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Two people stood over him. One wearing a blue dress, with armor placed onto it, the young woman had a mop of blonde hair tied into a bun. The other had silver armor from head to toe. They had a helmet on them.

They both turn to him at the same time and ask.

"Are you my Master?"

"…Eh…?" Shirou looked at two confused.

Suddenly, Shirou felt the air grow cold. He watched on as both the summoned beings turned their heads to look at each other.

Once their gazes were locked on, Shirou found it hard to breathe… His body froze in fear…

One of them was releasing a great amount of bloodlust…

Bloodlust so imposing, that it was taking his breath away… So much that Shirou wanted to run away…

These two beings…one of them would kill the other… but…which one..?

He knew that these two were the same as the man outside, but from the air one of them was giving off, he would rather go and take his chance with the blue beast….

And then, pain…

Shirou was snapped back to reality by the intense burning sensation on the backs of his hands. He groaned as the pain increased more and more.

When the burning in his right hand seceded, he looked down and stared at the newly formed sigil on it. It was red and pulsing with energy. He looked to his other hand, expecting the same thing, but instead he found a dull and grey sigil. It wasn't pulsing with energy, it looked…Lifeless.

Shirou felt gaze on him. He looked up to see the two figures in front of him, staring at the newly formed marks on the back of his hands.

One of them looked at the lifeless mark and proceeded to turn around, ignoring the other summoned being next to her.

"You are not my Master." Was all she said as she walked out of the tool shed.

This being knew who her actual Master was. The only thing to do now is find him. But, why not have a little fun with the Servant right in front of her. She had always wanted to fight Cu Culainn.

(Minato POV)

"A-Archer…What…are those?" Rin asked in shock as the marks on my hands had finished appearing.

No, she didn't need to ask, after all, she has the same thing on her too.

Command Seals…

Two Command Seals had been burned into the backs of both my hands. Both were pulsing red with energy. Because of these, I could feel my prana being sent to two other beings. Servants…

"Rin… Has this ever happened before…?" I ask finally getting back on my feet.

"No… Not that I know of…" Her voice is shaky. "Archer… What happened?!"

I look at her, then in the direction of the boy's house. "I don't know… But we're about to find out."

I knew saving that kid would come back to bite me…

(3rd POV)

"From this day forward, my sword shall be with you, and your fate shall be with me." The girl in front of Shirou said.

After the being had left the shed, the air of bloodlust went with him.

Shirou felt his nerves calm down as he finally took in the girl who had dubbed herself, his Servant, Saber. Her golden hair tied into a bun so that it wouldn't get in the way of her duties, green eyes that seemed to look right through and judge you. She wears what seems like a dress yet has armor on it.

This girl in front of him, had air of a knight… No, an air even greater than that.


Shirou snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the sound of steel hitting steel. The girl in front of him turned her head to look outside the shed, towards the source of sounds of a battle.

"Excuse me, Master. I will help deal with the Servant outside." The girl said and moved towards the open door.

"W…wait…" Shirou tried to say, but was still exhausted from the pain of his Magical circuits being forced open.

Even then, Shirou forced his body to stand and walk to the doorway. When he finally reached it, Shirou was stuck speechless at what he was witnessing.

Two beings, one silver, the other blue, were exchanging blows. Their weapons created sparks that lit the dark area around his yard. It was during those sparks, that Shirou saw the face of the blue beast. His face was contorted in frustration as he tried in vain to penetrate the knight's defenses. The knight swung their sword whenever the chance presented itself, and was successful in backing him away.

Any person could see that the knight had the superior skill, yet the man in blue didn't give up. He kept trying to, at least, scratch the armor the knight was wearing, yet the knight never gave him a chance, always blocking his weapon.

From what Shirou could see, the knight, while fighting with some grace, was more of a beast in battle than their opponent. The knight never dodged an attack, only choosing to parry it. When attacking, the knight attacked relentlessly without hesitation or remorse, each blow meant to end a life.

This was an actual battle… Shirou's fight with that man in blue was not a battle, it was a single sided beat down.

Shirou looked to his side when he caught something moving out of the corner of his eye. Saber stood there watching the battle with an interested look in her eyes. As he continued watching her, he saw that Saber wasn't really focusing on the battle, but more on the knight that was fighting in it. Saber's face adopted a look of frustration as she concentrated on watching the knight.

She shook her head from her musings and put both her hands together, as if she was gripping a sword. Then the wind started surrounding her hands, taking form enough to see that she was holding something, but at the same time, not forming enough to discern what she was actually holding.

Shirou stared at the thing in her hands, as she eyed the battle once more. The other two beings were too engrossed in their battle to even notice the girl. Saber only stared, waiting for her chance to jump in.


Their fighting became even more brutal as they kept at it. The man in blue now had a beastial smile on his face as he savored the battle. Even with that helmet on, Shirou knew that the knight must have had a similar smile.


With that next each of blows, they both jumped back to create some space… And Saber jumped right at the man in blue.

Once again, Lancer followed his instincts and brought his lance up and felt the heavy blow of a sword meeting his lance. Without looking, Lancer swung his lance at the mysterious attacker, but his swing was blocked by…wind?

The weapon made out of wind was swung and Lancer parried then let loose a series of thrust at his new opponent. The new opponent blocked each and every one, albeit with a little difficulty.

Saber swung again at her opponent trying to create an opening to attack, but the Servant she identified as Lancer, wouldn't let her. When her sword was parried, she had to block another series of thrust from him.

With the last thrust, they're weapons met once more. They both stared at each other, each pushing with their strength to try and best the other.

"You know… It's a little rude to interrupt someone else's battle like that…" Lancer said, glaring at the Servant in front of him.

Saber only narrowed her eyes. They stood there, then suddenly pulled apart and jumped back. Only a second afterward, did a sword appear where the two were standing.

Saber looked at the Servant in confusion. That sword was swung to take out her and Lancer. Why did this knight want to be rid of her? She couldn't explain why both of them were summoned, but with an unknown Servant just outside the shed, she put aside her questions for later.

"I don't need your help…" Saber again looked at the knight in confusion; she had put so much venom into the word 'your'…

This knight hated her with all her being…

When she first saw the knight, he had released a great amount of bloodlust at her. That had thrown her off. If they had been summoned together, it would mean that they would have to work together, but Saber knew that this knight would never agree to it.

She knew one thing though. When she was alive, she and this knight knew each other.

She knew many knights who hater her, but not to this extent… No… There was one… And it wouldn't surprise her if this knight was that exact one…

Lancer stared at the knight who had tried to kill them both, then turned his sights to the girl he only just fought. He didn't know how, but the kid was lucky enough to summon, not one, but TWO Servants…

What's frustrated and confused Lancer to hell, was that they were both Saber class… Oh, today was not his day at all.

"Tch… First, that damn Archer got away with my identity, and now some kid had gone off and summoned two Saber class Servants…" Lancer said aloud.

The knight in blue narrowed her eyes in Lancer's direction.

"How do you know I wield a sword, Lancer?" She raised her wind cloaked weapon. "For all you know, it could be an axe, a dagger, or maybe even a bow."

"Sorry to say, but I've already met our friend, Archer, so I know it isn't a bow… Unless you're like him and like to use different weapons as well. " Lancer said.

"Enough talk. We fight." The Silver knight raised his sword and got into a battle stance.

The one in blue did the same. Lancer eyed the two of them warily.

"Again with two opponents… Today's just not my day." Lancer sighed.

He looked at the two again and knew that if he fought against them, he would lose. Lancer sighed once more and decided on the best course of action. Take one of them out fast, then beat the other in close combat.

"I really didn't want to use this so early on…" Lancer said, his previous demeanor vanishing.

He got into a stance, his lance pointed down. This was the second time today that he was in this particular stance. His first prey got away, but he'd be damned if he didn't at least take one Servant out.

The knight in blue tensed and was on her guard. The silver knight on the other hand…

…Rushed at him.

Without thinking, Lancer raised his lance to defend himself. As the knight's sword smashed against the lance, the silver knight said the one thing that he shouldn't have known…

"It's not going to work… Cu Culainn."

Lancer's eyes widened at the sound of his name and in his shock, he let his guard down… That was a mistake.

Lancer groaned in pain as the silver knight kicked him in the solar plexus. Lancer dug his feet in the ground, skidding a few meters back.

"H-How?" Lancer glared at the knight in front of him.

"How indeed…" The silver knight did nothing to hide the amusements in their voice.

Lancer glared at the knight silently cursing in his own language. He looked towards the other to see that she was staring at the silver knight in shock. Apparently, only the damn silver knight knew of his identity… But know so does this other girl…

"What will you do, Lancer? Now that your true name is out, you're at a serious disadvantage." The silver knight taunted.

Lancer started to move towards the wall little by little… He knew that he would have extreme trouble just fighting one of them, but now that both knew his name, he needed to leave this very moment.

"Do you really think you will escape, Lancer? Even if you somehow evade me, I doubt my… ally… would let you go."

Lancer cursed again as he assessed the situation. The knight was right… His chances to escape were slim… The chances that he would live past tonight were slimmer…

…Especially when he sensed the third person who had figured out his true name…

Lancer groaned in frustration… One was bad, two even worse… But three! It was settled, the world was out to get him…

Then, Lancer felt his luck turn around…

The silver knight was not looking at him anymore, but in the direction of the approaching Servant. Lancer spared a glance to the girl in blue and saw her looking in that direction as well…

…Now was his chance…

Quickly, he jumped and propelled himself over the wall right behind him. Not daring to look back, he quickly jumped towards another house and towards the other…

He was briefly aware of two sets of eyes as he jumped away.

"Wait!" Saber was prepared to go after Lancer, but then remembered the other presence she felt…

"H-how…?" Saber turned her head to look at the shocked face of her new Master.

"Master, I suggest you stay here. It seems there are more enemies we will encounter tonight." Saber said.

Saber turned to tell her ally about the other Servant coming when she noticed that the knight wasn't there anymore.


(Minato POV)

Finally arriving near the entrance of the boy's house, I knew that the two connections I feel where coming from the other side of this wall. I had a dreaded suspicion of what had happened earlier, hell, the Command Seals on his hands were proof of that.

Suddenly, I skid to a stop and held up a hand, signaling Rin to do the same. She obliged and stopped in time to see Lancer jumping over the wall and then towards another house.

I looked to Rin, silently asking for orders. She looked towards Lancer, then towards the house. I saw the resolve in her eyes as she decided what to do.

She was about to give the orders, when I felt the presence of another Servant jump over the wall. I quickly turn around and watch the Servant land in front of us with grace.

A knight, covered from head-to-toe in silver armor. Their face concealed behind their helm. At their side was a sword… A sword I recognized… After all, I had seen it many times before…

(Rin POV)

I could only stare at the knight in front of us. A Servant…

And judging by the sword at their side, this Servant was Saber… That original trump card I wanted…

I tensed as the knight took a few steps towards us… Yet the way she walked showed no signs of malice. Minato didn't tense as I did, but chose to instead stare at the being coming towards us.

Then… The strangest of things happened…

The knight's helm spilt down the middle. The helm opened up and showed the face of… a woman…

A woman with green eyes and golden hair… On her face was a smile that showed happiness. The split helm, instead of falling towards the ground, merged with her armor.

"I knew it…" I heard Minato say.

I was getting even more confused by the second…

"Minato… Who is this…?" I asked, still on guard.

Before I could answer, the knight suddenly bowed before Minato. I stood there my mouth agape… I really wanted to know what was happening here.

"From here on out, I hereby swear loyalty to you… Master." She said.

I connected the dots and, with rigid movement, I turned my head towards Minato.

He sighed and looked down at the girl. "Get up, Mordred. You know how I hate stuff this formal."

…Eh…? M…M…Mordred… As in… King Arthur's son…

She got off her knees and when she raised her head to look at her new Master, she wore a smug looking smile.

"I know. I just felt like teasing." She said.

…Please…Someone tell me… What is going on!

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Secret of Pedigree: Helmet That Conceals infidelity

The helmet of Mordred that was she was told to wear at all times in order to keep her identity and lineage a secret. It hides most of her parameters, even from her own Master, making it hard to discern even her gender when coupled with her full body armor. Her basic parameters can be seen, but her personality as a Heroic Spirit, innate skills, and data on her Noble Phantasms are hidden and cannot be read.

The helm can be removed at will, splitting in two down the middle and merging into her armor. This is required for the use of Clarent Blood Arthur, so she must reveal her face should she wish to utilize it