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Pretending to read his manga, a sixteen year old Natsume Hyuuga took a glance at the girl beside him.

"Polka." he called her in a whisper but heard no response. It's odd that she didn't talked back. He stared at her and recalled that their mathematics teacher, Jin-Jin was teaching and he had no plan to listen. His attention was drawn back to girl and he also noted that she was not staring at the frog lover, rather facing on an empty space. The question mark inside his head grew a little.

He was bored and the only way to ease this is to tease the little girl. He closed his manga and moved his feet above the table to the tiled floor.

"Polka" he repeated closing the gap between them but not too much for the spaces distancing them to disappear. " Talk to me or do you want me to open your mouth with mine?" he smirked at her but she didn't reacted.

He was losing his patience. Was she mad at him for not buying her howallon? No, she's not like that.

He started to speak again, "Strawberries, are you mute? Talk to me." He felt like talking to thin air. He didn't give up.

He was beginning to be out of character; talking more than three words. He was not like this. Was she sick?

He was worried. Where did the talkative Mikan go?

For the third time, he tried talking to himself hoping to get her attention.

He conversed with her but it felt like chatting to no one because of her silent treatment.

Then out of the blue he asked, "What do you think of us making babies?" and with that question, he ended his monologue. He knew that he was perverted at his age, but it was the only way to make her answer him. He was expecting an annoyed response but it didn't came.

She turned her head to faced him, "How many?" It took a several seconds for him to process what she said.

Shock would be an understatement of the year. "Are you serious?" he mouthed absentmindedly and a little loud for the whole class to hear them. Now it's time for Mikan Sakura to laugh, leaving the whole class confused.

~Chocolat a'la folie