing else. We have to clearly determine who's the Master first."

He keeps looking at me with the same…damn…emotionless look on his face.

"We have to define who is Master? Wouldn't that be you? You're the magus." he says and he sits on top of the ruble with his hands in his pockets.

"Well, that is true." I say unsurely. I never summoned a Servant so…

"So it's only natural for you to be Master, and me the Servant according to the contract, right?" he says and finally looks at me, "But the question is, whether or not you're a magus worthy of being my Master."

This guy…he smashes my house and always looks at me like nothing more than a fly, but now he asks me if I'm worthy to be a Master!?

"I'm not asking for your opinions. All I'm asking is if you are my Servant or not." I glare at him. I will not lose to someone who looks at me like I'm nothing.

"So you are capable of talking like a commanding Master, but is that enough?"

"I s-a-i-d, don't get the order wrong! It's the duty of the summoner to confirm first. Now answer me. You are my Servant, right!?" I say and step forward, ready to attack depending on his answer.

"Were just going in circles." he sighs, "If I am your Servant, would you be my Master? Hypothetically speaking."

"O-of course! If you're my Servant summoned by me, who else but me would be your Master." I stammer and try to cool my head down as I glare at him.

"Proof. Where's the proof that you are my Master?" he asks as he plays with his bangs and ignores me again.

He wants me to panic about this proof of Master thing.

"Here. This is proof that I'm your Master, right?" he looks over and I show him the Command Spell on the back of my right hand. He's an idiot if he thinks I don't know anything.

My father talked to me about Masters, so I know about the Command Spell.

"Are you satisfied? Are you still going to complain?" I ask him and thrust to him the poof that I'm his Master.

The servant looks at the Command Spell and sighs, "You serious?"

"Wha…what do you mean, am I serious?"

"A Command Spell is only a tool that governs the Servant. You act like my Master just because of that? What I want to know is if you're worthy enough for me to pledge my loyalty to."

"Ah…uh." T-That's true, but…you'd normally thing of the Command Spell when talking about the proof that one's a Master, "So, what? I'm not fit to be a Master then?"

"I'd like that. I don't want to waste my time fighting this meaningless war, but unfortunately, that Command Spell makes you my summoner. That means you really are my Master." he sighs again.

Meaningless…This is bad. My boiling point is so low, it seems I won't be able to cool down in time.

"It's not like I can refuse, so you will be my Master. But I fight how I want to fight. I'm not changing my style of fighting just for you. This is the only condition I have. You don't mind, right milady?"

Uh… I think this is it Father. I'm almost at my limit.

"…I see. You accept only because you have to, but what's this about not changing the way you fight for me? Doesn't that mean your just going to ignore my opinions? You're my Servant, right?" I ask him in a trembling voice, just in case.

There's the issue of the Command Spell too, so this is my last warning, the biggest compromise I can make.

And to that…

"Yeah, but that's in name only. I'll obey you, but I'm the one doing the fighting. You're inexperienced, so you should leave the fighting to me and just order me from behind like a good little Master." he shrugs.

…I'm not some little girl who needs protections!

"You're angry? I will respect your position, of course. I am a Servant that must help his Master win. You shouldn't have any complaints to that, right?"

I glare at him with all my being and he suddenly sits up straight.

"This feeling…just like Mitsu…ru!?"


There's no holding back now. I've no patience for someone like him!

"Hey…you're not that stupid as to…actually use…!"

"Exactly what you're thinking, you rude scum!" I then use one of my Command Spells to make my Servant obedient.

"To use a Command Spell for something like this…you're insane."

"Shut up! Look, you're my Servant! You have to obey every single one of my orders, okay!?" I yell at him as the symbol in my right hand throbs.

The three Command Spells. The essence of the Holy Grail War, the three claims to the Servants unconditional obedience, is now used.

"Are you even thinking? To use a Command Spell for this…what a troublesome, Master."

It's too late now…First of all, I wasn't expecting this either. I hate myself so much I want to die. To go ahead and use the important Command Spell for something like this!

And so Rin Tohsaka, and the Servant, became partners.

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